Friday 7/22/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 7/22/05 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

Some drunken customers at SOS steal Babe's car. Josh goes with her to catch them. She assumes that they have rich parents who'd spring them from jail so they'd never be able to learn their lesson if they call the cops on them. So he goes and tells them she's his rich boss's daughter and the reason she works as a bartender is because she appreciates the value of hard work. Adam calls a truce with Di/Dixie telling her he might need her help to prevent losing JR. But when he is alone, he reveals that he knows she is not his son's mother. Everybody still believes Ryan is dead except for Zach who hides him and keeps his secret. Strangely enough, everybody seems to gather right outside the place where Zach is keeping Ryan. Ryan is able to overhear Aiden telling Kendall and Zach that Ryan's sister, Erin is still alive and well. Kendall is able to put two and two together in figuring out that Ryan might want to stage his own death, due to his sick family, the same way Zach did.

ATWT by Eva

Jennifer gives Mike a kiss good-bye and sets him free because she doesn't want him to stay with her because he feels guilty or obligated to her. Dusty is there to support and comfort Jennifer much to Meg's dismay. Will and Casey come to blows over Celia. Holden takes Meg's advice and begins to accept that his marriage to Lily is over and tels Lily to pursue a relationship with Keith if he is the man who makes her happy. Craig admits that he switched Gwen and Jennifer's babies to Rosanna. The shocking news leads Rosanna to call Paul from her car while she is speeding towards his place because she must tell him the truth tonight. Rosanna is unaware that Craig is following close behind to stop her from telling anyone the truth.

B&B by Beth

Jackie tells Brooke that a deposit was put in Dr. Mark's account. Bridget and Nick are talking about the wedding with Eric and Stephanie. Stephanie is asking about his feelings for Brooke and why the wedding is being so sudden. Nick assures them Bridget is the only one he loves. Jackie gets a phone call from Stephanie telling her NOT to come to her house for the wedding, she's not welcome.

Dr. Mark shows up at Jackie's. Jackie is getting him liquored up on Tequila. Stephanie tries to make Brooke leave the wedding saying she is no mother to Bridget. Stephanie tells her she is more Bridget's mother than Brooke. Brooke warns her that she'll be sorry and she'll get hers. Stephanie leaves Mark a voice mail reminding of how they both have plenty to lose. Jackie hears the phone ring and covers it with a towel so Mark doesn't hear it.

Days by Danielle

Billie and Patrick decide to pretend to be interested in Max and Chelsea respectively in order to keep Max and Chelsea apart. Chelsea, using the situation to her advantage, convinces Patrick to be her partner at a dance contest. Frankie sorts through boxes of old memorabilia from his relationship with Jennifer and after realizing that Frankie isn’t a burglar, Jennifer joins him for the trip down memory lane. Jack, fatigued after a sudden symptom onset, dreams that he is at his own wake watching Patrick move in on Jennifer.

Marlena is rushed to the hospital where Lexie works on her. Shawn gives Philip and Belle a ride to the hospital and Belle is overcome with stomach pain as Philip confronts her about being on the roof with Shawn. Sami arrives at the hospital and accuses Kate of trying to harm Marlena. Marlena seizes but is stabilized until Sami walks in and yells at John and Kate for standing by Marlena’s bedside. Marlena’s condition becomes aggravated as she begs everyone to stop fighting and John tells Sami that if Marlena doesn’t make it, he’ll hold her personally responsible.

GH by Amanda

Michael's friend, Julie, tells him she saw what happened, and he did not kill AJ. Reese is angry at Sonny for lying to her and sending Michael away when he said he would not. Tension remains between Nik and Em. Jessy shoots the dirty cop who's trying to frame him then yells at Maxie, who showed up in the middle of the incident and was nearly taken hostage, for endangering herself. Jax tries to convince Courtney that she is going to be a mother, even if she's not bearing the child. Emily is brought in for questioning in the matter of Michael's escape. Nik is not happy that she calls Sonny, not him. Liz steps on toes when she tries to help decorate Jax's baby's nursery. Lucky is assigned to keep Jessy away from Maxie. Sam and Jason continue to grow closer. Jax offers to pay Lucky to take a desk job until the baby is born to ease the stress on Liz. Sonny tries to stand in as a brother to Emily when she needs to talk about her crumbling marriage while Nik and Courtney continue to discuss their mutual marital woes.

GL by Boo

Harley and Gus make plans to move in together. Blake questions Harley's feelings for Mallet, but Harley holds strong in her love for Gus. Alan learns that the people taking care of Phillip will indeed abandon him if Alan can not continue to pay the bills. Gus pays Alan a visit and informs him that he is taking over Spaulding Enterprises, and he will take care of the family. Alan panics at the thought of being locked into a small cell and blurts out that Phillip is still alive. Edmond and Dinah show up at Elizabeth & Company, unaware that everyone is hiding there to surprise Cassie with the baby shower. Everyone overhears Dinah and Edmund discuss giving up on the plan and learn that Dinah really isn't pregnant. Cassie and Jeffrey walk in just as Dinah is removing her fake belly.

OLTL by Sarah

Kevin walks in on Kelly in the shower and she accidentally sprays soap in his eyes. She pulls him in the shower to rinse his eyes with his clothes on. They end up making love. John and Bo were close to getting a picture of the guy who had gone to a clinic for reconstructive surgery right out of high school. He had gone to school with Marcie and they think he may be the killer. The computer crashes and they go back online to try again. Marcie gets into an argument with both Hayes and Rex. Rex is blaming Natalie's disappearance on her and she brings up the mistake he made with the note. She tells Hayes she feel's sorry for him and Rex tells Hayes that he makes him sick, Hayes telling him the last person who said something like that to him wound up dead. Rex later apologizes to Marcie and then goes outside where Hayes is. He gets smothered. Nash pays for Tess to have lunch and makes a speech telling her that although she makes him crazy, he can't stop thinking about her. He tells her she scares him because he might just give up everything for her and that he's never done that for anybody.

Passions by Shirley

Martin threatens Alistair with death if he touches Theresa, but the old man isn't worried. He turns the tables, reminding Martin of his past and the fact he was never there for his children, asking why he thinks he can start now that they are adults. Martin finally backs down, and after more warnings from her parents, Theresa gets in the limo with Alistair and heads off to dinner. Once inside, however, she finds he has more on his mind than a simple dinner. Ethan and Gwen argue about Theresa again, but a new wrinkle is addes when he tells her about his run in with his ex-grandfather. Gwen wants to pick up stakes and run, but Ethan will have none of it, sure that there is nothing Alistair can do to them. His wife isn't so sure, asking what would happen should Theresa join forces with Alistair, but he says it will never happen.

Edna is par-taaaaying at the Blue Note with her two hunks, who signal Liz that they need help. The old woman-newly young notices nothing, since she is totally absorbed by her new self and the things she can do again. She runs into Fancy, promising to find her the perfect man for her, but the man she gets isn't exactly Fancy's cup of tea. It's Noah, who is just as disgusted to see his Mystery Date is Fancy. While the two exchange insults back and forth, two men from Vegas are flying to Harmony to find them and kill them. Once they get there, Spike is only too happy to give them Noah's name and address, thrilled that he has driven another spike (no pun intended) into Sam's heart. At that very moment, Sam is parked in his car, watching his baby sell her body on the street, with no way to stop her. Ivy arrives and tries to do something, but Jessica isn't interested.

Y&R By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Nikki puts two and two together. Someone arrives at the house before Tom can be kicked out. Gloria plays poker. Scott’s plea to make a trip is refused. Paul’s office is bugged.

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