Tuesday 7/12/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 7/12/05 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

Kendall and Zach arrange for Ryan and Greenlee to stay in the casino suite so that Greenlee can break the news to Ryan that she is pregnant. Kendall is very worried about what will happen. Greenlee tells Ryan she has a big surprise for him. He keeps asking what it is. When he tells her he's finally gotten rid of the ghosts of Jonathan, Braden and his father, she tells him she believes it is time to tell him the secret.

At the Chandlers', everybody is awaiting the DNA test results which will confirm whether the woman who's been JR's nanny is really Dixie or if she is Di Kirby. Tad tells Krystal regardless of whom she is, he is ready to move on and marry Krystal. Jamie is disappointed in Babe for going behind his back to cut this deal with Adam Chandler. Amanda comes by to see Jamie and admits she is in love with him.

ATWT by Elayna

Emily runs into Allison who tells her she is leaving town to move to Seattle to be with Aaron. Emily then tells Allison that her and Hal are getting divorced, and she is here with Paul. Gwen gives birth to a premature baby boy, but does not want to see it. She pushes Will away as well. An angry Will later bumps into Celia and Casey about to make their virginity pledge. He informs them that Gwen gave birth, and that she is giving the baby up for adoption. Will’s resentment towards Casey is obvious, and once Celia leaves, he comes close to telling Casey the truth, but instead he accuses him of really knowing the truth. Mike and Katie are happily enjoying themselves at Metro, which Margo notices, and they are forced to admit they are back together, but they aren’t telling anyone yet. Meanwhile, Jen is in need of emergency surgery due to complications. Dusty calls Mike who is happily enjoying time with Katie. He immediately feels guilty if something has happened to Jen or the baby. Craig erases the message from the lawyer about Gwen giving birth, resentful of this baby replacing his son with Jen, which he is not allowed to see. Rosanna pours out her true feelings to Paul, and it seems that Paul may reciprocate, but her cell phone rings and interrupts them. It is Craig telling her that Gwen has given birth. Rosanna wants to rush home, forcing Paul again to bitterly bury his feelings he has for her. Rosanna and Craig go to the hospital just as Gwen is signing the relinquishment papers for her son. Later, Gwen seems to have second thoughts about her baby, but upon seeing Rosanna gushing over the baby, she sneaks out of the hospital. Later, when the nurse rolls in Baby Kasnoff to the nursery, Craig is excited at his fortunate luck to have both babies’ side by side in the nursery. He sinisterly looks at one nametag to another.

B&B by Beth

Ridge tells Brooke he doesn't know what he wants to do. Brooke tells him either he leaves Taylor or she's moving on. Nick comes back to Brooke's with Hope after the two of them went fishing. Nick shoots Ridge a dirty look as he takes Hope into the kitchen. Massimo and Jackie are at the hospital to see Jackie. Mark is with Stephanie wheeling her in for an EKG. He tells them if her EKG looks good she can go home. They wait for her. Jackie starts in on hinting that Stephanie may have faked her heart attack and Massimo becomes angry and lashes back at Jackie.

At Ridge and Taylor's, the kids and Taylor are having a poolside cook out. Taylor wonders where Ridge is. The kids comment on how the cook out isn't the same without Hope and RJ. Brooke asks Ridge to go and Nick helps to reinforce that. Brooke tells him no more stopping by and to call if he wants to see the kids. Massimo offers to drive Stephanie home. They leave Jackie at the hospital where she invites Dr McClain over for dinner to welcome him to the building. Ridge comes home and tells his family he was at Brooke's. His family supports him.

Days by Danielle

Brady gets Chloe to agree to at least see John and Marlena and invites them over. Marlena’s attempts to tell John about the baby keep getting interrupted. John asks Chloe to sing at his vow renewal ceremony but when Chloe hesitates, John asks her to at least think about attending as family with Brady. Marlena agrees to Brady’s request to keep counseling Chloe as long as Brady agrees to be part of the therapy. Chloe questions Marlena as to why Brady can’t see Chloe’s scars and Marlena tells her it is because Brady can only see her inner beauty.

