Tuesday 7/26/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 7/26/05 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

While Ryan is watching Greenlee and all her contacts from Zach's spy cam, she somehow knows he's not far away. She stares at the camera on the ceiling and it looks as though she is watching him. Zach is still keeping Ryan's secret for him but knows he'd better shut off the spy cam so Ryan doesn't become too obsessed with spying. When Ryan can no longer see Greenlee he freaks and knows he has to escape Zach's office. Josh is proving himself indispensable to Erica. She asks him why his father doesn't want him to work for her. He tells her that his father wants him to be a doctor, means well, but doesn't realize that his son has different aspirations. Jamie rushes Amanda to the hospital and proves himself to be great doctor material. Hearing Dr. Joe praise his grandson, Babe is worried that maybe she should not be preventing Jamie from following his dream. Both Babe and Jamie are supportive and protective to Amanda and believing they must rescue her from the evil JR. Jamie believes JR drugged her. They never find out how she got drugged. But Amanda is very confident that Babe and Jamie will fall right into her hands by breaking up when they both know Jamie needs to be a doctor, and in putting JR in his place. But JR threatens to expose her to them. Jamie tells Babe that he cannot let Amanda stay with them any longer because he does not trust her any more than he trusts JR.

ATWT by Elayna 

Keith tries to get Luke on the right path after he finds him and his friend drinking in the alley behind Yo’s. Luke is belligerent with him, and wants nothing to do with Keith or any opinion he may have. Luke punches Keith on his encouragement, and it seems to help, but soon he is angry again, and he stomps off to get some ice for his hand. Lily reaches out to Lucinda, and they end up in a surprising location – Yo’s. They bump into Keith and his black eye. He covers for Luke, which Luke appreciates and thanks him for; and Luke sneaks away without Lily or Lucinda seeing him. Craig’s harassment of Rosanna upsets her; and she has a seizure and lapses into a coma. Paul accuses Craig of trying to purposely run her off the road. Hal arrests Craig for assault with a deadly weapon after witnesses identify him as the one who ran Rosanna off the road. Ben is not confident Rosanna will ever come out her coma, but suggests that Paul talk to her. Hearing this, Hal adds a new charge – attempted murder. Craig is shocked, but feels he has saved his son. Paul pours his heart out to Rosanna about how he much loves her and if she leaves him, he will never love anyone as he loves her. He pleads with her to awaken because he doesn’t want to ever lose her again – all of this overheard by a devastated Emily.

B&B by Beth

Brooke, Jackie, Mark and Stephanie all go into the guest house. Jackie gloats that she knows everything that happened and that Mark spilled it. Stephanie is seething. She slaps Mark, Brooke slaps Stephanie, slaps Brooke! Jackie tells Mark to leave out the back door. Jackie and Brooke inform Stephanie they intend to tell the her secret to her family. Stephanie tells them she will do it.

Nick wonders where Stephanie and Brooke are. He is anxious to get the wedding started. Massimo makes a nice speech honoring Stephanie and Eric's marriage. Thomas re-assures Gaby his parents don't hate her. Nick gets antsy and goes to find the women. He walks into the guest house and sees evidence of a fight. He says he doesn't even want to know what's going on but he's getting married and if they'd like to be a part of it they better get to the house. The 3 women enter the house. Stephanie appears very shaken. Bridget asks her if it's her heart. Brooke tells Stephanie to go ahead, speak from the heart. Stephanie tells the room she has something to say to them all.

Days by Danielle

Maggie confronts Bonnie about the charges on Mickey’s credit card but Bonnie refuses to pay the bill. Jennifer and Jack enter the dance contest, with Trick Pony providing the live music, as a couple but Jack becomes winded and insists that Jennifer and Frankie enter instead. Jack admits to Billie that he is dying and his plan is to get Jennifer and Frankie together and makes Billie promise not to tell Jennifer and Abby about his prognosis. Chelsea and Patrick win the dance contest and Chelsea thanks a surprised Patrick with a kiss. Rex argues with Mimi on the hospital roof and now feeling that he can never trust Mimi again, announces his decision to leave Salem.

John tries using Belle to jog Marlena’s memory but it doesn’t work. Belle receives the news that she is pregnant. Sami complicates the situation by trying to convince Marlena that Roman is her true love and when it doesn’t work, Sami lashes out at Kate. Sami vows to destroy Kate when Lucas yells at her for blaming everyone else for her own actions. Kate watches the secretive glances across the room between Shawn and Belle and vows to put a stop to their relationship once and for all.

