Friday 7/29/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 7/29/05 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

In an attempt to save Dixie and protect his watch from the gunmen at the bank, Tad gets shot in the arm. Right away, Dixie goes into her "wife-mode" about his stubbornness in not getting medical care. He talks about all of her crazy home-remedies and fussing over him when they were married. Krystal goes to earn the $10,000 Adam has advanced her by attempting to get the goods out of David. But David is not about to trust Krystal nor let her into his home, knowing she's joined forces with Adam to expose him and his "Dixie plan". At Zach's casino, Lily plays cards with Reggie for pretzels. But at the end of the game, she's won $105,000 on the house. Zach finds out and she agrees not to take the money but she asks him why gambling casinos cause their customers to lose everything but they don't want anybody to cause them to lose money. Danielle comes to the casino with her mother and stepfather. She again, attempts to apologize and reconcile with Reggie. But he doesn't want to talk to her. Garrett tells Reggie he'd better not disrespect Danielle. Zach tells Ryan he'd better make himself scarce and not go "looking" for Greenlee. Otherwise he will blow his cover. Sure enough, he goes and spies on her and she does not see him. But Lily catches Ryan.

ATWT by Eva

Carly and Paul say a bittersweet good-bye to Rosanna before she leaves for the clinic in Switzerland. Paul vows never to be a good man again and hurt people before they hurt him. Paul promises Rosanna he will do anything he has to do to protect her and her baby. Carly recalls a little baby crying in the woods inside a baby carriage. Meg and Dusty's plans for a romantic evening are ruined when an upset Jennifer arrives asking Dusty to protect her from Craig who has escaped from jail. Craig escapes from jail and heads straight to Carly's to take his child but Carly catches him and screams for him to get away from the baby.

B&B by Boo

Bridget takes Dante to Brooke's house and offers him a room to stay in since Eric has taken over the beach house. Once Bridget shows him to his room, he fantasizes about how things could be with Bridget. He never lets up in reminding her that she is not a married woman, once again. Stephanie continues to try to plead her case to Ridge, who wants nothing to do with her. He disowns her as his mother and turns to Brooke. Feeling guilty that he didn't protect her from Stephanie, he offers to take her home. Taylor is upset, but still believes in her marriage. She also turns on Stephanie also and lets her know that she is not happy at all. Brooke asks Ridge to restart their lives together, as a family.

Days by Boo

Sami and Nicole team up to get back at Kate and Eugenia and to help Nicole get Brady back. Brady makes it clear to Nicole how much he hates her now and tells her that she has been fired from her job, and will soon be kicked out of the house. He lets her know that he suspects she was the nurse during Chloe’s last surgery. Kate and Roman argue over his lingering feelings for Marlena. Neither are sure if their marriage will survive. Phillip spoils Belle and promises to continue to spoil her every day of her pregnancy. Belle is feeling the pressure of being married to one man and loving another. Mimi tries to get Shawn to face reality, but Shawn isn’t ready for that. The doctor tells Chloe that he is pretty sure that he can help her, but no guarantees. Chloe chooses to think it over. Later, she proposes to Brady.

GH by Amanda

Durant can't believe that Sonny didn't have Rachel killed and pretend it was suicide, so that her note of confession would clear Michael. Under hypnosis, Michael remembers that Dr. Thomas killed AJ. Ric stops Durant from taking Michael home so that Carly can bring him home with her. Nik and Courtney speculate on what might have been if they'd met in another time and place. Jax and Emily debate fate vs. free will. After Nik and Courtney swear off of each other, Emily finds them and believes their excuses. Then, Nik dances with her on the roof. Skye can't believe that Lorenzo is so willing to allow Carly to spend time with Sonny. Michael's memories are altered under hypnosis. Reese doubts the boy's story. Within Emily's hearing, Nik lies about how he got drenched to Jax.

GL by Jen

Buzz throws an engagement party for Harley and Gus. During the party Lizzie gives Company back to Buzz. Beth goes to the jail to see Alan. He tries to convince her Phillips is alive. She doesn't believe him. He convinces her to cut off Lizzie's credit cards to teach her a lesson.  Josh and Reva argue about Nate. Josh Leaves and goes to a hotel. Sandy and Jonathan argue about him and Tammy.  Alfred watches as Tammy and Jonathan argue. Reva finds out that Alfred has a boat rented for next week and believes he is going to kill Jonathan. Someone sends Lizzie flowers. Harley thinks it was Phillip and goes to the warehouse.  Some grabs her by the shoulder while she is there.

OLTL by Mary

John saves Marcie and Rex, and they are taken to the hospital. Blair confronts Asa as to what he is doing about eliminating Margaret or she is going to call Bo. Asa shows her pictures of Margaret and swears that she is in Mexico. Jessica goes to the bar to meet her financial advisor but sees Todd instead. She asks Nash for his help. Nash prevents Todd from going after Tess. Nash lies on Todd that he had tried to steal a lady's purse. Todd gets arrested. John catches Hayes but cannot find Natalie. Hayes refuses to tell where Natalie is. Asa calls Margaret to get over to his house.

Passions by Shirley

After falling in the crevasse opened by the earthquake, Noah managed to crawl back out just in time to save Fancy from the Vegas thug. In the scuffle that followed, the thug fell into the crevasse instead, and it seems he went all the way to the bottom. Julian is proud of the way Eve helped all the injured in the Blue Note, and TC looks on woefully as his rival shows just how proud of her he really is. Liz watches TC watching Julian kiss Eve and sees the writing on the wall. When Whitney finally makes it to the studio and then collapses, Chad calls TC and he and Eve head out to go help her, but while Julian wishes Eve Godspeed, Liz is upset that TC is leaving her alone with all the wounded. She wastes no time, however, making a move on Julian once they leave. Julian is revolted, and then they all get jolted again by an aftershock.

Sheridan tries to figure out what's up with Maureen not having ID and not wanting to go to the Dr., but she continues to care for Mark while his mommy can't. When Sheridan falls unconscious, she dreams of Marty, then awakes to find Luis there with her, just as the aftershock hits. Hmmmmm. Ethan takes Gwen and Rebecca home, checks to make sure Jane is ok, then wants to leave again to help the injured. Rebecca assures Gwen that he is actually going to be with Theresa, however. He does run into her as the aftershock hits and knocks her over, unconscious, with a heavy sign dangling dangerously over her head, and he stumbles into action to save her. Alistair gets advanced warning that a tsunami is headed toward Harmony, but he orders the scientist who alerted him to keep it quiet, not wanting anyone in the town to know it's coming, much to Katherine's horror. Tabitha knows it's coming, however, and couldn't be happier about it.

Y&R By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Brittany goes into labor. Nikki is told that she might be sleeping with the fishes. Paul tracks a mobster with a bugging device. Christine demands to be given clothes. Lily is fine with being in jail if it will keep her close to the one she loves.

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