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AMC by Jenn

Erica hosts her launch party for New Beginnings and all of the family attends. But right when they are all in view of the camera, Greenlee has to go excuse herself and throw up. Kendall knows right away the reason why. SHe's done a pregnancy test and it's come back positive. Erica also can tell the reason why Greenlee got sick and seems to think everything will be ok with Ryan. She probably doesn't know the whole story. Ryan knows there's something going on that nobody is telling him. Kendall tells him Greenlee got sick from bad sushi. Lily is able to see Danielle with Josh Madden, hugging and looking intimate. When Reggie asks her if she's seen Danielle, she tells him what she saw. Reggie does not look happy.

Krystal, Babe and Adam reveal to Tad, Jamie and JR that the woman whom they believe is Dixie is really Krystal's ex-con friend, Di Kirby. JR doesn't believe a word any of them say. David appears and explains to them the whole thing. So does Di/Dixie. But it appears she is not really Di Kirby and might be the real Dixie after all. Too confusing.

ATWT by Eva

Lucinda tries to decide what treatment is best for her Cancer. Lucinda continues to push away Sierra and Lily because she can't stand them hovering over her all the time. Lucinda feels like her family doesn't understand her so she continues to lean on Meg for moral support and medical advice. Meg persuades Lucinda to hire her as a private live in nurse because she wants to stay in Oakdale to be near Dusty. A heartbroken Jennifer asks Mike to come home so they can work on their marriage. Mike tells Jennifer he loved her but not as much as he loves Katie. A heartbroken Jennifer drives to her mother's cabin and begins to have labor pains that are so strong she falls to the floor. Gwen talks to Will about the adoption and after a long talk with him she decides adoption is best for her baby. Will offers to take Gwen home and when Gwen stands up she has a strong pain and fears something is wrong with the baby.

B&B by Beth

Thorn stops in to see how Brooke is doing. Brooke blames Stephanie for Ridge's choice. Thorn seems skeptical. Nick stops over to see Taylor. He tells her that he thinks Stephanie faked her heart attack. Taylor gets defensive. Bridget is at the Bikini Bar when she is joined by Dante. She tells him she's happy he called. They tease eachother and then Dante tells her he doesn't think Nick is right for her. She tries to defend Nick but is thrown off when Dante plants a big huge kiss on her.

Ridge visits Stephanie and tells her he knows she used her illness to manipulate him. He is pretty bitter and makes it clear to his mother she is to stop medaling once and for all. He leaves telling her that he hopes it's not too late to fix what he's done. She calls after him imploring him NOT to do anything foolish. Taylor calls Stephanie after Nick leaves and asks Stephanie how ridiculous is it that Nick would say she faked her heart attack! Ridge shows up pounding on Brooke's door. She opens it and he tells her he made a mistake.

Days by Danielle

Jack and Jennifer arrive home and Frankie uncomfortably watches them display their affection for each other. Frankie and Jennifer talk about how their lives turned out since she chose to marry Jack and Jennifer confides in him her worry that something is wrong. Jennifer takes Frankie up on his offer to look into what is wrong with Jack. Jack gives in to the pain he’s feeling when he thinks he’s alone but Abby walks in on him. Jack claims he hurt himself trying to move the fridge. Abby is shocked to hear Jack insist that if anything ever happens to him, Patrick is not to be allowed back in the house. Max is annoyed that Chelsea doesn’t want to fool around with him and guesses that her dream man is Patrick. Chelsea pretends that she doesn’t like Patrick yet still defends him to Max. Chelsea gives in to Max’s desire and delights in Patrick’s angry reaction when he finds them.

Belle, Shawn, Philip, Kate, and John arrive at Belle and Philip’s loft. Marlena admits to Roman that she is pregnant and that it his baby. John arrives home and Roman and Marlena claim that they were talking about Sami but John senses the tension. Marlena becomes emotional when John continually praises her as Belle’s role model. John tries to drink a toast to their anniversary but Marlena covers for her choice not to drink by telling John that she only wants to be alone with him. Shawn continues to try to talk Belle out of choosing Philip but Belle sticks to her decision. Mimi is officially released from jail and reunites with Rex. Rex grills Mimi about Jan’s blackmail secret but before Mimi can answer, Belle calls to invite them over. Mimi questions Belle about her true feelings but Belle insists that she made the right decision and sends Shawn home. Roman, who has stopped by to see Kate and Philip, curses the fact that he now has to arrest Shawn on top of him losing the love of his life.

