Tuesday 7/19/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 7/19/05 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

After Ryan has driven his motorcycle into the river, nobody can find him. At first, Kendall and Simone encourage Greenlee to believe he will be ok. But then they tell her that even if it was meant to be that Ryan dies, she will always have him in the new life that's growing inside of her. Erica urges Greenlee to talk to Jack. But Greenlee will not forgive her father for his attitude about Ryan and believes he wants Ryan dead. Zach goes looking for Ryan again, and Ryan appears alive and well and hiding. Danielle confesses to her mother and to Garette that she cheated on Reggie with Josh and they conclude what she did was not unlike Mimi cheating on Derek with Lucas.

Tad is ready to get revenge upon David for willfully falsifying Dixie to her family. Although he's still not certain if this woman is the real Dixie, Tad forgives her and she-him. And they both want to stick it to David. Adam is determined to find out if this woman is a fraud. He invites Krystal to lunch to work with him on that. Brooke sees them together and tells them it's not cool what they are doing to JR and that Adam only wants to keep his son away from his mother. Adam finds out that Dixie's sister could not be the woman in question. So they conclude it's entirely possible that the matching DNA is the real Dixie after all.

ATWT by Camille

Carly tells Iris that she doesn’t remember doing anything to her son and asks Jack to investigate Iris. She tells Jack that she knows that he was the one who told Iris to lie. Jack doesn’t mention that he destroyed Iris’s court records. Gwen goes to see her baby and runs into Rosanna and Craig. Craig flips out thinking that Gwen may change her mind about the adoption. Rosanna becomes suspicious when she discovers the night nurse who worked the night the baby was born has suddenly quit. Paul tries to commit to Emily and ignore his feelings for Rosanna. Alison tells Susan she’s moving to Seattle to be with Aaron. Will and Celia decide to keep their relationship a secret but are discovered by Alison who tells them goodbye.

B&B by Beth

Dante continues to talk Bridget into coming away with him. Bridget grows tired of it and tells him she wants to call it a night and bring him back to the beach house. Thomas reassures Gabby that everything will be alright. He won't let his dad annul or do anything to them. Ridge is fuming about Thomas and Gabby while Taylor tries to subdue him.

Nick is reading a story to Hope while Brooke looks on. They get Hope ready for bed and Nick goes to leave. He finds Bridget's note and figures he'll go back to the Marlin to wait for her. Brooke calls him on the baby monitor. Hope is upset and wont go to sleep. Brooke, Nick and Hope lie together on the bed. Hope falls asleep and Nick and Brooke talk quietly to each other as Bridget looks on crying.

Days by Danielle

Chloe’s voice was strained while singing for Mickey and Maggie so she and Brady miss the rest of the ceremony. Meanwhile, they go see Dr. Travis and Chloe decides to have the surgery when Brady promises to love her no matter what. Sami finds Eugenia’s letter from the IRS claiming that she owes back taxes but her plan is thwarted when Eugenia shows her another letter proving that she is already working to pay it back. Eugenia admits that she worked with Kate moments before Lucas walks in but decides to get back at Sami by denying it again in front of Lucas. Lucas believes Eugenia and declares that he and Sami are through. Philip decides to not let Belle and Shawn know that he saw them kissing.

Billie shows Bo the PDA message and they take Hope’s suggestion of passing it along to the ISA. Billie wants Bo to stay in town but Bo sticks to his plan of sailing away with Hope. Marlena and Roman’s attempts to tell John and Kate about the baby keep getting interrupted right up until John and Kate announce their plans to renew their vows as well. Marlena faints during the ceremony and everyone is shocked as Roman rushes over to warn John to be careful in the way he catches Marlena because she is pregnant.

GH by Lisa

Dr. Thomas admits to Jason that he was once in league with Alan and voices his suspicion that Alan broke into his office and stole the tape from Michael's file. Jason confronts Alan, who has no idea about the missing file. Jason learns that Durant wants to question Dr. Thomas. Jodie encourages Michael to visit Carly. Jason pulls his gun when the police arrive to arrest Michael.

