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AMC by Jenn

Danielle is missing in action. After sleeping with Josh, and regretting that he is her first instead of Reggie, she indicates to him that she is not as comfortable as she appeared the previous night. He leaves and Garette finds her. He appears nice and tells her he will not rat her out to her parents as she appears ok and there's no reason to worry them. Hearing that, she appears nicer to Garette although she has problems with her mother and doesn't know what to tell Reggie.

Erica goes to see JR about their plan to work together to get Zach out of town and away from Kendall. But JR reveals to Erica that he has something more important on his mind. He tells her that his mother has come back. Erica goes and sees "Dixie", amazed at how different she looks and very inspired. Instantly, she concludes that she wants Dixie on New Beginnings as an inspiration to her viewers. But Dixie says no way. Adam goes to Krystal's jail cell and tells her he can get her sprung but only if she can prove that Dixie is a fake. She tells him that she does not trust him to deliver and has reservations about exposing Dixie, as it will end the "good thing" that is happening when JR believes his mother is back.

ATWT by Linda

Katie and Mike almost cross paths outside her hotel room when he arrives to stay across the hall, but they continuously miss each other by seconds. Katie ends up getting to switch rooms because she can’t stand the room filled with memories of Mike. Mike agrees to make the room switch not knowing it is Katie. When Mike goes to return his ‘neighbors’ shampoo, after they change rooms, he is amazed to see it is Katie. Katie promises that she did not follow him there, and Mike admits he is alone and needed to get away from Jen, they find themselves running into each other’s arms. Celia and Casey decide to wear commitment rings. Will and Casey clear up the awkwardness in their friendship, which manifested itself after Will starting hanging out with Gwen. Allison confronts Will about being the father of Gwen’s baby. She doesn’t believe it. Gwen decides to give her baby to Rosanna and Craig after a heartwarming talk with Rosanna. Emily and Hal have a confrontation about her ruining her life for Paul who doesn’t even love her. Later, Paul admits that is true, but they will work on it because they are great together. Susan tells Carly that due to her drinking, her memory can’t be trusted, but Carly knows she is lying, and it only deepens her resolve to get to the bottom of it. Jessica does some snooping for Jack about the incident, and calls him to tell him she has found out information, and Carly is at the center of the secret.

B&B by Beth

Brooke, still telling Taylor and Ridge all the ways that Stephanie quilted Ridge into renewing vows at Stephanie's bedside. Taylor points out that she wouldn't have allowed Ridge to do it had she felt they were pressured. Ridge is looking guilty and ashamed. Nick goes to see Stephanie to ask her some questions about her heart attack. Stephanie becomes offended by the questions and threatens him.

Bridget is helping to get the kids ready to move. The twins and Thomas try to re-assure Hope that they love her very much and that they'll visit each other often. Hope gives her Dolly to Thomas to take care of. Brooke comes down with RJ and the twins and Thomas take turns saying their good-byes to him. Bridget lets Taylor and Ridge know that she too is moving in with her mom. They all go out to load up Brooke's car, leaving Brooke alone with Ridge. Ridge asks to hold RJ. He looks as though he is going to cry. Brooke bitterly asks him if it was worth it. She tells him she thought they were "unforgettable" but now all she wants to do is forget!

Days by Danielle

Jack whisks Jennifer away on a romantic surprise to the end of the runway where they lie on top of their car and watch the air show. Jennifer picks up on Jack’s cryptic references but Jack blames it on the moment. Frankie watches Chelsea flirt with Max and pulls him aside to criticize him. Max turns the tables on Frankie by accusing him of still carrying around a broken heart over Jennifer after he pulls an old picture of Jennifer from Frankie’s wallet. Max tells Frankie that he wouldn’t have a chance with Jennifer even if she weren’t married because Patrick has a thing for her too. Abby criticizes Chelsea for her actions in hope of getting Patrick jealous. Chelsea sets up a water fight with Max. Frankie puts in a request for a background check on Patrick. Chelsea gets Max to drive her back to the lake.

