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AMC by Jenn

Greenlee is working up to telling Ryan about her "big secret". Kendall and Zach overhear their discussion and what sounds like and argument and immediately they assume Greenlee has "spilled the beans" and Ryan is going to hurt her. Ryan and Greenlee explain to them that they were just having a private discussion and that Kendall and Zach need to mind their own business. But hearing Kendall blurt out that Greenlee had to do what she had to do, Ryan asks her specifically what she is talking about. JR, Adam, Tad, little Adam, Dixie and others attend the 4th of July picnic although they cannot stop arguing.

Jack and his kids join Sam, Brooke, Derek, Danielle, Mimi and her fiance Garette. When Garette introduces himself to Danielle as her new father, that sets her off. Mimi demands that her daughter respects her future stepfather. But Derek and Livia both tell Mimi she has no right to expect to get Danielle back after abandoning her and expecting them to parent her while she had more important things than her daughter.

ATWT by Boo

Carly hears some disturbing news from Susan about her father and worries about what to make of it. Mike confronts Jennifer about setting Craig up. The argument ends when Mike walks out on Jennifer. Katie explains to Margo why she must leave Oakdale, and may never return. Mike comes looking for Katie to apologize for jumping her case, and learns from Margo that Katie is gone. Will tries to convince Gwen that he will be there for her and the baby for the rest of her life. Gwen may have found a solution to her problem. Celia asks Casey to make a commitment to her that they will not have sex until after they are married. Meg and Dusty spend a fun and romantic afternoon. Jennifer is shocked to find Meg in Dusty’s room with only his shirt on and runs off before giving an explanation as to why she is so upset.

B&B by Beth

Jackie pays Stephanie a visit in the hospital, she applauds Stephanie for her tactics in getting Ridge and Taylor back together. She's also pleased Nick is with Brooke. Ridge listens to the rest of Taylor and Dante's story. He stops the story to thank Dante. Nick is getting annoyed with Brooke blaming Stephanie and Taylor, he gets her to admit finally that Ridge is weak. They begin to unpack boxes and make Brooke's home more livable.

Stephanie calls Ridge to thank him for saving her life and for helping to make her stronger by selecting Taylor. She tells Ridge, that she let Brooke know and it didn't go well. Taylor goes up to bed but Ridge tells her he has to go see Brooke. He apologizes as it is their wedding night. Taylor assures him they have tomorrow and forever to make up for that. Ridge calls Brooke's cell phone and Nick answers. Ridge wants to know where they are but Nick won't tell. Ridge demands to speak to Brooke who shakes her head no to Nick. Nick informs Ridge she doesn't wish to speak to him. Ridge goes upstairs to find Taylor looking at one of Brooke's necklaces. She pulls open a drawer and sees Brooke's lingerie. Ridge assures her it's her room now, THEIR room... They begin to make love as while Brooke falls apart unpacking photos.

Days by Danielle

Bo surprises Hope with the reveal of their new houseboat, the Fancy Face III. The new boat sparks multiple flashbacks of their time on the original Fancy Face. Bo and Hope lock arms and drink a toast to their love before smashing the champagne bottle against the hull to christen the new boat. After a romantic candlelit dinner, they make love in the boat’s bedroom. Chloe tells Brady about the damage to her vocal chords. Chloe admits that she really was singing live that day at the church but didn’t reveal herself because Brady was there with Nicole. Chloe also admits that Nicole really did see her at the mansion. Brady refuses to believe Nicole is innocent because Nicole didn’t tell him the moment she realized Chloe was truly alive. Chloe points out that if Brady hates Nicole for lying, then he should hate her too but Brady points out that Nicole lied for selfish reasons whereas Chloe lied to protect him. Brady convinces Chloe to remove her bandages.

Shawn tries to convince Belle to change her mind. Belle convinces Shawn to go home even though he refuses to accept Belle’s decision. Heather Mills-McCartney continues to visit with Philip. Belle also meets Heather who advises her to be there for Philip and bond with him again. Shawn fumes as he listens to Philip assure his doctor that Belle’s decision is proof that his recovery in Salem won’t be too stressful. Philip tries to make peace with Shawn.

GH by Amanda

Tracy refuses to cede her position as head of the charitable board at the hospital to Carly, even though that will buy Lorenzo's help. Carly knocks Reese out so she can escape scot free from her snooping expedition. Mac nearly catches Jessy hiding in the attic, but Maxie covers, claiming she was telling Georgi how to sneak Dillon up there for a make out session. Dillon is subsequently threatened with castration. Durante refuses to cut a deal with the hospital. Dillon tries to give Durante a message from Jessy. After being consoled by Luke, Tracy steps down from her job in favor of Carly. Reese confronts Carly just as Ric and Sonny agree Carly must be held accountable for her actions.

GL by Sarah  

OLTL by Mary

Vikki demands to know from Todd where Jessica is, and what she is doing, and what is wrong with her. Todd tries to calm her down, but she still insists that she wants to know about Jessica. Todd, finally agrees to tell her what is going on with Jessica. Asa and Kevin have a confrontation about Carlo having Duke and Adriana held captive. Tess tries to make a deal with Jessica that she will tell Jessica everything about the secret if she will permit her to come out and play. Tess emerges, and steals the keys from the nun, but before Tess can get away Addie confronts her about stealing the nun’s keys. John gets to the Love Center just in time to save Natalie, and then Evangeline. But while he is saving Evangeline, the killer kidnaps Natalie, and takes her away. Duke and Adriana get the upper hand on Carlo’s henchmen., and ties them up. They call Asa before Asa can give in to Carlo’s demands.

Passions by Shirley

Sheridan is on a tear today, slapping Luis, then going after Alistair. Accusations were flying from every side, but Big Bad Daddy swatted them away with ease, even justifying his help for his new-found daughter Beth. Sam still didn't pull out the handcuffs, tho. What, are there no laws in Harmony? Pilar reams Theresa outside the mansion, telling her to stop trying to fight against Rebecca and Gwen and just let them do whatever they want, don't make waves. Theresa, of course, said "Heck, no!", and determines to get the goods on the two of them. Alistair, having escaped from his daughter's wrath, walks up on the girl after her mother goes back inside to collect her errant husband, and talks to her about forming an alliance, sealing it with a (UGH!) kiss. Theresa doesn't seem to be too eager to go along, and the re-emerging Pilar even less so.

Noah chases the fishing boat to the cannery and manages to save Fancy before she's fileted, doggone it! Will she be grateful for his assistance, especially after he spends some time laughing at her predicament? Julian and Eve take a trip to the lower class side, finding themselves in a seedy dive in an attempt to relax. It seems to work, more or less. Meanwhile, Whitney tries to leave but Miles reaction is more than she can bear. Chad tries all he knows to quiet the baby, but no luck, and Whitney is left to beg him to do something else. Maybe the heat generated between the two when she passed the baby to his daddy had something to do with her inability to just leave.

Y&R By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Daniel remembers everything. Phyllis gets a heads up on where the kids will be the next day. Nick bullies away a purse to search it. Sharon isn’t sure that she has much patience left. Bobbie gets an offer to become a made man.

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