GH by Amanda

By chance, Sonny buys Reese a dress identical to the one Lorenzo buys Carly to attend the Alcazar fund raising party in. Lucky gets tense when Jax joins the group of him, Liz, Em, and Nik. Maxie sticks by Jessy. Justus and Jason suspect that Thomas has overly friendly interests in Sam. After Tracy lays into Carly, Lorenzo tosses her, Alan, Monica and Skye out, telling them to work with Carly or he'll get them removed from the hospital board. Maxie declares Jessy, her "husband", off limits to the landlady. Reese throws a drink at Carly, getting herself and Sonny evicted from the gala. Michael takes Julie's advice and fakes making progress in therapy. Lucky rages about the unfairness of life. The storm draws closer to Port Charles. Carly gives Sonny a kiss for goodbye.

GL by Elizabeth

Coop and Lizzie continue to get closer. Ross has a heart to heart with both Lizzie and Alan. Rick calls Ross for help when he finds an unexpected guest in his backyard. Gus is granted bail. Harley and Mallet return to Springfield and decide to set a trap for Alan. Harley has to turn to her brother for help. Alan continues to unravel and is carrying a weapon. Rick, Buzz, Coop, and Lizzie receive notes from an anonymous stranger.

OLTL by Mary

David, Dorian, and Kelly meet with a wedding planner named Whitney Locklin. Spencer comes in, and somehow distracts David from their wedding plans. John, as well as Evangeline visit the Love Center. Adriana and Duke arrive back in Llanview, and he fills her in as to what Asa had been doing. Tess gets blew off by one man, but gets picked up by another, and taken to a party in East Hampton where she meets up, yet again with the man who blew her off. She hits on a man named Bruce. The man who blew her off watches in amazement. Kelly confronts Kevin as to why he would tell Spencer that she wasn’t able to have children. Roxie gets really upset, and lashes out at about everyone who had known that Natalie had been kidnapped. Evangeline and John kiss. Evangeline gives him a vital piece of information.

Passions by Shirley

Gwen and Rebecca are fairly sure their troubles with Theresa are over now, although Gwen still has nagging doubts. Theresa and Pilar make their way out of Jane's room and Pilar leaves while Theresa stays under the guise of making sure they left no evidence of their presence behind. What she is really staying for, however, is to talk to Alistair, feeling she might be able to go along with his price for helping her get Ethan and Jane back. Alistair, after talking to Fancy and hearing her whine about Noah, decides to pull Sam's contract and end his term as Police Chief. Ivy tells Fancy she knows she is going to cause problems for someone, she always does, but Fancy insists she's not, not bothering to mention what she's done to Noah.

Sam, Ethan, Noah, and Kay continue talking about the problems Jessica is having and trying to figure out a way to help her. The call ending Sam's career comes in the middle of it all, and only makes the family feel worse. Meanwhile, Spike is upstairs with Jessica, talking her into leaving her family and going with him, knowing that will cause more pain for her father and brother. She is only too happy to comply, and they head downstairs to announce her decision to the family. Spike's revenge is on it's way. On the lake, Beth, Luis, and Sheridan all take speed boats, Beth to escape with Marty and the other two to stop her. Even tho the police are called, Beth manages to get away, although Sheridan does her best to stay on her tail. However, while Beth manages to miss a bunch of logs in the water, Sheridan doesn't, and her boat goes up in an explosion and becomes engulfed in flames. One roasted Sheridan coming up?

Y&R By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Lily is led off in handcuffs. Nick doesn't feel the excitement he though that he would. Bobbie has to kick butt to prove his point. JT gets slapped in the face. Nikki sticks her nose in a dangerous place.

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