Rex and Patrick head to Alice’s Bar to check out the surveillance tapes from the night Jan fell. Bonnie informs them that there were no cameras pointed to the bushes where Jan and Mimi fought. Rex notices that another camera had shifted and might have taped the scuffle and upon viewing the tapes from that camera, finds footage of Jan tripping and hitting her head. Nicole drops by Sami’s apartment in tears and asks for her help in getting Brady back but Sami refuses to help. Nicole threatens to expose Sami as Stan but Sami threatens to expose Nicole as the one who botched Chloe’s surgery. Nicole helps herself to Sami’s vodka and downs glass after glass as Sami tells her that Roman is intent on bringing Victor back who will most likely implicate her for trying to kill him. Sami finally agrees to help when Nicole refuses to leave town and Nicole suggests that they get Stan to kill Chloe. Brady brings Chloe to his mom’s old cottage just outside of Salem that he had been saving for their honeymoon. Brady still only sees Chloe as her former unscarred self.

GH by Amanda 

Sam and Jason discuss their concerns about the Reese/Carly/Ric situation while Reese continues to confide her angst about Carly to Ric. Meanwhile Carly apparently enjoys all the benefits of being Mrs. Alcazar. Lucky hides his feelings as best as he can when Liz gushes over her plans for having Jax and Courtney's baby and how the money will help. He does unload on Nik later though. Max and Felicia question Georgie and Dillon about Jessy. Maxie pretends to be married to Jessy so an irate landlady won't throw him out and interrupt surveillance. Jax surprises Liz and Cameron with a much wanted toy. Lucky demands she send it back. Ric fears Emily will reveal what she knows about his one night stand with Reese to Jason. Carly defends Lorenzo to Jason.

GL by Elizabeth

Cassie tells Jeffery all about Edmund’s ultimatum. Together they devise a plan so that Cassie can have sole custody of her baby. Cassie goes to Dinah for help and realizes that despite everything Dinah still has feelings for Edmund. Edmund is finally ready to give Dinah what she wants. Dinah agrees to help Cassie & Jeffery and then later promises to help Edmund. Tammy confronts Sandy about his ‘infidelity’ and it backfires. He accuses her of still having feelings for Jonathan. Reva sees Jonathan’s bruises and accuses him of looking for trouble. Nate accidentally lets it slip that he knows about Jonathan’s black eye and Reva becomes suspicious. She doesn’t believe his lie, and enlists the help of Olivia who lets her know that Nate is indeed Alfred.

OLTL by Mary

Todd finds out that Tess had checked herself out of St. Anne’s. He is worried as to what she might do. Dorian and David celebrate setting their wedding date. Dorian questions Spencer as to their childhood. Kevin has a talk with Spencer about Kelly. Kelly admits to Blair that she has fluttering feelings toward Spencer. Kelly visits Addie at St. Anne’s. Tess meets yet another man at a bar, and robs him when he passes out. Evangeline recounts the events of the previous night with John.

Passions by Shirley

Sheridan was kidnapped over the weekend, apparently, and replaced by Fancy. How else to explain her sudden turn into the Spoiled Rich Girl mode that has her smart-mouthing Luis and threatening him if he doesn't do what she wants? Arriving at Beth's hiding place, they both walk to the front door and Luis starts yelling at her. Has no one ever heard of knocking the door down and rushing a perp? How about having someone at each door so there's no way to escape? Beth knows they are there before they do this, however, since Alistair called to let her know the jig is up and it's time to end it. Beth has no intention of doing this, however, and threatens to kill herself and Marty if they don't let her escape with him.

Theresa and Pilar hide in the closet in Jane's room to keep from being discovered by Rebecca and Gwen when they come in. While there they hear the women talking about a secret that Theresa might find that will "do them in". Theresa can't wait to hear more, but Pilar thinks it's bad manners to listen, and in the insuing struggle something is knocked off a shelf, alerting the two witches to the fact someone is in the closet. Fancy makes her way home to "Grampy's" loving arms, until she gets close enough for him to get a good whiff. Said hug is postponed until she is clean and sweet smelling again. It seems the one person Alistair actually loves is Fancy. Go figure. Jessica is steamed that Noah burned her boyfriend's bar down, and no amount of warning from Kay, Ethan, and Noah can convince her Spike isn't crazy about her. It looks like he will be doing that himself, since he's waiting for her in her closet with knife in hand, ready to get back and Sam and Noah for what they did.

Y&R By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Lily is finally in too deep. Christine feels that she has something to work with now. Warrants are issued for murder. Nick finds a wad of cash after searching a purse. Phyllis admits to trying to finance a trip out of the country.

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