Elizabeth and Lucky learn that Elizabeth is pregnant and tell Jax and Courtney. Jax correctly assumes that Lucky and Elizabeth will get married immediately and arrives in time to interrupt the wedding. Courtney admits to Nikolas she fears she is going to lose Jax. Maxie publicly accuses Murphy of being a corrupt cop. Durant and Mac dismiss Maxie's claims against Murphy. Jesse is released on a technicality but pushes Maxie away for her own good. Tracy believes she has successfully retained the CEO position at ELQ but Luke thinks otherwise. Emily insists to Nikolas that she will never give up on them.

GL by Elizabeth 

Tammy tries to convince Sandy to give their relationship another shot. Nate surprises Reva by sneaking into the Lewis house and by later admitting that he didn’t steal the money. Josh wonders why Jonathan wants to leave Lewis Construction. Nate and Reva realize that Jonathan stole the money. Josh returns home and Reva tells him everything. Nate threatens and attempts to kill Jonathan. Tammy arrives in time to save her cousin. Gus and Harley begin to celebrate at the new house. They have a drink with unexpected guests. Later when they’re alone they talk about their relationship. He tells her that he wants her to be his wife and gives her a ring. She accepts.

OLTL by Sarah

Evangeline and Layla get settled in for a bit. They talk about John and about their mom. Layla wants to go to Ultraviolet and talks Evangeline into going. Layla seems interested in Rex, but Evangeline wants her to stay away from him. Rex asks Jett and Hugh if they need anything, and while he's talking to Jett about modeling Hugh makes sure that Marcie is okay. Marcie says she's fine and says it's none of his business how much she drinks. A woman comes into the police station to talk to John and tells him what she saw the night of the kidnappings, that she's sure she saw Natalie. John tells the officer in the room to check out the woman's story when she leaves and he's hesitant, but does it. John goes to Evangeline's when told of a possible break in and points the gun at Evangeline when she shows up, not knowing it's her. The officer finds a letter for John and also inside the envelope is a lock of Natalie's hair. Antonio speaks to Dr. Jamison about Jessica, who says he can't tell him anything. He does tell him that last he heard she was in good hands. Antonio is worried about her. Tess brings a party over to Nash's house and he's upset at her. Two things break, and she tells everyone to leave after the second thing was broken. They leave and she tells him about Jessica, saying she died because she committed suicide in a mental institution. He hugs her, and then they kiss.

Passions by Shirley

Apparently Luis has finally left, gone to search the world for Beth and Marty. Sheridan couldn't let him go without another round of whining and yelling, though. Katherine and Pilar got into it when the latter questioned Katherine's presence in the cottage, but Katherine reminded her that she is still Sheridan's mother. Theresa was still wondering whether to go on her date with Alistair or not, but when roses arrived from him, Whitney convinced her to back out of it. Later, when Pilar got home, her attempt to convince Theresa not to go with him had the opposite effect when she stated that Alistair destroys anyone who isn't on his side. Meanwhile, Alistair is as happy as a clam as he gets ready for his newest conquest, not even allowing Katherine to dampen his spirits. Leaving the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Whitney walks to Chad's apartment and, hearing Miles crying, goes up to find out what's wrong and calm him down.

Kay is depressed at what her selfish failure to tell the truth about Ivy and David has done to her family, and although Tabitha tries to convince her she was born to be evil, Kay has decided she wants nothing more to do with it. A walk on the wharf for some fresh air only gets her in trouble, however, when she whacks Fox in the head with some pebbles she threw without seeing him sitting there. Then she adds insult to injury by blasting him for being a Crane, then slugging him as she leaves. Fox, of course, loves anyone who can cause him pain, so he follows, looking for more. Ivy demands that Fancy pay the bail for the Bennett men, and drags her to the station to make sure she does. Noah hasn't got a kind word for the spoiled little princess, however. In Vegas, the mob boss finds out where Noah is from his booking photo and sends goons after him and Fancy.

Y&R By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Michael gets a phone number that promises to answer all his questions. Lily attempts to break the terms of her bail. Devon interrupts an officer in the line of duty. Daniel gets a phone call that he dreads. Kevin uses his computer knowledge help himself to private and confidential information.

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