Monday 7/25/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 7/25/05 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

Kendall has a premonition that Ryan is still alive. And she can sense that he's hiding right in the shed where Zach has kept him. But before she and Aiden can get it unlocked, Zach has taken Ryan to his office to hide. Ryan tells Zach he must get out and find his sister Erin. But Zach warns him that he needs to keep Kendall, Greenlee and the baby she is carrying, safe from him. He is then able to view Greenlee from Zach's spy cam, back at the hotel. He remembers her favorite blanket and her green chamomile tea. He watches Kendall and Simone with her. He wants to be with Greenlee. He also notices David. He wants to confront David and keep him away from his wife. But he knows he must back off if he wants to stay hidden and concludes that dead men don't have wives. Di/Dixie tells JR that he needs to admit to her that he still loves his daddy even if they are having problems. Amanda outwardly agrees to leave Jamie and Babe's home and move to Myrtle's boarding house, but she has a trick up her sleeve to O.D. on her mother's drugs so that Jamie has to "rescue" her.

ATWT by Elayna

At Yo’s, Lily and Keith have a heart to heart about her family. Luke and his friend walk into Yo’s, and just miss being seen by Lily and Keith. After Lily and Keith leave, Luke and his friend convince a stranger to buy them some liquor. Later, Luke gets busted drinking by Keith. Casey and Will come to blows over Celia and Gwen’s pregnancy, and Celia gets caught in the crossfire. When Celia leaves with Will, Casey is bitter with Will and Gwen for blindsiding him, and now he has lost Celia and his best friend. He wishes he never met Gwen, to which Gwen feels the same. Dusty continues to support Jen who feels they are the only ones who truly understand about Johnny since they brought him into the world and had spent all of his life with him. Meg secretly watches how Jen and Dusty are growing closer. Later, Dusty turns down Meg’s offer to get a drink to search out Jen. He realizes how much Jen matters to him, and decides when Jen gets through this he will be waiting for her. Paul leaves Emily to rush out to help Rosanna when she calls him. Emily ends up trying to justify Paul’s actions to Susan, when she isn’t thrilled about it herself. Craig tries to convince Rosanna not to tell anyone about the baby switch, but when he realizes she has involved Paul; he tries to stop her by ramming her car off the road. Paul witnesses this. Hal arrives and Craig claims Rosanna simply had an accident on the way to the hospital to see their adopted baby. Paul claims Rosanna feared Craig and he tried to kill her. Rosanna tries to tell Paul about the baby switch, but Paul doesn’t understand what she is trying to say just as Rosanna loses consciousness.

B&B by Beth

Jackie gets the truth out of Mark. She gets it all on Brooke's digital recorder too! At the wedding Stephanie is doing all she can to make Brooke feel uncomfortable. Nick is not happy to see Dante at the wedding.

Brooke makes comments that make Stephanie call Mark's phone and issue another warning to keep quiet. Jackie shows up at the door right before the wedding. Stephanie tells her she's not invited and Jackie says she can't stay away and she's brought a guest. MARK!

Days by Danielle

Marlena miscarries and goes into cardiac arrest but is brought back. Throughout, Marlena alternates between an unconscious state and a catatonic state. Upon waking from her last unconscious state, Marlena does not recognize any of her family or friends standing around her. Belle doubles over in pain and faints into Shawn’s arms. The test results, yet to be revealed to Belle, show that Belle is pregnant. Sami lashes out at Kate upon overhearing Kate say that she thinks it would have been a harder road down the line if Marlena’s baby had survived. Belle decides that no secrets should be kept after seeing what it’s done to her parents and urges Mimi to tell Rex about her abortion loud enough for Rex to overhear. Rex confronts Mimi. Belle tells Shawn that she’s decided to stay with Philip only long enough to help with his recovery before devoting her life to Shawn. Jennifer and Frankie watch in shock as Jack goes from being in pain to being jubilant and suggesting party games for them to play. Jack gears the games toward pushing Frankie and Jennifer together including suggesting that they all dress up and enter the dance contest.

GH by Amanda

Durant issues a court order, naming Emily as a person of interest in the disappearance of Michael. Sonny takes her to the Quartermaines. Nik comforts Courtney because she feels left out of Liz's pregnancy. He's also discouraged over his marriage and the fact that Sonny considers Em family. Lucky gets angry when Jax offers him money to take a desk job. Michael's friend is imaginary. Despite Sam's encouragement, Jason can't pretend Jody is real and get "her" to say who killed AJ. Sam vows to. Nik begs Emily for the truth. Reese promises to be loyal to Michael. The cops pick up Sam, but because Michael's friend is ready to tell Jason who killed AJ now, Jason can't go after her.

GL by Jen

Dinah and Edmund almost get busted at Cassie's baby shower, but they talk their way out of it. Cassie is extremely nice to Dinah which makes her feel guilty. She wants to tell Cassie the truth, but Edmund talks her out of it. Lizzie and Coop have a conversation about sex. He figures out that she is a virgin. They start to make love, but Gus interrupts. Alan tells Gus and Harley that Phillip is alive. He explains that he shot him and how he covered it up. Gus thinks that he is insane, but Harley believes him. Harley manages to have Jeffery let him out of jail. He agrees to take them to Phillip. 

OLTL by Mary

Hayes smothers Rex until he is unconscious, and then kidnaps him. John figures out that Ivan is really Hayes Barber. Evangeline and Layla talk, and Layla tries to get her to leave town with her. Evangeline refuses to leave town. John puts a police officer on Evangeline. Hayes fills Marcie in on who he really is, and that he has Natalie. Hayes orders Marcie to go with him of he will kill Natalie. Spencer finds a liver for one of Lindsay’s friends. Spencer asks Michael to assist him in the surgery. Kevin and Kelly make love, but then argue that Kevin had only come over there, and made love to her to keep Spencer from taking her away from him.

Passions by Shirley

Sheridan gave a glimmer of hope for those fans of Shuis when she tells the picture of Marty that one day she, Luis, and Marty may be happily living in the cottage again. She may have dashed those hopes later when she told Katherine she could never forgive Luis for what he did. Apparently Sheridan is still being herself today. She has a plan, or is trying to form one, depending on which scene you watched. She will go after Alistair to repay him for what he's done to her, that's the one thing she's sure of, and not even Katherine's dire warnings can dissuade her of that plan. Meanwhile, the other Harmony woman trying to bring Alistair down, Theresa, manages to keep him from molesting her in the limo, and they even almost have a warm heart-to-heart chat - for a minute. At the Blue Note things are getting dicey for them, tho, as it seems the whole town is coming there for dinner, including Ethan and Gwen. Julian uses the occasion to propose to Eve, offering her a diamond big enough to choke a horse.

Fancy and Noah manage to get away from each other despite Edna's insistence they belong together, but when she decides to leave and is followed out by the Las Vegas hoods, Noah takes note and rushes out to help her. Sam has been watching Jessica, trying to keep her from selling herself, but Spike's threat to have him arrested sends him back to his car. Still sitting there watching, he sees his daughter get into the car with a stranger as Spike walks over to brag about what he's done to the girl, and by the time Sam gets out of the car, the stranger has taken off with Jessica. Fox is bonding with Endora, but once Kay brings Maria into the room, his full attention is on her, so much so that he never notices his jealous little sister flying around the room to escape having to go to bed.

Y&R By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

JT has a meeting in the park about a nosey neighbor. Lily is arrested after she ‘wigs’ out. Vinnie gets proofed that he is being tricked. Ashley finds the house isn’t secured. Nick tampers with evidence.

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