Friday 7/15/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 7/15/05 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

Ryan is ready to hurt Greenlee after finding out that she is pregnant and won't listen to his telling her that he cannot have a child. But right then, Kendall and Zach run in and break it up. Ryan becomes more out of control knowing that they have been spying on them. He gets on his motorcycle and goes on a high-speed ride. Greenlee rides with Zach and Kendall and they try to find him and prevent him from killing himself.

Amanda talks to Josh Madden and has a plan to get him to hook up with Babe so that Jamie will dump Babe and want Amanda instead. The test results finally come back to confirm that JR's nanny is Dixie Cooney Martin.

ATWT by Eva

Celia breaks up with Casey because he lied to her but mostly because he treated Gwen badly. Celia encourages Casey to take responsibility for Gwen and his baby. Carly hires Henry to find out the truth about what happened with Iris and her father. Mike feels guilty over the death of the baby and promises to be there for Jennifer. Barbara helps Jennifer cope with the loss of her baby by sharing her own pain over the loss of baby John. Barbara encourages Jennifer to say good-bye to her baby. Later Jennifer stares at the lifeless body of her little boy and is convinced the baby n that incubator isn't her baby and the hospital made a huge mistake. Celia asks Will for an explanation about why he pretended to be the father of Gwen's baby.

B&B by Beth

Jackie's stories of Stephanie woes gets Mark talking. Stephanie keeps pushing Brookes buttons but Brooke doesn't fight and more she doesn't cry. Thomas has dinner with Gabby, he tells her he wants to tell his parents. She agrees, explaining how she hates sneaking around.

Taylor and Ridge are visited by the Immigration official. They think he's got the wrong person when he shows them Thomas and Gaby's marriage license. They go to Gaby's and catch her and Thomas on the bed. Ridge shouts for Thomas to get off her. Stephanie leaves the office without her cane which make's Brooke very suspicious.

Days by Danielle

Instead of finding Patrick in the shower, Chelsea walks in on Billie because Billie, knowing what Chelsea might try, switched rooms with Patrick. Jennifer decides to throw a housewarming party for Chelsea and Billie. Max confronts Chelsea about her obvious attraction to Patrick. Chelsea sneaks Max upstairs to her room but Billie and Patrick catch them. Chelsea now sees Billie as competition for Patrick. Frankie assures Jennifer that he is keeping a close eye on Jack and assures Jack that he is working on finding the truth about Patrick. Jack and Patrick come close to fighting but Jennifer steps in between them. Bonnie spends the party getting drunk and eventually falls backward to the ground.

Kate tries to buy life in prison for Shawn by contributing to Judge Fitzpatrick’s campaign but the offer is outdone by Philip who offers to make appearances on behalf of the judge as well as threatens to withdraw the Kiriakis family support from the campaign. Sami tries to return to Eugenia’s apartment to search for more evidence but is almost caught and then locked out. Lucas heads to Basic Black to talk to Kate after Shawn claims that Kate put him in jail. Sami heads to Basic Black and upon finding Lucas there convinces Joelle to leave long enough for her to show Lucas that Eugenia and Kate had several phone conversations. Lucas confronts Kate about it but Kate denies everything. Mimi convinces Belle to go visit with Shawn and Shawn pulls Belle close for a passionate kiss. Philip goes to the jail while Belle is visiting Shawn to inform Shawn that he is free.

GH by Amanda

Jax and Lucky argue over Jax's desire for Lucky and Liz to delay their wedding so that there will be no legal hassles over the baby. The engagement ends. Nik confesses his angst to Courtney in the stable. She does the same and they grow closer. Maxie calls Mac, but their call is cut short. Jessy apologizes for leading her into danger. They escape their landlady when a fire ignites. Liz says if she's not pregnant, the contract is off. Ric and Alexis continue to bond. Maxie and Jessy come home, and Mac wants to arrest him, but Maxie protests. Liz and Lucky make up. Carly and Reese continue to argue. Carly is knocked out. As she rouses, she calls for Charlotte (Reese).

GL by Elizabeth

Harley has her big day in court. Frank and Alex take the stand in her defense. She is let free, with the charges overturned. Alex helps Coop look for Lizzie. Lizzie realizes what Sebastian is up to and relies on herself to stall him. In the end, she and Coop get away. Marina finds out that she passed the police entrance exam. Mallet gives Danny advice on Marina, and fighting for love. Buzz confesses to Alex that he loves her. Alan spends the night with homeless men on the docks. Gus finds that his old police contacts are more useful that previously thought. Alan visits his son, Phillip, in a hospital. He is alive!

OLTL by Mary

Tess and Nash have a conversation about what he wants her to be. Nash informs her that he had only caught up with her to give her her sunglasses. Matthew and Bo have a conversation about Natalie being missing, and the Killing Club murderer taking her. Nora tries to comfort Evangeline, and to give her advice on John, and that she shouldn’t be wasting her time on him. John practices his shooting when Antonio comes up, and gives him advice that he should be trying to find Natalie. John is temporarily taken off the case of finding Natalie.

Passions by Shirley

It seems Sheridan's mood did improve a little today, but it was short-lived. A call from Beth, with Marty talking to Sheridan first, soon took her right back into her shrew mode, and Luis was the target of her hate-filled looks. He tried to get the call traced, but there was no word as to whether they managed to do that or not. Alistair was still writing on the floor as though he were having a heart attack, but Ethan had no sympathy nor help to give. Fancy was upset at his uncaring attitude toward her Grampy, but Ethan could care less. He let the old man know he'd crossed the wrong family this time, and razzed him about the fact there is no one to take Alistair's place when he dies and his empire will crumble. After he left, Alistair recovered nicely enough to laugh at Fancy's suggestion she be the one to take over. He has someone in mind, tho....

Sam, Noah, and Ethan search for Jessica, who is trying not to have to prostitute herself for Spike. The scumbag convinces her that if she loves him she'll do it for him, so she agrees to try again. Just as she makes her first connection, however, Sam and the boys find her and try to take her away from all that. Spike gets orders from Alistair to do whatever it takes to get the whole Bennett family, but to keep the cops out of it.

Y&R By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Vinnie gets ready to pull his gun. Lily is processed in holding. Nick finds one person who would have done the same thing that he did. Nikki learns who suggested that a position at Newman be filled immediately. Phyllis can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

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