GH by Lisa

Michael becomes hysterical when he realizes Jason doesn't see Jodie. Jason calls Dr. Thomas for help. Jason has a disturbing memory from the time of his accident which involves Dr. Thomas. Dr. Thomas shares the same memory but with a different outcome. After getting a call from Jason, Reese tells Carly and Alcazar that Michael may not have killed AJ.

Monica convinces Carly that neither she nor Alan killed AJ. Reese accuses Rachel of killing AJ. Rachel denies killing AJ but tells Reese she knows who did. Maxie stages an "intervention" with Mac and insists he stop trying to control her and Georgie's lives by dictating who they can and can not spend time with. Mac walks away but he and Maxie later reconcile as he realizes his daughters are growing up.

GL by Jen 

Jonathan goes to Tammy for help. Tammy calls Reva and tells her he is there. Reva tries to leave her house and go get Jonathan, but Olivia, Josh, and Bill talk her into letting them go with her. Jonathan and Tammy argue about him staying there with her. He is leaving when Reva, Josh, Bill, and Olivia show up. Tammy leaves to go to Reva's. Reva received a package with Marissa's belongings. She wants Jonathan to open it with everybody and work things out. Nate shows up and accuses Jonathan of killing Marissa. Jonathan looks to Olivia for belief that he didn't kill her, when she says she doesn't know what to believe, he runs out. Jonathan goes to Reva's and grabs Tammy. He lights into her for calling Reva. Then he tells her that they need to stay away from each other. He tells Tammy that he hates everyone else, but never her. He says he should know better, but he just can't stay away. Then they kiss!

Alan takes Harley, Mallet, and Frank to the room where Phillip was staying. Phillip is not there, and the room does not look like he was there. Alan looks like he is losing his mind. Frank and Mallet do not believe his story. Harley is the only one who seems to believe him. Mallet and Harley go to Company. Buzz tells Mallet he thought he was leaving town. Mallet says he is leaving shortly. They tell Buzz that Alan says Phillip is alive. Buzz reminds Mallet that Harley is with Gus. Mallet says Harley will realize that Phillip is not alive, and then he will leave. Harley pretends that she doesn't believe Alan's story to get away from them. She goes back to the room. She finds proof that Phillip was there. Buzz tells Alex that they are over. Alex goes to see Alan in jail. He tells her his story. She does not believe him. She tells Frank that Alan is losing his mind.

by Mary 

It is revealed that not only Hayes is involved in the Killing Club murders but also Nick. Marcie doesn’t know what to make of all of this. John questions Hugh as to his involvement with Hayes. Ron finds out and is angry that Marcie has been taken by the killer. Nash’ business deal falls through. He invites Tess to a private wine tasting.

Passions by Shirley

Noah tries to follow the Las Vegas thugs as they drive away with Fancy, hoping to get a chance to save her from them. She tries to get away but finds it's useless, until the driver loses control and crashes. Noah is there to help her get away, but the thugs aren't that lucky. Then the two have to hang on tight as the earth starts shaking under their feet. At the Blue Note, Rebecca shows up just in time to hear Eve say she will marry Julian, and the fur starts to fly. She tells him he will have to pay dearly for dumping her. Rebecca's screeching brings Liz over and once she learns what's going on, she has to let TC in on it. He is crushed, barely noticing Liz' attempts to make it all better as he whines about Eve marrying Julian. Ethan tells Theresa she can't join forces with Alistair, not listening as Gwen tells him it's Theresa's nature to do so. He becomes belligerent with Alistair, who pulls a gun, but when the earthquake hits, the gun goes off and hits Theresa.

Fox and Endora bond, but when Edna gets home, steaming because the two hunks the witches conjured up for her turned into rats, she puts the move on a very uneasy Fox, who escapes with Kay as fast as possible. Edna then demands Tabby and her daughter re-do the hunk spell, and when all is said and done, the witch and her baby cross beams and cause the earth to begin shaking like crazy. Sheridan realizes the boy she thought was Marty belongs to another woman, and goes to their home with them afterward. They are in the sub-standard house when the quake hits, and take shelter under a doorway. Sam and Ivy chased the car that picked up Jessica, but lose them, and while Jessica tries to get out of servicing the guy, Sam loses them and calls in help from the police. They are all interrupted in their endeavors by the quake.

Y&R By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Victor demands to know what his wife is involved in. Lily cries as she realizes that she has used up all her 9 lives. Devon realizes that his mother loves drugs more than him. Sharon gets nothing more than a peck on the cheek for the really great sex. Vinnie demands that action be taken against the rich and famous.

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