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AMC by Jenn

Krystal finally explains to Adam the honest truth about how she found out that her old cell mate, Di Kirby plotted a plan with David Hayward where she would falsify herself as Dixie in order to win over Tad and JR so that JR would ease up on Babe and let her have equal custody of their son. Realizing she must be telling the truth, Adam gets the governor to release Krystal from the slammer. Tad, "Dixie", JR and Jamie have a memorial service for the death of Tad and Dixie's miscarried baby, Kate and right when they are ready to leave, Adam, Krystal and Babe appears and interrupt them and spill the beans about the true identify of the woman whom they believe is Dixie.

Erica demands that Kendall and Greenlee support her at her party for New Beginnings. Knowing that she could get Greenlee in trouble for what she knows she did, they agree. Greenlee is very certain that she is pregnant resulting from stealing Dr. Madden's specimens and having David identify Ryan's DNA and artificially inseminate her.

ATWT by Eva

Alison figures out that Will is pretending to be the father of Gwen's baby because he wants to spare Celia pain. Will begs Alison not to tell Casey the truth because he wants Celia and Casey to be happy. Later Gwen tells Will she has decided to give her baby up for adoption. Jessica gives Jack a court file that reveals the truth about the horrible secret involving Carly and her father. Jack vows Carly will never discover the horrible truth no matter what he must do too protect her from it. Mike and Katie make love in Chicago and admit they never stopped loving each other. Later, Jennifer arrives at Mikes hotel room and sees Katie half dressed and begs Mike to tell her that they didn't make love. Mike responds that he can't say that because it would be a lie.

B&B by Beth

Ridge is haunted by Brooke's voice and images of Hope and RJ. He keeps hearing Brooke's voice and seeing the kids. Bridget and Brooke are very pleasantly surprised when they get to Brooke's house and see what Nick has done. He is hiding behind Hope's dollhouse when they come in. Hope is very happy to see Uncle Nick. Bridget asks Nick to stay there while she goes to see Ridge. At Ridges she berates him on the way he treated her mother and how he let Stephanie control him.

Thomas and Gaby are talking about their marriage and Thomas tells her he went to Immigration to start the ball rolling on her green card. An agent from Immigrations stops by and questions them on if they got married for love or for green card status. Gaby freaks out after the man leaves and Thomas re-assures her. Nick is giving Brooke another pep talk and she says she's going to put this all behind her no matter how painful it is. Nick tells her she's doing the right thing and reminds her of the vow he gave her to always be there for her. Bridget comes back and hears this through the barely opened door. Nick then tells Brooke her, Hope and RJ are the most important people to him. Bridget hears this and is choking back tears.

Days by Danielle

Marlena meets with Mimi in her new private jail cell to try and convince her to recant but is overcome with nausea midway through the conversation. Mimi guesses that Marlena is pregnant but then realizes that the baby’s father is Roman. Marlena has Mimi promise not to tell. Rex sneaks in while Patrick and Mickey are visiting with Mimi and Mimi becomes so angered at seeing Rex that she asks to be taken back to her cell before she can be told about the surveillance tape. Rex and Patrick convince Mimi to stay where Rex informs her that she’s free.

Marlena cautions Roman that if Kate doesn’t find a way to get along with Sami, there will come a time when she and Kate will have it out. Roman proclaims that if Kate did set up Sami, their marriage is over. Marlena becomes sick while talking with Roman and Roman picks up on Marlena’s mention of using tea and crackers to guess that she is pregnant. Kate, John, Belle, and Philip begin to fly home to Salem. Shawn arrives and Kate refuses to allow him to fly with them but Philip insists that Shawn be able to fly with them. Shawn corners Belle in the plane bathroom to vow that he’ll never let her go. Turbulence rocks the plane and Belle becomes nauseous. Mickey and Roman receive word that Shawn missed his trial date and a warrant has now been issued for his arrest. Sami reluctantly agrees to help Nicole to get Nicole to leave but Nicole threatens to tell Lucas about Stan as she’s leaving so Sami drags her back into the apartment. Lucas knocks on Sami’s door so Sami pushes Nicole into the closet. Lucas overhears Nicole hiccupping and finds her in the closet. Sami throws Nicole out and begs Lucas not to leave only to end up arguing about Kate. Lucas finds Nicole in the hallway and offers to call her a cab.

