Wednesday 7/13/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 7/13/05 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

In the sky, their are northern lights. All interested parties to Dixie are stranded at the Chandler house, unable to leave until the DNA test results come back to confirm whether or not Di is the real Dixie. Babe admits to JR that she is genuinely sensitive to how he loves his mom and she apologizes to him for letting him believe their son died. That really surprises him. Tad tells Krystal he wants to marry her, regardless of what the DNA proves. But she tells him she refuses. David still believes that this woman is Di Kirby, scamming Dixie's family and she will be in a lot worse trouble than he will be when they find out the truth. But she does not seem worried. Amanda tells Jamie she is in love with him but realizes he has a relationship that she cannot and will not break up. Greenlee and Ryan have their evening together. They see the northern lights and confirm that their love can conquer everything. Kendall and Zach also see it and believe the same for Ryan and Greenlee. Greenlee finally admits to her husband that she is pregnant.

ATWT by Elayna

Carly wants Jack to be more supportive with her quest to find out what happened with her dad so long ago. Jack tries to divert the topic claiming he is preoccupied with their anniversary plans. After Carly leaves, Jack makes a phone call asking someone to meet him right away. Celia keeps pestering Will to find out what is bothering him. Why is he so bothered by her and Casey wanting to make their purity pledge? He just doesn’t understand the whole concept. They dance around their feelings for one another. Meanwhile, Casey has gone looking for Gwen and found out she checked herself out of the hospital without anyone knowing. Casey finds her at her apartment. They have an argument about whether he is her baby’s father. Gwen is very bitter towards Casey. Casey wants to know why she made Will take responsibility for the baby. She angrily explains he stepped up because she was alone. She kicks Casey out just before Celia shows up. Mike arrives at Jen’s bedside, and gets lambasted by Dusty. Jen comes out of surgery and is glad to see Mike. Mike sees Katie at the hospital, but has to go be by Jen’s side. Katie tells Craig his baby has been born, and is surprised by his calm reaction. Later, Craig passes out cigars exclaiming he is a father again! Meg and Dusty talk about his role in the birth of Jen’s baby. He feels differently now. Meg replies it is the miracle of birth. Dusty remarks about a birthmark on the baby’s neck, which Meg jokingly calls a stork bite. However, Meg still seems insecure of Dusty’s relationship with Jen. Later, the beeper goes off at the nursery – it is a code blue, and it is Jen’s baby!

B&B by Boo

Bridget and Nick reconnect and spend a wonderful morning together. When Massimo pays Stephanie a visit, she takes the opportunity to tell him how bad Jackie is for him. Jackie and Brooke form a pact to bring Stephanie down.

Days by Danielle

Mickey buys Maggie a new restaurant to replace Tuscany and proposes to her again. Maggie accepts his proposal. Bonnie finds the papers about the restaurant and after taking Father Jansen’s call about a “Mr. & Mrs. Horton” renewing their vows, assumes that Mickey has chosen her. Mimi talks with Belle and Bonnie who both advise her to tell Rex the truth. Chelsea plans to use Max to get Patrick, much to Abby’s dismay. Patrick offers to have Billie and Chelsea move in with him and Chelsea is all for the idea thinking it will lead to a romantic relationship with Patrick. Patrick and Max play a basketball game to settle the dispute over how Chelsea should be treated and Max wins.

Belle overhears Roman talking with Marlena about her pregnancy and Marlena admits to Belle that the baby is Roman’s. Belle assures Marlena that she doesn’t hate her and that this isn’t her fault. John and Kate share a close moment when they reminisce about their love and Roman walks in on them. Roman brushes off John’s attempts to explain. After John leaves them alone, Kate locks the door and asks Roman to make love to her on the office couch.

GH by Amanda 

Jax counsels Liz about her problems with Lucky. Both Lorenzo and Reese question whether or not they have a future with Carly and Sonny. Sam reassures Jason about his ability to feel. Jessy admits to having stronger feelings for Maxie. After making up in bed, Reese tells Sonny about "Caroline." Carly swears her love for Lorenzo. Lucky apologizes to Liz and gives her an engagement ring. Maxie and Jessy become intimate

GL by Elizabeth

Sebastian makes his intentions know when he gives Alan an ultimatum. Lizzie and Beth disagree on what setting is right for Lizzie right now. Reva and Olivia argue publicly for the benefit of Alfred. Olivia wonders if perhaps Jonathan did have something to do with her sister’s murder and has a heart to heart with him in order to find out. Jonathan is shocked at what his father is planning on doing to Reva. Lizzie runs to Coop for help and is upset when she hears him talking to her mom. Beth agrees to back off. Reva begins her plan to set Alfred up. Alan takes the upper hand and Olivia is caught in the crossfire. Jonathan warns his father that Reva knows who he really is. Tammy & Beth have a talk about helping people who refuse what is in their best interests.

OLTL by Mary

Vikki gets a call from the killer who has Natalie. She goes to the police station to tell Bo about the call. John brings in the page from the Killing Club Journal to show Bo. Marcie is there and wants to see the page to see if she remembers what happens next. Blair and Todd are at the Palace celebrating a delayed New Year’s Eve. David and Spencer fight over Dorian, and David threatens to kill him. Spencer has imaginary dreams about Blair. Todd tells Blair that he is going out of town to try to find Jessica. Spencer overhears their conversation. Nash rescues Tess from being Bruce’s next victim. Nash throws her over her shoulder, and takes her away from the party.

Passions by Shirley

Sheridan is on a tear, ranting and raving at Luis both at the airport and back at the cottage, for letting Beth and Marty get away. She keeps telling him he promised her he'd get Marty for her, and he lied. Even Katherine, Martin, and Pilar can't talk sense to her. In the mansion, Alistair explains why he has the right to do whatever he wants to anyone, while Noah let's Fancy know how much he despises her Rich Princess self. She seems to be upset by his ranting, but she goes along with Grampy once Noah is gone. The young man leaves with a promise that Alistair won't get away with what he's done, which gives Alistair a good laugh, but on his way out he slashes a painting of the old man.

Sam and Ivy find that Jessica has gone out the window, probably to be with Spike, but since he's no longer the police chief, he can get no help from them in finding her. She is at Spike's, first rejecting then accepting his plans for her to enter prostitution to earn money for him. He is playing her like a cheap fiddle, and she's too dumb to know it. She ends up dressed in slut clothing, patrolling the red light district in search of her first customer, while Spike watches and gloats. He's gotten back at Sam and Noah real good. On the docks, Ethan tells Theresa they will never be together, ever, then walks away. She is heartbroken and realizes the only way she will ever have him or her daughter back is to agree to Alistair's terms so she can get the evidence he supposedly has on Rebecca and Gwen. The old lech is understandably pleased when he gets her call.

Y&R By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Nick gives up his control. Phyllis makes a trip to the office. JT quits. Sharon is forgotten at breakfast time. Jill ends up giving company secrets to the competition.

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