Thursday 7/28/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 7/28/05 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

After watching JR and Palmer run Jamie out of the hospital and prevent Joe from letting Jamie even attempt to work there, Babe knows she better try to help Jamie. She asks Di/Dixie if she can do something for Jamie. Di/Dixie admits it might be easier said than done. Amanda tells Palmer and Tad that Jamie saved her life and she will not help Palmer railroad him. Adam tells Krystal she can help him and he's willing to pay her to find out the secret David may have with Di/Dixie. JR attempts to sweet-talks Kendall into having a relationship with him. But she knows he's just using her to get control of his daddy's company. Jamie is attempting to sell his car. Josh answer Jamie's ad to sell it and informs him that Babe really fought hard so he could keep it. Right when Krystal and Adam go to the bank, and Di/Dixie goes to open and account with Tad nearby her, masked gunmen come and rob the bank and take Di/Dixie as a hostage.

ATWT by Eva

Mike asks Katie to give him time to get past the pain and guilt he feels over the death of Jennifer's baby and his failed marriage. Katie gives him a kiss good-bye but on the inside she fears she may lose him again. Henry's sister Maddie is determined not to leave Oakdale until Henry and Katie have reconciled. Meg tells Dusty about Lucinda's cancer and he gets Lucinda to let him run the stockholder's meeting without Lucinda knowing that he knows the truth about her illness. Dusty continues to support and comfort Jennifer while Meg is determined to do anything she has to do to keep Dusty away from Jennifer and with her. Later Craig tells Jennifer about Rosanna's accident and she doesn't think it was an accident she thinks he did it on purpose. Paul is angry when Hal informs him Craig could make bail and vows to kill Craig if he gets out of jail. Emily considers pulling the plug on Rosanna's life support system when a nurse informs her Rosanna will be in a coma the rest of her life/

B&B by Beth

The family questions Stephanie on her heart attack. Stating they saw her being worked on by her doctor. Brooke mentions that Dr. Mark suddenly has 1 million dollars in his bank account. Taylor runs from the room, Ridge follows her. Taylor asks Ridge if he really would have picked her and if he wants out tell her now. Bridget tells Stephanie to apologize to her mother. Stephanie refuses. Eric comes down from upstairs with a suit case telling Stephanie he's leaving the house and their marriage. He bends Brooke into a deep kiss before he goes telling her "you will always have me". Ridge comes in the room after Eric has left calling out to Brooke. Stephanie tells him not to do this PLEASE.

Days by Danielle

Bo and Hope realize that they have veered off course but think it’s nothing more than a strong current and lock the wheel once the wind picks up and they get back on course. Unknown to them, they are being watched by someone who is purposefully veering them off course. Chelsea’s first driving lesson from Patrick ends in a car versus boxes crash. Chelsea milks the opportunity to get closer to Patrick. Billie talks with Max and finds out that Max and Chelsea are using each other because Chelsea has a crush on Patrick. Billie relays the news to Patrick but Patrick admits that he’d rather be with Billie. Max comes on to Chelsea as she daydreams about Patrick but Chelsea pushes him away. Chelsea fumes as she watches Patrick and Billie together. Kate offers Roman the chance to prove that he still wants to be with her by leaving Marlena’s side to come home with her but Roman refuses to leave. Rex calls Philip but hangs up when he learns that Mimi is there. Mimi seizes the opportunity upon learning that Belle is pregnant to threaten Belle with telling Philip about Belle’s plan to leave him for Shawn.

GH by Lisa

Reese tells Sonny her suspicions about Dr. Thomas. Jason and Sam are released from jail. Carly makes a deal with Alan and Monica. Jason has a disturbing dream. Lucky finds evidence that someone other than Michael killed AJ. Courtney and Nikolas regret the kiss they shared but are clearly attracted to each other.

GL by Jen 

Reva and Josh discuss how things have been lately. Reva thinks everything is going to be OK. Jonathan will turn in the money and testify against Alfred. Josh doesn't seem to convinced. Frank shows up to follow up on the police report. Reva and Josh find out it was Sandy. Sandy and Tammy make love. Jonathan is out on their balcony watching. Sandy gets a call from Josh. Reva lights into him for filing the report. They argue about Jonathan. Jonathan tells Tammy about the money. Jonathan and Tammy get into a heated argument. He starts to kiss her again, but he pulls away. He doesn't want to hurt her. He thinks she should be happy with Sandy. Tammy tells him he has made her happy. He wants to know when. She tells him he can be good person, and this sets him off. He says she has one good person already. She doesn't need him. He goes to leave. Sandy catches him leaving.

Lizzie goes to see Alan. She tells him she hates him, and she hopes he rots in Hell. He tells her Phillip is alive. She thinks he is crazy. Gus decides to move back in the Spaulding House. Harley and Gus argue about this, but she decides to move in with him. She goes to the house, but she decides she can't do it.

OLTL by Mary

Dorian tries her best to get David to call Spencer to ask him to be his best man but David refuses. Dorian attempts to call him herself but he is in surgery. Adriana comes in upset that the killer has Rex. David tries to console her but not with much luck. Nick is shot, and Michael tries hard to revive him. Bo questions him as to where Marcie, Rex, and Natalie are being held. Nick is rushed to the hospital, but goes into cardiac arrest. John and other officers arrive at the warehouse just in time to save Marcie and Rex. Blair enjoys a day shopping with Starr, but when Starr goes for ice cream, Blair imagines that she sees Margaret.

Passions by Shirley

With all Harmony in ruins, Sam is out trying to get the rescue operations underway, and the police and firemen are glad to have him leading them. Alistair and the mayor aren't so happy, however, since Sam is no longer the police chief, and Alistair would rather have everyone over at the Crane Towers to save his priceless artwork than digging through the ruins of an old folk's home to save the elderly residents stuck under the rubble. The mayor backs him up, knowing who pays for his services. After they all leave, Sam and Ivy hear an old lady under a big pile of rubble and set about saving her, for which she is very grateful. Noah and Fancy are at the mercy of the thug from Vegas, and when they tell him Alistair will gladly pay him millions from his vault if he will let them go, he decides he'll kill them and then go rob the safe, too. He doesn't want to end up dead himself for not completing his assignment.

Pilar and Martin are picking up the mess in their home when Katherine burst in, makes a beeline to Martin's arms, and cries about how scared she was for him. Pilar isn't in the mood for this, and let's her have it with both barrels, telling her to get out and stay away. When Katherine leaves, she runs into Alistair, who is upset that she broke her promise and wants to go tell Sheridan she killed her aunt since their agreement was broken. Sheridan is at Maureen's house, trying to get the woman to go to a hospital, but she adamantly refuses. After she passes out again, Sheridan looks for information about any family or friends and finds nothing, not even identification, credit cards, or anything else with the woman's name on it. She wonders just who "Maureen" really is. Fox gets Kay out of the basement safely after she manages to fall through the floor, but she slaps him because he couldn't hang on to her. He makes sure she gets back to Tabitha's, then tries to call Chad, getting no answer. He walks into Tabby's house and is shocked by what he sees. Edna can't seem to stay on her feet what with all the vases Endora is throwing at her, and while she does manage to duck the last one, she ducks right into a door and falls to the floor, unconscious, once again.

Y&R By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Bobbie brings his bat hoping to beat a man at his own game. Nick worries that his sister is having a bad influence on his wife. Sharon demands to know her daughter’s last secret. Lauren will not set a date. Paul finds a bug.

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