Tuesday 8/2/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 8/2/05 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

Erica is very positive about Greenlee's baby. But Jack is not. She urges him not to make the same mistake with Greenlee and her baby that she tragically made with Bianca and Miranda. Greenlee goes to talk to Dr. Madden. He is very gracious to her. Jack goes to Dr. Madden's clinic after Greenlee has had an appointment and looks positive, but Dr. Madden indicates to Jack that he has a problem with something. Ryan is "on the run" looking for his sister Erin. He wears a disguise and goes by a different name. He meets a waitress at a diner. They seem to like each other. He gives his wedding ring to a guy who looks to be poor or single or something.

Amanda wants to get JR to distrust Dixie by informing him that she wants to help Babe and Jamie. But he doesn't seem to distrust her.

ATWT by Elayna 

Keith tries to sneak out of Lily’s bedroom, but gets caught by Faith and Sierra. Lily and Sierra find out great news from Lucinda regarding her test results, but hide their disappointment when Lucinda has shared it first with Meg, as well as inviting Meg to go with her to her doctor’s appointment. Gwen is working overtime to avoid thinking of her baby. Will notices, and suggests they go to see her baby at Carly and Jack’s so Gwen can say a proper good bye. When the nurse prevents them from seeing the baby, Gwen lashes out at Will. Later, she apologizes and thanks him for always being there for her. Carly tells Jack the memories and nightmares are back. Jack suggests they give back the baby for her best interest. Carly can’t, but freaks out later when she has another memory. She ends up at Iris’ begging her to tell her what really happened. Meanwhile, Jack talks to Kim who tells him that she found a picture of a young Carly in a “do not air folder”, and it claims she was responsible for what happened to the missing boy. Iris bitterly relays the story of how horrible of a child Carly was. She tells Carly when she left her alone with her son, she came back to find Carly acting innocent and holding an ice-cream in front of her son’s overturned carriage. Carly starts to remember what Iris is telling her. She panics and runs outside, as Iris follows her. She tells Carly she can’t run away for protection, and that she needs to open her eyes and admit the truth! Her words recall more memories of Carly hearing Iris say those very words to her dad. Carly turns to Iris and incredulously asks if Iris believes she killed her son?!

B&B by Beth

Taylor is upset with Ridge because he didn't tell Brooke he made a life with Taylor. Taylor asks Ridge to move out until he can fully commit to her. She feels he has "one foot in and one foot out" in their marriage. Ridge is shocked.

Brooke questions why Dante is staying at her house, but allows him to stay since he is Bridget's friend. Eric shows up and they talk about Ridge and Stephanie. Brooke tells him she is finally done with Ridge. Eric is delighted to hear this, so delighted he purposes marriage to her.

Days by Danielle

Brady has Belle start making plans for his wedding to Chloe to prove to Chloe that he wants to marry her no matter how she looks. Hope gives in to Bo’s determination to sail on despite a storm only because Bo agrees to take a nap. While Bo is asleep, Hope realizes that the coordinates Bo locked in are not the same as they are now but before she can fix it, the mysterious diver grabs her and they fall overboard. Sami gets Nicole to get the tapes from Eugenia by knocking them out from under her arm but accidentally pushes them down into the sewer. When Sami is forced to admit that she never really had a plan to get Brady back for Nicole, Nicole makes her be the one to go into the sewer and look for the tapes. Eugenia gets Kate to give her a job lead and cash for new clothes on the assurance that there is no way Kate can be connected to Sami’s wedding. Alex meets with Marlena and Marlena shares her annoyance about how disappointed everyone is when she can’t remember life with him or her. Kate shares her concerns with John about who Roman really wants to be with. John gets Alex to agree to keep his treatment of Marlena quiet for fear that Tony will take advantage of the situation. Alex flashes back to a romantic time with Marlena as he tells John that he is lucky to have Marlena.

GH by Lisa

Sam and Jason remain convinced that they know who killed AJ. Jason injects himself with an experimental drug to try and trigger his memories from the time when Dr. Thomas treated him years ago. A delusional Jason accuses Alan and Monica of hiding AJ. Sam is able to momentarily calm Jason but he soon takes off on his motorcycle. Emily questions Courtney about her feelings for Nikolas.

Courtney assures Emily she loves Jax. Although pained by his decision, Lucky insists to Elizabeth that he has to move out until the baby is born. Elizabeth later finds herself in a life threatening situation. Jax wants Nikolas to intervene with Lucky. Maxie and Georgie make fools of themselves when they jump to the wrong conclusion about Jesse. Maxie and Jesse end up sharing a kiss.

GL by Jen 

Mallet overhears Dinah ordering a beer at Company. They spare back and forth about it and about the past and can people change. Edmund cuts the power at Cassie's and scares her to death by looking in the window at her.  He plays the hero and turns the lights back on. They talk about the divorce. He tells her she can have the farm. Dinah shows up and he tells her that Cassie is fighting him and wants the farm. Dinah ends up overhearing Cassie thanking him for letting her have the farm. 
Olivia runs into Josh at The Beacon. They talk about Reva, her marriage to Bill, and their failed marriage. You can tell she is concerned about Reva.  Reva tries to set up Nate. She gets him to the house and they argue. It looks like he is going to rape her, as Josh is outside the door debating on whether to go in. Josh leaves. Reva is saved from being raped by Nate passing out. It looks like she drugged his drink. 

OLTL by Mary

Adriana comes to visit Rex, and brings him flowers. She thinks that it is a dumb idea to bring a man flowers. Vikki visits Hayes in jail, and she tries to strike up a deal with him that she will get the charges against him dropped if he will only tell her where Natalie is. Blair and Todd discuss their wedding plans, but Blair wants to cancel the wedding until Natalie is found. Blair wants Todd to tell Vikki that he saw Jessica in New York but then lost her. Blair asks him about the private investigator that he had hired. In the background, Margaret is watching them, and she remarks to herself that she isn’t ready to see Todd yet.

Passions by Shirley

Day two of the tsunami, and everyone is fighting to stay alive. Fancy gets hung up underwater, and Noah tries to get her loose, to no avail. He continued going up, getting air, and breathing into her mouth, even tho she fought him at first, thinking he was just kissing her. Once the water level lowered, he got bonked in the head and passed out, and she managed to free herself, then saved him. Theresa and Ethan ended up in a tree, and once he woke up he tried to get her awake, too. Problem is, they were in different trees. Julian found a way out of the Blue Note and helped Liz out, too, but soon regretted that. She continues to try to seduce him, to his horror, swearing he made love to her 20 years ago. Eve and TC survive and kiss deeply once they find each other.

Martin, Pilar, and Little Ethan are safe in the attic of their home, and so are Tabitha, Endora, Maria, and Edna. Tabby shows Edna why her house is ok - she cast a spell that protected it, keeping the water outside. Once the water subsided, Edna was out the door and gone, ignoring Tabby's warning. Katherine was tied in a chair and raped by Alistair in their mountain top mansion, but once she talked him into untying her, she bashed him on the head with a heavy ashtray and left to find Sheridan and Martin. Jessica is deserted by Spike when he finds something he can float on and refuses to share with her, but she manages to get to dry land. Sheridan found Maureen and gave her CPR, bringing her back to life and her son. Once all these people are feeling good about surviving the quake and the tsunami and set about finding their loved ones, they are blindsided by a second wave, knocking them all head over heels again.

Y&R By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Lauren learns that her son has had a visitor. Bobbie lies motionless. JT worries when he can’t reach an associate. Gloria puts on her ‘battered woman’ hat. Michael isn’t in the mood to kiss and make up.

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