Tuesday 7/5/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 7/5/05 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

Brooke catches Sam drinking and tells him she must ground him. She tells him that he must learn if he lives under her roof he cannot drink and drive. And she informs him that her little girl was killed due to somebody mistakenly thinking they could handle drinking and driving. After finding out that her mother never wanted her, Danielle abandons Reggie and goes off to meet Josh Madden and goes home with him. Adam is not certain whether to believe Babe's story about Dixie being a fake. But noticing that JR listens to everything she says and hearing JR announcing he will make Dixie and Tad his son's godparents, Adam finally agrees to free Krystal from the penitentiary if she and Babe can prove to him Dixie is a fake and get her out of his life.

ATWT by Elayna

Carly has a nightmare about a woman crying over her baby boy. Carly is sure it has something to do with her father, but Jack is becoming concerned about what this might do to Carly and he tries to steer her away from going down that road, but as usual, Carly won’t be deterred. Later, Jack meets with Susan, and they talk about the fact the man who was involved in the incident that shut down a clinic, was Carly’s father. Susan tells Jack that the records are sealed, but Jessica’s name came up related to this case. Both he and Susan worry about the ramifications of opening Pandora’s box to Carly. Jack thinks they should prevent that from happening and so when Susan goes to see Carly later, she claims the drinking back then made her remember things wrong, and that she could no longer be sure of anything she told Carly about back then. Carly immediately wants to know why Susan is lying to her? Craig is upset over being forbidden from seeing his baby for 5 years, and Rosanna wants to lift his spirits by them adopting a child. Craig considers it, and they decide to go forward, and they are able to set up a meeting with a teenage mother-to-be that afternoon, and in walks Gwen. Henry moves his stuff out of the cottage so Katie could rent it out, but ends up taking care of Snickers so Margo doesn’t put her in a kennel. Mike has a confrontation with Jen at home about how she lied to him, her family, friends and a judge. He doesn’t think their marriage can survive not having trust. She is devastated, as Mike walks out to go clear his head in Chicago. Meg and Dusty spend the night together, but after hearing a distraught message from Jen, Dusty is ready to take off. Meg calls him on his feelings, but he claims she is just a business partner. After he rushes off, Meg gets a call about a job in Juno General in Alaska in two days. Katie ends up at the same hotel and room in Chicago where she stayed with Mike. She is haunted by memories, and wants to switch rooms. The bellman tells her they are booked, but will try to do something for her. Later, she leaves to go shopping to clear her head, and misses Mike arriving to stay in the room across the hall by seconds.

B&B by Boo

Sally pays a visit to Stephanie and as the two toast Stephanie's good fortune for getting rid of Brooke for good, Eric walks in and overhears the two of them. He wastes no time in letting them know he is not happy with their discussion and Sally makes a quick exit. Eric and Stephanie argue over what Stephanie has done. Eric is not pleased at all that his wife used her heart condition to manipulate her son and to cause Brooke the biggest pain in her life. Brooke goes back to the house to pick up her children and her belongings. Bridget greets her and has already packed up her stuff and the kids stuff. Brooke heads to the bedroom to get her clothes. Ridge and Taylor find her there and Ridge tries to talk to her. Brooke can't believe that Ridge allowed his mother to manipulate him and Taylor into renewing their vows. Jackie pays her son a visit and tells him of her suspicions that Stephanie faked the heart attack. Jackie is shocked to learn that Brooke believed it so much that she pulled the plug on the ventilator. The two argue again when Jackie tries to get Nick to see that he should now be with Brooke.

Days by Danielle

Bonnie tries to have Patrick unknowingly sneak a cake with a nail file baked in into the prison but the guard catches him when the cake makes the metal detector go off. Patrick convinces the guard to not put this infraction on Mimi’s record. Mimi’s new prison mates try to bully her into cleaning the toilets but Mimi stands up for herself, which leads to a fight. Bonnie and Patrick urge Mimi to allow Rex to visit her and to fight to be set free and back home to Rex. Rex and Patrick team up to execute Rex’s plan to free Mimi. Brady, who can only see Chloe minus the scars, assures her that she is still beautiful and vows to never stop loving her. Chloe pushes Brady away. Brady comes up with a place to take Chloe where they can be alone.

Kate feels more confident about Philip’s recovery after having talked to the doctor and upon learning Belle’s decision. John advises Kate to let her anger for Sami go before it ruins her marriage to Roman. Kate refuses to allow Sami to get back together with Lucas. Lucas comes to Sami for help on researching Stan and becomes curious when Sami keeps trying to change the subject. Sami sticks to her story of being kidnapped but blurts out that Tony has proof when they talk about how Kate set Sami up with Brandon but Lucas is skeptical. Sami decides to talk to Eugenia in an effort to prove that she was set up.

GH by Lisa

Reese realizes Carly hasn't uncovered her secret and leaves with the lockbox. Sonny defends Ric to Jason, who is certain Reese is hiding something. Jason voices his suspicions of Reese to Sam. Sonny trusts Reese and orders Jason to leave her alone. Alone with Ric, Reese destroys the contents of the lockbox. Ric realizes one of the photos of a young Carly and Reese wasn't destroyed.

Alcazar demands a seat on the hospital board which angers Tracy and Alan. Carly defends Alcazar and they end up closer than ever. Skye wishes Luke loved her the way Alcazar loves Carly. Jesse agrees to meet with Durant after learning that Georgie and Dillon have been arrested. Jesse meets with Durant at the hospital but manages to escape before Durant can have him arrested.

GL by Suzanne 

OLTL by Mary  

Kevin barges in on Kelly and Spencer right before they kiss. Kevin wants to come home to Kelly but Kelly doesn’t want to get back together with him for the wrong reason. Bo and John hunt for clues at the Love Center concerning the killer taking Natalie. Evangeline is rushed to the hospital. Mrs. Williamson is at the hospital waiting on her. Michael treats her and finds that she is going to be just fine. Evangeline tells her Mother that John had rescued Natalie first. John gets Marcie to get him a copy of the Killing Club journal. Bo takes Vikki home, and finds Spencer prowling around. He treats Vikki, and gives her a sedative to help her sleep. John finds some clues as to where the killer had taken Natalie. John visits Evangeline at the hospital.

Passions by Shirley

Rebecca warns Gwen about getting too complacent with her new daughter and forgetting to watch out for Theresa. Gwen tells her she's aware of what Theresa wants but she can't get it now. Meanwhile, Pilar is warning Theresa against getting into bed with Alistair. Theresa assures her she knows what Alistair is and can handle herself, but Mama isn't so sure. Theresa continues her search for the evidence she knows is hidden in the mansion, while Rebecca and Gwen, thinking they are safe, continue talking about what they've done. Alistair is watching Theresa, secure in the knowledge that she will eventually come to him for the help only he can give, and be willing to give him whatever he wants, which is her, in bed.

Sheridan continues to rag on Luis for letting Beth slip through his fingers and gives him an ultimatum - find Marty or they are through forever. Beth arrives at the destination Alistair had set up for her, happy that she has escaped and no one will ever find her now. Martin, however, remembers a place that none of the Cranes knows anything about and sends Luis and Sheridan on their way with a map. Will it lead them to Marty? At the same time, Noah and Fancy continue sparring, and even a kiss can't interrupt it. They head their separate ways at last, while Spike, eager to get even for the double burnings of his clubs by the Bennett boys begins his plan to get even, using Jessica.

Y&R By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

A shop owner ends up shot in LA. Malcolm swings into action. A warrant is issued for Lily. Daniel is ready to go home. Nick’s office is under siege.

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