Monday 7/18/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 7/18/05 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

Dr. Madden tells Erica she must fire his son. Josh should not be a producer, he tells her. He should be a doctor. He tells her if she does not, he will press charges against Greenlee for breaking into his lab and stealing his specimens. He tells her it will be easy to prove that Greenlee stole from his lab since he knows Ryan donated sperm cells to his lab a while back, Greenlee has no other way of getting pregnant since Ryan has had a vasectomy, and he knows Ryan doesn't want to have children. Erica tells Dr. Madden he better not threaten her. She has no intention of firing Josh. And there is no police report nor witnesses to confirm that Greenlee broke into his clinic and stole from him. But he tells her he knows his son can confirm that she did. Josh denies that. Dani confesses to Reggie that she slept with Josh. Reggie is very upset and tells her he can never forgive her and never wants to see her again. She goes home and admits to her mother that she slept with Josh. Ryan goes off a cliff on his motorcycle and into the water. Zach tries to find him but cannot. Kendall, Ethan, Simone and Jack all try to help Greenlee. She is distraught. And Ryan is nowhere to be found.

ATWT by Camille

Henry pretends to be the Consumer Warehouse prize patrol in an attempt to get information from Iris for Carly. Carly later confronts Iris about lying about embezzlement. Iris tells Carly that it was Jack’s idea. Carly asks Iris what did Ray do to her son and Iris tells her that it wasn’t Ray who hurt her son, it was Carly. Celia tells Will that she knows that Casey is the father of Gwen’s baby and that she has broken up with Casey. She asks Will why he pretended to be the father, Will tells her that he did it for her and they kiss. A distraught Jennifer insists to everyone that the dead baby isn’t hers. It is only when Craig tells her that it was their baby that the truth sinks in. Casey tells Gwen that Celia has broken up with him and that she has to help him get Celia back. Rosanna wonders why Craig isn’t more upset about his baby’s death.

B&B by Beth

Bridget invited Dante over for dinner, so she can prove to Dante how in love they are. Nick comes home with Hope, not pleased that Dante is there. Jackie is almost on the cusp of getting Mark to spill his guts when he is paged by the hospital and rushes out. Ridge barks at Thomas about him being married, irresponsible and declares the marriage is over. He storms out of the guest house. Taylor smoothes things over and hugs them both.

Brooke Tells Bridget what her and Jackie are figuring out. Bridget can't see Mark risking his license, and livelihood to help Stephanie. Jackie calls Brooke and they do more scheming against Stephanie. Jackie is pretty confident she explains to Brooke that she can get more out of Mark. Nick makes snotty comments all throughout dinner. Hope comes downstairs and wants Uncle Nick to read to her. Brooke and Nick leave the table to tend to Hope. Dante tries to convince he's the one for her and that Nick and her mother are too involved.

Days by Danielle

It is the day of Mickey and Maggie’s wedding vow renewal and opening of Maggie’s new restaurant Chez Rouge. Maggie delights in joining Mickey as they tell Bonnie that she and Mickey are over. Brady surprises Belle, Mimi, Shawn, and Philip with Chloe’s return. Chloe formally announces her return by singing to open the ceremony. Brady catches Chloe with Isabella’s ring and proposes to her on the spot. John ignores Marlena’s repeated attempts to tell him about the baby because he is preparing to surprise her with their own vow renewal. Marlena and Roman finally pull Kate and John aside and get them to listen. Mimi begs Marlena for advice about telling Rex the truth only for him to overhear the conversation. Shawn grabs Belle while she’s outside alone for a kiss and Philip spots them. Sami stalks Eugenia and takes advantage of the fact that Eugenia is at the party to break into her apartment. Eugenia walks in on Sami.

GH by Amanda

After Jax finds Courtney and Nik in the stables, it's time for some heart to heart talks. Nik and Em remember their vow to never let go of each other and reaffirm it. Courtney tells Jax that if Liz is not pregnant, then she wants to quit the deal. Lucky accepts Liz's proposal. Sonny questions Reese about how Carly got hurt and why Carly called her Charlotte. Durant and Jason argue, as do the Quartermaines among themselves. Tracy tells Luke he'd better keep Lorenzo from becoming CEO. Alexis has the flu, but the baby is fine. Carly wakes up and Sonny asks her why she called Reese Charlotte. Durant breaks in and listens to Dr. Thomas' taped revelation that Michael killed AJ. Nik overhears Emily tell Jason about how much it hurts her to be with him, Nik. Liz realizes she's pregnant.

GL by Elizabeth

Alan visits a still delusional Phillip in a private room that is made to look like the Spaulding boardroom. Alan lets his son know that he is leaving town for the welfare of the family. A doctor reports that Phillip will most likely never be rational again. Frank offers Mallet a job. Gus & Harley share their information about Alan’s whereabouts and rush to the warehouse. Frank arrests Alan, and they all head to the courthouse. Edmund and Dinah spend the night together. “Evil Edmund” visits with Edmund for a while. Cassie throws a party for RJ. Jeffery is a clown for the party and despite not knowing any tricks does a good job. Rick stops by to see Tammy & Cassie on the anniversary of Richard’s death. Ross visits with his daughter. Edmund and Cassie have a civil conversation regarding Richard.

OLTL by Sarah

Evangeline goes to Bo with the note she had gotten and John with a few officers goes to Capricorn to check it out. Layla, Evangeline's sister was there. She was scared because John had pointed his gun at her. Evangeline tells Layla she was scared because she thought the note was from the killer. Roxy has a breakdown and cries on Michael's lap. He comforts her and they talk about Natalie. They both know she's strong enough and figure she'll give the killer crap. Roxy then starts thinking that Michael has a crush on Natalie but he tells her he has no feelings for Natalie, that they are only friends. At Ultra Violet, Marcie meets some other author's that had been nominated for the same award as her and when she is away from the table they talk about her behind her back. She does overhear them and Hugh stands up for her. Rex and RJ get into an argument about how Ultra Violet is doing. RJ tells him if something happens to Ultra Violet that he'll put him at fault for it. Rex tells him if he loses Ultra Violet he'll have no one to blame but himself.

Passions by Shirley

Sheridan is back to badmouthing Luis, and he is still willing to accept her version of things. When any of the others in the room try to talk sense into her she tells them to shut up. Luis vows to search the world and bring Marty back to her, but she isn't wanting to hear it. Beth is still on the plane, making a call to her mother so she can brag about getting away with it and escaping. Edna isn't that impressed, however, since she'd been the recipient of her own miracles. New hair, new hip, no diapers, no speech problems, new clothes, and a hunk on each arm make for one very happy Edna. Tabitha and Endora, however, are exhausted and need time to build the magic abilities back up.

Sam and the Bennett boys find Jessica and manage to talk her into coming home with them, but when the talk turns to what a loser scumbag Spike is, she backs out on them. Finding him, she tells them she will never leave him, and he begins to gloat over the fact that he's won, and Sam can't do a thing since he's no longer a policeman. Sam reacts violently, and soon it's a free-for-all between the Scum and the Bennetts. Spike knocks Jessica down, but when the police get there he blames Sam, and Jessica agrees. Later, wanting to tell the police the truth, she allows Spike to drug her and talk her into sticking to the story, and she causes her father and brothers to be thrown in jail.

Y&R By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Nick sees that he is really out of the loop with his family and what they have been up to. Noah sees his mother’s feelings hurt and he comforts her. Daniel’s case is put on the fast track. Lily gets a slap in the face when she isn’t trusted with private matters. Devon can’t let go.

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