Thursday 7/21/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 7/21/05 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

Zach is still keeping Ryan's secret for him. But Ethan and Simone just happen to find themselves outside of the shed where Zach is keeping Ryan and they hear and see something. Ryan is able to overhear their conversation about his being the love of Greenlee's life and how their baby is a miracle. Zach catches them trying to unlock the door and tells them to go away. They still have no clue that Ryan is behind the door. Ryan tells Zach that he has to have everybody believe he's dead, as it's the only way to save Greenlee. Zach agrees but tells Ryan no matter how far away he goes, he might not be able to hide forever. Simone tells Kendall about the shed and the encounter she and Ethan with Zach. Kendall goes and catches him there and almost catches Ryan. Tad and Reggie catch Lily and Sam together.

ATWT by Eva

At the Luther's corners church Jennifer's family and friends mourn the loss of little John Dustin Kasnoff. Gwen arrives at the church just before the end of the service to support Will and because she felt she should be at the funeral. At the hospital Rosanna's suspicions about Craig grow when Bob informs her that Craig didn't show up for the funeral of his baby even though Jennifer invited him. Rosanna wonders why Craig was so eager to see their adoptive baby instead of going to his biological son's funeral. Later Rosanna's suspicions about Craig are confirmed when she looks at the baby's foot print from the hospital and she notices it isn't the same picture the nurse who mysteriously quit her job in the middle of her shift showed her the day her baby was born.

B&B by Beth

Bridget wakes up in Dante's bed with a start! "Did we" she asked. He tells her NO. She shouldn't be there, she worries. Dante tries to talk her into running away with him. Massimo shows up at Jackie's. He's looked into the doctor's bank account. A one million dollar transfer from a Swiss bank he tells her. She tells him how she knew it. Mass tells her to let it go. Nick stops at Stephanie's house asking if she's seen Bridget. Stephanie asks him where's the last place he's seen her. He remembers her taking Dante home and bolts out the door.

Stephanie shows up at Jackie's to tell her how she's going to see to it that Massimo dumps Jackie for good. Nick shows up at the beach house to find Bridget. He demands to know what's going on. Bridget tells him she saw him and her mother on the bed. He tells her this has to stop now and they are getting married TONIGHT. Dante is not pleased. Nick calls Stephanie and tells her to set it up.

Days by Danielle

Brady surprises Chloe with an elegant outfit, a candlelit dinner, and fake snow. Chloe finds an old hair clip of Isabella’s and once she puts it on, her scars disappear. Shawn overhears Belle talking to Marlena on the phone about the baby’s true parentage and it sparks a conversation between Belle and Shawn about how Shawn is willing to wait for Belle. Belle suddenly becomes sick and runs back downstairs. Marlena finally tells John the truth while alone in their bedroom and Roman tells Kate the truth in the living room. John, enraged, punches Roman but Marlena stops the fight by yelling from the upstairs landing before Roman has a chance to retaliate. Marlena stumbles and falls down the stairs, lying unconscious as John rushes to her side. Hope and Bo have invited Jennifer and Jack over for a bon voyage dinner where they inform Jack and Jennifer about their plan to go after Tony. Hope confirms with Jennifer that she’d be willing to take in Zack should anything happen to them. Jack’s back spasms when Bo has him help up on deck but Jack claims it’s only an old injury. Bo is delivered a bottle of champagne with a card that wishes them bon voyage and happy hunting but isn’t signed. Everyone but Jennifer is confident that the bottle is a gift from Tony and refuse to drink it. Bo places the bottle in the dock’s trashcan and it explodes shortly after Bo joins everyone back on the boat.

GH by Lisa

Sonny, Carly, Jason and Sam reach a decision about what to do with Michael. Michael gets a shocking surprise. Ric and Reese feel betrayed by Sonny's actions. Maxie convinces Mac to allow Lucky to investigate Murphy. Lucky sets a trap for Murphy but the situation goes awry.