GH by Lisa

Sonny and Carly have a joint session with Dr. Thomas which ends in disaster when Sonny loses his temper. Justus gives Jason more information about Dr. Thomas. Sam becomes angry when Dr. Thomas has disparaging words about Jason. Jason declares his love to Sam. Michael agrees to help Jodie.

Alcazar demands that the Quartermaines attend Carly's charity gala. Lucky admits to Elizabeth that he feels humiliated by her having to carry Jax's baby for money. Jesse tells Maxie a painful story from his past and they end up in a kiss.

GL by Elizabeth

Reva finds out that Nate is Alfred. After arguing with Olivia, the two agree to keep it a secret until after Reva gets revenge. Cassie and Jeffery discuss upcoming parties. Dinah and Edmund come to an agreement about her silence in regards to the kidnapping. Bill visits his sister and asks her to be part of a family portrait he’s doing. He surprises Olivia with the photography shoot and they both seem extremely happy. Reva asks Nate for her old job back. Tammy finds out that Jonathan set her up to think that Sandy was cheating on her. Sandy breaks up with Tammy and later gets into a fight with Jonathan.

OLTL by Mary

Marcie visit’s the Love Center where the Killing Club murderer was going to burn Natalie, and Evangeline at the stake. She is joined by Vikki, who is really upset over Natalie, and over Marcie being responsible for writing the Killing Club that a psycho would use to murder innocent people. Todd visits Antonio at Capricorn but they get into an argument as usual, and he doesn’t know whether or not to give Antonio the note from Jessica. In New York, Tess takes a carriage ride. She meets up with a man, who doesn’t fall for her line like all the other men that she had met. As a result of him turning her down, she steals his car. Lindsay tries to offer Rex encouragement over Natalie being missing. Nora tells Bo that she had to take an HIV test, and is awaiting the results. The results come back negative.

Passions by Shirley

Luis, Beth, and Sheridan continue their verbal sparring over whether Sheridan can have her son or he will stay with Beth and his real parents will let her escape. Luis finally decides to get smart and goes around back, but that's as far as his smarts went. Instead of shooting her through the window, he let her know he was there and then crawled through the window, giving her a chance to hide a knife, which she used to threaten Sheridan with while telling his to drop his gun. Sheridan wants him to shoot Beth, but he still can't seem to figure out how. Alistair told Katherine and Martin that the couple has found their son, but they had little time to rejoice before he started making threats to tell Sheridan she killed her aunt unless Martin stays away from Katherine. Meanwhile, he remembers kissing Theresa and continues his scheming about her. She seems to reconsider her vow not to fall for his tricks when she hears Rebecca and Gwen say he's the only person they are afraid of. After almost being caught in the closet in Jane's room, they get out and Theresa considers jumping into Alistair's trap? What's wrong with that girl?

Sam arrests his son for burning down Spike's club, but Ethan and Kay talk him out of it. Meanwhile, upstairs, Spike holds Jessica at knife point, them gives her the low down on how she can get out from under her family's thumb - she has to leave them and move in with him. Fool that she is, she is thrilled by the idea. Ivy drills Fancy on who her next victim is, and after a short argument, Ivy begs Fancy to give her a chance to be a real mother to her at last.

Y&R By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Lily gives in but refuses to be a rat. Nick is in the perfect position to do bodily harm. Phyllis willingly puts herself in harm’s way to protect her boy. Neil sees that his daughter is completely out of his control. Daniel stupidly sits around make sure that a friend is safe.

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