Monday 8/1/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 8/1/05 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

Right while Ryan is spying upon Greenlee, unseen by her, he notices that he can't hide from everybody. Lily comes up behind him and notices that he must still be alive. She tells him everybody will be so happy he is alive and well and she must go and tell Greenlee. Ryan is speechless, not knowing what to say to her. Good thing, Zach finds them and saves his backside. He explains to Lily that she is seeing Ryan's ghost. And she just needs to let him know that Greenlee is ok, and he is able to convince her not to tell anybody what she saw. Meanwhile, Kendall is planning the birth of Greenlee's baby with her and promises to be there for her every step of the way.

Krystal attempts to find out David's secret about Dixie. But he does not tell her anything interesting. Adam tells JR that if he plans to move out of the house, then he cannot be there all alone. So he will move out and JR can stay in his house and have the house. Hearing that, JR tells his father he will stay living with him under the condition that Adam treats Dixie with the respect she deserves. Adam sounds sincere about wanting to keep peace in his family.

ATWT by Elayna

Keith is back in town from his trip with promises of paying Lily her second installment for his loan.  Later he climbs up to her window, and further professes his love, and they wind up in bed.  After admitting to lying about his black eye, Lily makes him promise never to keep anything from her again, which seems to make him uncomfortable.  Gwen is stunned to see the front page about Craig and Rosanna and ends up telling Will they are her baby’s adopted parents.  Will goes to Hal to find out information on her baby.  Will tells Paul and Hal he is not Gwen’s baby’s father.  He was just helping a friend.  They are proud, but assure him the baby is well taken care of with Carly and Jack.  Dusty further supports Jen through her saga with Craig.  Paul wants Craig locked up at all costs, and ends up in an argument with Hal regarding this subject, and is angrier then ever when he finds out Craig escaped.  Margo has a feeling where Craig is, but won’t include Hal because she wants to handle it himself because he is her brother.  Craig is trying to make a get away with his son from Carly and Jack’s.  Carly tries to stop him and when she can’t; she tricks him by trying to secretly use the phone to call Jack.  He races to the door with the baby only to find Margo outside with her gun drawn.  He doesn’t think she would shoot him, but Jack would, who arrived after having a bad feeling about the silent call from Carly.  Craig is hauled off and taken back to the police station.  Paul, Jen and Dusty arrive to make sure Craig is truly in custody.  Later, Carly questions if she can really care for Rosanna’s baby, but Jack knows it is fear talking.  Carly has another vision of her as a child, a baby carriage and a woman asking what have you done to my baby?  It upsets Carly desperately, who hands off the baby to Jack and rushes upstairs. 

B&B by Beth

Since Brooke doesn't feel Ridge made his own decision, she wants him to tell her to chose her, their life and their kids. Ridge says he can't do that tonight. Brooke tells him its over. Taylor tells Thomas what happened with Stephanie and how she faked the heart attack. Thomas is concerned that Ridge went to Brookes and that he might change his mind.

Stephanie drinks her troubles away with Gabby. Gabby tries to re-assure her that everything will be ok. Taylor tries to ease Thomas' mind. Ridge tells Brooke please don't do this. Brooke finally wants to take control of her life.

Days by Danielle

Bo receives word from Tek that the numbers in Tony’s message are part of a mathematical problem and Bo uses them to deduce coordinates of where they hope to find Tony and their loved ones. Meanwhile, someone continuously changes the Fancy Face III’s coordinates. Mimi finds a letter from Rex meant to be read on their wedding night and vows to make Belle pay. Shawn seizes the opportunity to talk to Belle while Philip is out visiting with Kate and Lucas for Lucas’ birthday but Belle informs him that now because of the baby, they can no longer be together. Sami and Nicole plant a smoke bomb in the vent leading to Eugenia’s apartment and watch her grab the taped phone conversations as Eugenia evacuates the apartment. John reluctantly agrees to let Roman come visit Marlena in hopes of sparking her memory when his own attempts of prompting her fail. John agrees to Lexie’s suggestion of bringing in a new specialist for Marlena, Dr. Alex North.

GH by Amanda

Emily believes that Nik is just protecting Courtney from unreasonable jealousy on Jax's part when he lies about being trapped with her on the General Hospital roof. At home, Courtney admits to Jax that she and Nik were trapped, and says she didn't want to embarrass Nik in front of Emily. She said he'd confided his marital woes to her, and she couldn't admit it in public. Lorenzo is understanding about Michael wanting his mom to spend the night at Sonny's. Rachel's suicide checks out as being what it appears to be. Reese is still unconvinced. Jason goes to the Quartermaines asking for information about his accident. In particular, Jason wants to know about when his heart stopped. Carly and Sonny fight over their respective partners, and she leaves. Durant wants Lucky to find proof that Sonny had Rachel killed. Lucky does not take it well. After Jason and Sam leave, Alan says Monica was wrong about one thing, Jason never woke up. She slugs him and says it was because Alan tried to kill him. He denies it, and says he saved his life. Jason and Sam break into Dr. Thomas' office and find his file. A page is missing. Thomas catches them. After Jax goes to rescue Liz from car trouble, Courtney sees Nik and Emily embrace.

GL by Jen

The person in the warehouse with Harley is Mallet. Mallet also believes Phillip is alive. They spare about who's investigation it is. Blake decides to write a book about Gus, Harley and Mallet. Cassie makes Dinah feel bad about lying. Edmund sets Cassie up to find a woman in Jeffery's room. He also cuts the power to the farm at the end of the show.

OLTL by Mary

John questions Hayes as to where Natalie, but when Hayes won’t tell him he almost chokes him to death. John tells the officers to take him to the police station and book him. Margaret visits Asa, and they discuss their plans to get even with Blair and Todd. Blair comes to Todd’s rescue. They discuss her seeing Margaret in LlanView, and about Asa’s plan. The charges are dropped against him. Nash questions Tess about who Todd is. She refuses to tell him anything. John goes to visit Vikki to talk to her about Natalie.

Passions by Shirley

As the tsunami builds offshore, all Harmony except for Alistair and Katherine are totally unaware of it's presence. Once the after shock dies down, some residents begin the clean up, while others kick back and enjoy the respite. Fancy and Ned lay by the beach, admiring the stars, while Theresa tells Ethan he came to find her because she is his true love and in times of danger you only want to be with those you love the most. He didn't deny it. Spike and Jessica try to get rid of the dead John in the car trunk, and even tho they are confronted by Ethan and Theresa, they finally dump him into the ocean. The problem is, the ocean doesn't want him, and throws him right back at them in a few minutes - along with a few thousand gallons of water. Fox and Kay check out the Bennett house and draw closer, and Sam and Ivy soon show up there, too, hoping Jessica would have come home. Tabitha worries about Kay and why she hasn't come back yet, but is happy that at least she and Endora are safe and snug.

TC is pinned down by a lamp post, and Eve cries out that she doesn't want to lose him before she manages to lift it off him, while back at the Blue Note, the shaking earth and falling rubble won't deter Liz in her desire to seduce Julian. He is still disgusted, but when she tells him they did it before, he is simply puzzled. He still doesn't want her lips on him, however. Chad is happy because he now knows Whitney loves her son, and she is happily playing with Miles when they hear the loud rumbling coming from outside. Alistair and Katherine are watching the town as the tsunami approaches, knowing that the warning of it's impending arrival never reached the residents. He is thrilled that only the strong will survive, while she is horrified that he is so heartless.

Y&R By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Lauren is questioned about her upcoming wedding. Nikki gets a backhand to the face. Victor finds a message written in blood. Brittany gives birth too early. Mackenzie pants like a dog.

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