GL by Boo

Josh confronts Jonathan about the money and tells him that he needs to grow up and stop being afraid of Alfred. Reva and Alfred have it out on the docks before Jonathan shows up and tries to stand up to his father. Alfred admits to killing Marisa and Jonathan tries to be rid of his father, but Alfred doesn’t just disappear so easily. He gives Jonathan another few good punches to make his point clear. Tammy talks with her mother about Jonathan before deciding that she can’t fix or help Jonathan and rushes to Sandy to tell him her good news. Sandy takes advice from Edmund and decides to fight fire with fire. Against Josh’s orders, Sandy calls the police and turns Jonathan in for stealing the money. Cassie is very close to busting Dinah and Edmund when she shows up at the doctors office to witness the sonogram. Edmund unsuccessfully tries to hire an attorney to help him adopt a child without his wife knowing.

OLTL by Sarah

Dorian invites Blair and Spencer over to her house for a swim. Blair at tells her she can't because she has errands to run, but gets talked into it. When Dorian is talking to Spencer on the phone about it, he says he's busy. But then she tells him Blair will be there and he does come by. Kelly shows up and is irritated when he leaves and Blair is telling her things may be going too fast between her and Spencer, making Kelly think Blair is jealous of her. When Marcie gets up, she is confused as to what happened the night before. The note from Hugh confuses her even more and when she runs into him, asks if she knows him. She runs into him again later and starts remembering what happened. She's embarrassed about throwing up on his shoes and leaves. She comes back with new shoes for him. Duke and Kevin are at work when Adriana shows up. Her and Duke had plans to go riding, but he's busy. She goes to Ultraviolet and talks to Rex for a bit. Before she leaves Ultraviolet later on, he gives her his card saying she can call him whenever she wants to talk. She looks at the card when again, Duke tells her he's too busy. John invited Evangeline to stay with him, but she says she won't do it because Layla is staying with her. He thinks Layla should go home. Evangeline runs into Nora later and they talk about John inviting her to live with him. When Nora tells Evangeline she is dizzy, she promises to see a doctor. But she doesn't because John calls her for a favor.

Passions by Shirley

Fox and Kay continue their arguing, with him wanting a "please" before he helps her out of the water, while she refuses to lower herself to a Crane. Tabitha and Endora come up with the solution - they conjure up a shark. Fox forgets about the "please" and Kay forgets he's a Crane, and they both manage to get on the wharf before Jaws gets them. Back at Tabitha's, Kay invites him in for tea, and despite a brief return to sniping, they seem to cause sparks while building a fire, and not from the fireplace. Tabitha decides she's not sure if she likes that or not. Sam and Noah take the long way home, talking about the family and their feelings. Meanwhile, Fancy and Ivy are doing the same, more or less, but with less happy, warm, and fuzzy results.

Luis gets to the point with Alistair, holding a knife to his throat while trying to get the old man to tell where Beth and Marty went. Alistair is too busy rubbing it in to his enemy about the way Sheridan has turned against him, and once he manages to escape Luis' grasp he continues, as Sheridan listens in at the door. When he asks Luis why he didn't shoot Beth, she makes her presence known by saying she wants to know that, too. Luis tells them she was unarmed, but they aren't in an accepting mood. Alistair leaves for his date with Theresa, and Luis leaves to search for his son, hoping Sheridan will forgive and take him back when he brings him home. She's still not in the mood to talk about it, however. She is now a true Crane, as she told her father, and is only interested in revenge. Martin and Pilar are still trying to talk their daughter out of dating Alistair, but she is determined to use him to get what she wants. When Alistair arrives, however, Martin can no longer contain himself as he runs to save his baby from the devil.

Y&R By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Gloria gets control with a poker and makes a call to report it. Mackenzie is hurt when she hears her song being sung to another woman. Lauren slaps a child abuser. Scott gets a visitor. Bobbie is seen kissing the deliveryman.

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