Monday 7/11/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 7/11/05 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

Erica wants to announce to Ryan and to everybody that Greenlee is pregnant. But Kendall and Greenlee urge her not to. Ryan still has no clue that his wife is pregnant nor has he changed his mind about ever considering having kids. Reggie punches Josh after hearing from Lily that he was touching Danielle. Erica does not know what has happened and Josh does not admit to her that he slept with her stepson's girlfriend. Reggie goes to talk to Danielle about how she must believe his behavior was out of control and he asks her to please tell him that Lily did not see what she told him she saw. Danielle is ready to tell Reggie the truth. But Garette comes and asks to talk to her in private and tells her that in reality, telling Reggie that she cheated on him with Josh might make things worse.

Di/Dixie tells all the interested people that she did not lie about being Dixie. She lied about being Di Kirby. Everybody is completely baffled about what it means, what to believe and what to do. They call for a DNA test but they all question whether it can be untampered and reveal the truth.

ATWT by Elayna

Craig still is dwelling on the judgment about having to stay away from his unborn child. Rosanna misinterprets it as him having second thoughts about adopting. He assures her he is not, but is having trouble forgetting about his other child. When Rosanna informs Carly of their plans to adopt, Carly voices her concerns, but finally agrees to support her. Rosanna asks Carly and Jack to be her child’s guardian. Carly joyfully agrees, as she has another terrible audio memory. Paul and Emily are getting buzzed. Paul is really hyper and Emily questions whether he is overcompensating for the fact Rosanna and Craig are adopting. He admits to it angering him, but he doesn’t want to think about it. He wants to go on vacation to a tropical place with Emily. Emily agrees to go with him. When Emily loses her wrap, Paul goes to find it, and comes face to face with Rosanna. Gwen tries to ignore the pain she is in, but cannot in the end, when the contractions become severe. Will calls an ambulance, and they go to the hospital. Bob tells Will he is worried about low birth rate considering how poorly Gwen took care of herself. The doctors administer medication to slow the contractions, to no avail. Lucinda wants to forget about her health problems, and winds up drinking and playing pool with Meg at Yos’. Lucinda hires Meg as her nurse, but questions if Meg wants to stay in town because of Dusty. Sierra and Lily worry about Lucinda when she comes home with Meg telling them she has decided to have a lumpectomy and has hired Meg as her full time nurse. Jen goes into labor after she falls. There is no signal on her cell phone, but then Dusty arrives, and he helps her through the delivery. When Jen asks about how her baby is, Dusty tells her he has ten fingers and ten toes, so he must be healthy, but in fact, he looks very worried.

BB by Boo

Dante has decided to stay in town for a while. He and Bridget spend an afternoon at Bikini Bar. Dante kisses her to see if she kisses like a married woman. The two spend the afternoon sunbathing and catching up. Ridge visits Brooke and admits that she was right. He did allow his mother to make the decision for him and he made a terrible mistake. Brooke pressures him to tell her exactly what he is saying. Is he now choosing her, or staying with Taylor? Taylor pays Stephanie a visit and goes over her chart. She tries to decide for herself if Stephanie really faked the heart attack. Dr. Mark tells Stephanie that she is well enough to go home.

Days by Danielle

Mimi and Rex share a romantic morning with lovemaking followed by Mimi’s favorite breakfast but the fun ends when Rex demands to know what secret Jan is holding over Mimi. Bo and Hope argue about their differing opinions over what Shawn should do about his feelings for Belle. Bo gets a call from Roman informing him that he is the one who has to arrest Shawn for failing to appear at his trial. Kate stops by Lucas’ apartment and is angered to find Sami there to use his shower. Sami takes Lucas back to her apartment where Lucas promises to give their relationship another chance if Sami can find proof that Kate set her up. Kate gets a call from Eugenia who demands that Kate find her a job while she, all the while denying it to Kate, reveals that she’s taped all of their phone conversations. Sami sneaks into Eugenia’s apartment to search for proof. Belle catches Philip having a hard time washing himself so she gives him a sponge bath which leads to almost making love but Kate and Lucas’ visit interrupts them. Shawn walks into Belle’s open door just as Kate is advising Belle that she should let Philip make love to her.

