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The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 7/20/05 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

Zach goes out and suddenly finds Ryan, alive and well. But Ryan demands that Zach does not tell anybody he's found him alive. He is adamant that he is as good as dead and having Greenlee knowing he's alive will not be beneficial. Zach reminds Ryan, however, that the rescue team, cops and reporters will find out, sooner or later that he is alive. So he tells Ryan if he's going to "die", he needs to do it right. Zach hides Ryan in a warehouse room and locks him inside. Back at the hotel, Greenlee is devastated and angry at her father for his attitude about Ryan. Jack, Erica, Kendall, Simone and Ethan are all there for Greenlee and assume Ryan is dead. Lily and Sam sneak off to be together although Sam is still grounded.

ATWT by Camille

Jennifer finds it hard to stay at the hospital, surrounded by the other moms and new babies. She asks Dusty to take her home so that she can get ready for the memorial. Mike is packing away the baby’s things but can’t concentrate, Katie stops by and offers to help. Craig tells Margo that he won’t go to the memorial but is later surprised when Jenn and Dusty come by and Jenn invites him to the service. Kim drops off an video tape of an old news clip with Iris in it. The tape triggers a flashback for Carly. Paul convinces Emily to go to the memorial with him. Rosanna questions the nursing supervisor about the missing nurse.

B&B by Beth

Bridget shows up at the beach house in tears. She walks in and Dante is startled to see her. She tells him what she saw and why she came out there. She says how stupid she is for not seeing it when every one told her what was happening. Brooke tells Nick to take care of her daughter. Brooke goes on to tell Nick that he should focus on Bridget and her and the kids will be fine. Nick tells her if he isn't around as much it's for Bridget and not to take it personally.

Jackie goes to Massimo and asks him to look into Dr. McClain's bank account for any large transactions. Massimo tells her he will not do it and angrily tells her to show herself out. Dante tells Bridget that he has always loved her since he met her. He kisses her and asks her to let him love her.

Days by Danielle

Lucas returns Sami’s things to her because he wants her completely out of his life. Sami sobs and they start to kiss while Lucas is comforting her but Lucas pulls away, refusing to get hurt again. Billie argues with Bo and Hope about Bo and Hope sailing away and not being available in case this lead about Georgia pans out. Marlena finally starts to tell John that the baby is Roman’s. The baby announcement sparks a conversation between Mimi, Rex, Belle, Shawn, and Philip about having their own children. Shawn calls Belle a hypocrite when Belle criticizes Mimi for not telling Rex the truth when she won’t tell Philip the truth. Belle’s stomach starts to hurt again but Mimi suggests that it may not simply be her stomach. Mimi slips up by asking Rex about how it feels to have a sibling on the way and Belle covers for her before learning that Mimi knows the true parentage of Marlena’s baby as well.

GH by Amanda 

Jax interrupts Liz and Lucky's wedding. Lorenzo becomes the new CEO of ELQ. Nik tries to convince Courtney she has nothing to fear about Liz and Jax's agreement. Durant drops his suite against the hospital. Tracy vows to never divorce Luke as revenge. Durant tries to arrest Michael. He escapes, Sonny confronts Durant, and Carly covers for her father. Jessy claims not to care about Maxie. Nik realizes he and Emily belong together. Sam, Jason, and Michael escape the law.

GL by  Boo 

Olivia, Josh and Bill confront Alfred. He gives them a big sob story that Jonathan is a pathological liar, and he is only there to try to save his son. He tells them that he thinks Jonathan killed Marisa. Tammy takes Jonathan to the Beacon after pulling him from the water. The two of them start to share a moment when Sandy comes looking for Tammy. Tammy leaves with Sandy and the two have another talk about Jonathan. Tammy tells Sandy that she loves him and chooses him over Jonathan. Reva finds Jonathan and the two argue about all that has been going on. Reva almost reaches Jonathan before he blows up and kicks her out. Josh comes to see Jonathan next and demands that the two of them talk right now after kicking the door in. Marina and Danny share a nice evening to celebrate her getting into the academy. Danny notices someone following him and confronts the man. The man is from the family and tells Danny that he only wanted to congratulate him on having a pretty new cop for a girlfriend. Danny warns the man to stay away from him and Marina before returning to the celebration with her.

GL bonus by Elizabeth

Marina and Danny have a romantic dinner. Danny is paid a visit by someone from his past. Bill, Josh, Olivia and Reva come up with a plan to deal with Nate. Jonathan thanks his cousin for saving him. Nate pleads his case to the Lewis family and the majority of them don’t buy his story. Tammy makes a decision when it comes to choosing between Sandy and Jonathan. Reva tries to smooth things over with Jonathan; she only makes them worse. Reva and Alfred find themselves face to face.

OLTL by Suzanne 

Nash and Tess almost have sex, but she puts a stop to it.  He shares his dreams and aspirations with her.  He invites her to stay, but she has to sleep on the floor; however, later, he lets her sleep in the bed.  Antonio lets Layla spend the night at his place, since the KC Killer broke into Evangeline's place.  He takes the couch; both of them are under-dressed.  They share left-overs in the middle of the night while she tells him her dreams and aspirations about acting. 

John interviews one of Marcie's old high school friends, a priest.  He tells John that Marcie kept a loser's log of people they wouldn't let into their club. John and Evangeline think one of those people might be the killer.  Hugh helps a drunk Marcie go home, but Michael is not happy to see them together.  The KC Killer taunts Natalie with a knife; she won't eat his food, fearing it is drugged or poisoned.  He is revealed to us to be Hayes Barber, Marcie's book agent.

Passions by Shirley

Pilar is upset that Alistair is on the phone for his date, Theresa, and tells him to stay away from her. He lets her know her daughter was the one who wanted the date, and Theresa agrees. Pilar and Martin try to talk her out of it, but she says everyone who fights him always loses, so she's going to go another way. When the dress he sends for her arrives, she tries it on against their wishes, determined to do what she has to for her child. Luis finds himself in church, praying for a sign he should kill Alistair. Father Lonigan intercepts and tries to talk him out of it, but Luis walks out. Sheridan has come around, after giving Gwen and Ethan a fright when she wouldn't open the bedroom door. She goes to talk to her father and interrupts Luis, who's holding a knife at his throat, trying to find out where Beth and the baby are.

Fox and Kay continue to spar on the wharf, ending with him accidentally pushing her into the water. He jumps in to help her out, but her mouth causes him to rethink it and he leaves her there. Tabitha and Endora watch on their bowl, and are upset that the girl doesn't realize she has Fox right where she should want him to be. Sam and Noah thank Ivy and Fancy for getting them out of jail, but the anger between the two young people is still there. As the Bennett men get ready to leave, the Alistair's officer hands Sam a restraining order from Jessica, ordering them to stay at least 100 feet away from her at all times.

Y&R By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Brittany sneaks into Marcino's dressed as a deliveryman. Gloria’s knees grow weak when she sees a ghost. John is assured again that there are no secrets. Lauren realizes who her future father-in-law really will be. Yolanda is given strict instructions.

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