Kate becomes angry that Shawn won’t leave Belle’s loft and especially when Philip and Belle insist that Shawn stay. Roman calls Kate to inform her that Bo and Hope are on their way to arrest Shawn and Kate, neglecting to pass the news on to Shawn, suddenly is okay with Shawn being there. Hope and Bo become suspicious when Philip asks Kate to use her friendship with Judge Fitzpatrick to help Shawn but Kate denies having done anything to move up Shawn’s court date. Roman arrives and defends Kate as well but Lucas talks with Hope about his own suspicions of Kate. Sami sneaks into Eugenia’s apartment and hides under the bed when Eugenia returns home. Sami eavesdrops on Eugenia’s phone conversation with Marguerite as Eugenia gloats about how she and Kate set Sami up and how she has evidence on Kate.

GH by Lisa

Alcazar is furious when Carly admits she broke into Reese's penthouse and knocked her unconscious. Reese lies to keep her secret from Sonny and Carly. Lucky and Elizabeth argue when she tries to convince him that carrying Jax's child won't affect their relationship. Jax offers to call off the surrogacy deal but Elizabeth wonders if she's already pregnant.

Nikolas accuses Emily of just pretending that things are fine between them. Ric and Alexis grow closer during her medical scare. Jason refuses to have a session with Dr. Thomas. Dr. Thomas manipulates Jason into thinking he (Jason) might be doing Michael more harm than good. Michael asks Jodie why she lied to him. Jodie swears to Michael she will never tell anyone that he killed AJ and runs off. Jesse and Maxie get the upper hand on Murphy. Jenna "accidentally" allows Murphy to escape. Murphy plans on eliminating both Jesse and Maxie.

GL by Eva

Edmund is devastated at the loss of his baby girl. Dinah thinks they should make another baby and be a family. Edmund considers telling Cassie the truth but in the end decides to continue lying to her letting her think the baby is fine. Tammy begs Sandy for another chance but Sandy tells her to deal with her feelings for Jonathan because they will always come between them Lizzie is devastated by Alan's confession. Alan recants his confession but Alexandra gives the police the bloody gloves. Alan is arrested but Sebastian rescues him by dressing up as a cop to supposedly take him to jail.

OLTL by Mary  

Antonio calls Jessica and leaves her a message on her cell phone. He is visited by Jackie who informs him that he may be spending a lot more time with his daughter. Nora visits Lindsay at the art studio, and tells her that she needs to get an HIV test. Nora informs her that she had had one, and it had come back negative. Nora passes out in RJ.’s arms. John is offered help in finding Natalie. Marcie remembers something vital about the cheerleaders death. R.J. asks Lindsay to use her art studio for an important business meeting. Carlotta visits Antonio at Capricorn. They discuss Jessica and Jaime. Tess is humiliated in East Hampton when she is pushed into the pool, and loses her bikini bottom. John rushes to the football field, and finds something like a grave. He starts digging with his hands. He finds her cell phone, but he continues to dig.

Passions by Shirley

Alistair is wondering how long Theresa will be repulsed by him, but seems to think she will come around sooner or later. When Ethan runs into a distraught Theresa on the docks he is enraged to find out what Alistair did and said to her, but relieved to find out she's not considering agreeing to his terms for the help she so desperately needs. He tells her no matter what she finds out, he will never leave Gwen, but really doesn't seem to believe that himself. Meanwhile, Fancy realizes what she's done to the Bennett family and talks to Alistair about it, realizing for the first time what her grampy is really like. Noah bursts into the room, not even seeing Fancy, and lays into the old man for what he's done to his family. Alistair could care less, and says so, so the young man decides to take matters in his own hands, pummeling Alistair until his guards come in and pull Noah off. Fancy looks like she wants to fall through the floor.

Sheridan and Luis grab the sheriff's car at the lake and take off to catch Beth and Marty. Unfortunately, with Alistair's henchman's help they are safely in the air on a Crane jet, headed who-knows-where by the time the two anxious parents reach the airport. Sheridan is crushed once more, realizing she probably never will see her son again. Pilar comes on Martin and Katherine in an embrace, and the fur hits the fan. She reams Martin out for betraying her, then turns on Katherine, blaming her for it all. Sam decides to go look for Jessica while Spike is busy talking her into becoming a "working girl" to support him now that his club is gone. Daddy's little girl may just do what he wants, too.

Y&R By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Nick is cold when he returns home. Kevin is warned that he could end up in a body cast for being a smart ass. Victor chuckles when asked to be part of a wedding party. Lauren understands a woman's quest to protect her child. Gloria is fired.

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