GH by Amanda

As the hurricane hits, Maxie is still missing, panicking her friends and family. Alexis has contractions. Brook tells Diego that he doesn't have a chance with Maxie. Jessy and Maxie are sent into the storm to weatherproof the landlady's house. Lucky tries to pick a fight with Jax. Lorenzo and Sonny argue over Carly. Meanwhile Carly needles Reese and tries to learn more about her past. Jessy's landlady learns from an associate he's a cop, and is not pleased. Jessy and Maxie are confronted by the dirty cop. Carly finds Reese comatose in the stable. When Reese rouses a bit, she is delirious and asks Carly why she destroyed their friendship. Diego wants to be Brook's friend, not boyfriend.

GL by Eva  

Marina takes her police academy exam and is nervous about passing the test. Remy thinks that Marina's relationship with Danny may cost her a spot at the police academy. Marina won't give up Danny for the police academy. Dinah informs Cassie and Jeffrey that she lied about Edmund kidnapping her. Cassie has an ace in the hole to make sure she gets custody of the baby. Edmund discovers that Dinah isn't pregnant anymore. Gus and Harley play good cop bad cop and manage to get a confession from Alan that he shot Philip. Alan tells Gus and Harley they won't tell anyone the truth. Alan aims a gun at Gus and Harley and once again a shot rings out at Company.

OLTL by Boo

Kelly and Spencer grow closer over dinner. Asa assures Blair that he will take care of Margaret per their agreement. Kevin begs Blair for help in getting Kelly back and is very pleased to find out that he still has a good chance with Kelly. Adrianna delivers a very painful kick and punch to Rex when he startles her in the park. Michael and Evangeline enjoy a nice chat in her office right before the killer delivers a message to Evangeline by slipping an envelope under her door. Marcie continues to work with John and Bo to help figure out where the killer may have taken Natalie. She becomes very upset when she sees the note the killer left for Evangeline, fearing that it means that Natalie is already dead. Bo finds an eyewitness that saw the person that delivered the note to Evangeline’s office.

Passions by Shirley

The boat explosion turned out to be much ado about nothing, as Sheridan was found, alive and mostly well, floating on the water. However, once she and Luis reach land, their continued search for Beth and Marty hits a brick wall, thanks to Alistair's intrusion once again. Sheridan is totally distraught to have lost them again, probably for good. Meanwhile, at the mansion, Alistair continues to try to get Theresa to become his "special friend" by promising her she can have the evidence she needs against Rebecca and Gwen, and that will get Ethan and Jane back for her. She seems to be giving in a couple of times, but finally makes it clear she wants nothing to do with his plan. He figures she will change her mind in time.

Ivy presses Fancy about the young man she complained to Alistair about. Fancy finally tells her it's Noah Bennett, but plays down the trouble she got them into in Vegas, claiming he caused the problems. Ivy tells her she's just signed the Bennett family's future away. Fancy pooh-poohs that, saying Grampy wouldn't do a think like that, but the news she hears later on the TV makes her wonder about that. Sam has been fired, and Noah begins to realize he's to blame because of his relationship with Fancy. Sam tries to talk him out of believing that, but when Ivy arrives to warn them of Alistair's wrath, he quickly realizes his son is right. Noah is crestfallen over what he's done to his father, not knowing this is probably just the first volley against the whole family.

Y&R By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Bobbie decides to hurt a friend who doesn’t want to pretend anymore. Victoria’s days are numbered. Devon takes his mother to a shelter. Brad tries to put distance between himself and a needy friend. Nikki has concerns about her son’s marriage.

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