Thursday 7/14/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 7/14/05 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

At the Chandler house everybody awaits the DNA test results until Aiden comes and announces they are complete. Krystal tells Tad that he must realize that he will never be over Dixie and for that reason, she cannot marry him. David seems to believe that this woman is Di Kirby falsifying herself as Dixie, but seems believe that he can still get the others to believe she is the real Dixie and that he can work it to his benefit. Babe and Jamie are in a big argument and it sounds like he's ready to end it with her until JR comes in and shoots off his mouth. After hearing that, they conclude that their differences can be resolved and they mean to much to each other to break up.

Kendall and Zach watch Greenlee and Ryan from Zach's surveillance video screen. Ryan is shocked and horrified that Greenlee got pregnant behind his back and he tells her she must terminate the pregnancy. She refuses and still believes she can convince him that they should have a child. And he gets so agitated, he almost hurts her.

ATWT by Eva

Jennifer's family and friends are devastated by the death of her baby because of under developed lungs. Dusty and Mike can't get their courage up to break Jennifer's heart by telling he the news. Jennifer suspects something is wrong with her baby. Gwen tells Celia Casey has been lying to her and tells her to fore Casey to tell her the truth. Casey is upset with Will for not telling him the truth about Gwen's baby. Casey wonders who Will was trying to protect by pretending to be the father of Gwen's baby. Jack meets with the woman in the picture and asks her to help him keep Carly from learning the awful secret. Iris and jack tell Carly the story they both made up to explain the secret to Carly. Carly thinks Iris is lying to her and becomes more determined to find out the truth with the help of Henry. Rosanna wonders why Craig is suddenly so excited about adopting Gwen's baby.

B&B by Beth

Brooke warns Jackie to be careful when digging up dirt on Stephanie via Dr. Mark. She gives Jackie a digital recorder to catch what is said. Nick walks into his father's home to see Dante there fresh from the swimming pool. He asks him if he had fun with his fiance and Dante says Bridget is the reason he decided to stay. Stephanie knocks a picture off Ridge's desk of he and Brooke while she is waiting for him to come to his desk at Forrester. Ridge tells her to go home after she justifies again what she did or didn't do.

Mark comes to Jackie's for dinner. She keeps the wine flowing as she coyly tries to get information from him. Massimo tells Dante, Ridge and Taylor have offered him their Malibu beach house for him to stay in. Nick isn't pleased with this idea. Massimo leaves the room and Nick and Dante exchange more words. Thomas stops to see his dad and Ridge pulls out a copy of a magazine with Thomas' photo on it announcing his position at Spectra. Ridge wants to know when he was going to be told about it. He also inquires about Gaby. Thomas looks like he wants to confess. Brooke goes into Eric's office only to find Stephanie sitting behind the desk. Stephanie tries to push Brooke into another fight.

Days by Danielle

Brady surprises Chloe with the news that they can get Dr. Travis, the best plastic surgeon in the world, to help Chloe. Brady hires a horse and carriage for Chloe. Chelsea and Billie move into Patrick’s house. Chelsea plots to get intimate with Patrick by pretending to accidentally join him in the shower. Mimi visits Shawn in jail and tells him the truth about her abortion and Jan’s blackmail. Shawn advises Mimi not to tell Rex the truth. Philip sees a specialist about to be fitted for prosthesis. Philip’s fears are eased when the specialist reveals that he too wears prosthesis. Belle is overcome during the appointment with lightheadedness and nausea. Lexie checks her out and Lexie’s line of questioning leads Belle to wonder whether she could be pregnant.

GH by Lisa

Michael suffers another nightmare. Dr. Thomas leers at a sleeping Sam. Jason decides to take action against Dr. Thomas after fearing he will expose Michael's secret.

Murphy sets a trap for Jesse and Maxie. Jax asks Elizabeth for a favor. Nikolas and Emily grow further apart. Courtney sees similarities between her and Nikolas.

GL by Elizabeth

Lizzie has a heart to heart with Cassie. Edmund explains to Dinah that he finally wants Cassie to pay for what she has done to him. Dinah doesn’t believe it until she sees Edmund in action. Cassie is surprised by Edmund’s actions. Nate is furious with Reva, but hides it well. Olivia arrives right on time with a surprise for Reva. Nate has disappeared as well as the Lewis Construction money. However, things didn’t go according to plan. Coop finds out that Alan is missing and doubles his efforts on trying to find Lizzie. Jonathan asks Dinah to go away with him. It appears that someone other than Nate stole the Lewis Construction money.

OLTL by Mary

Rex goes to the rock quarry, and meets up with John. After a heated argument, Rex hits him. Spencer meets up with Blair and the children in the park. They share an interesting morning together. Kelly has a brief confrontation with Dorian at the Palace. Dorian surprises Adriana, and Duke by not reprimanding them for what happened in Argentina. John visits Vikki to see how she is, and lets her know that when he finds out something that she will be the first to know. Rex, dreaming that he was kissing Jen, kisses Adriana by mistake. They vow not to tell Duke about the kiss. Spencer has a run in with an intern at the hospital, Kevin overhears the conversation.

Passions by Shirley

One more day of Sheridan whining, yelling, and haranguing Luis. Poor guy, he decides she's right, and says he's leaving town for good. Sheridan is happy about it, event after Katherine and Sheridan try to make her see he isn't to blame and she will regret what she's saying sooner or later. Outside the cottage, Pilar and Martin try to convince Luis not to leave town, that he needs to be with Sheridan to help her, and she will get over being so angry before long. He doesn't think they know what they are talking about and continues to say he's leaving for good. Sheridan finds a picture of Marty and, after looking at it, breaks down. She ends up outside the front door, facing Luis. Whitney visits he friend Theresa and is shocked to hear a message on the answering machine saying Theresa had a date with Alistair later. She set about trying to talk Theresa out of going through with it, and her friend admits it was a mistake to consider it, but everyone knows how Theresa is when she gets an idea.

Ethan goes to the mansion and faces off with Alistair in front of Fancy. He tells the old man that Crane enterprises is on the way down due to his neglect while trying to control the lives of everyone around him, and that there is no one left to take over once the old man dies. Alistair isn't happy to hear such talk, and in the middle of raging at his ex-grandson about it he grabs his left arm, starts making weird sounds, then collapses to the floor. Fancy blame Ethan for being so mean to him, but Ethan seems to be thinking it's an act on the old man's part.

Y&R By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

JT pulls a gun not paying attention that anyone else is around. Brittany’s orders are canceled. Brad’s invitation is refused. Vinnie sees that he has been lied to. Paul pulls a rabbit out of his hat.

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