Friday 7/1/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 7/1/05 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

Di/Dixie goes to see Krystal in the slammer. Krystal tells her that she cannot get away with what she did and that she will not help her pull off her scam. Di/Dixie does work on Krystal, however, telling her how the scam will enable JR to play fair so that Babe can see more of her son. David is right behind Di/Dixie in visiting Krystal. They both believe that she refuses to go along with them and might get them in trouble. But it looks like she's just making empty threats and really is listening to them. Babe goes to see Adam and promises to get Dixie out of his life if he springs her mother from the slammer. At first he has no clue how she's going to "get rid" of Dixie. But she informs him that she happens to know, for a fact that this woman is not the real Dixie Cooney Martin. Adam does sound interested in her plan if it means he can expose that woman and get JR back for himself.

Erica has a transvestite go to Zach's casino and investigate how it enables people to go broke and ruin their lives. He tells her he wants her to stay out of his business. But she tells him she will stop at nothing until her daughter divorces him. Greenlee informs Kendall and Simone that she believes she is pregnant by being artificially inseminated by David. They are concerned. But she believes everything will fall into place with her and Ryan. Ryan has gotten the drug from David and promises to do his part in getting some help in order to save his marriage.

ATWT by Eva

Lucinda tells Lily and Sierra that the doctor told her that the cancer is stage 3 and has spread to her lymphnodesthe doctor recommends they do a mastectomy followed by Chemo therapy or Radiation. Lucinda vows to fight the cancer and live her life with her family. Barbara and Will both get angry at Paul when they discover Emily is moving in with him. The news comes before Paul's dinner with Will and Gwen. Will tells Barbara and Paul to stay away from him and Gwen. Gwen who was an unwilling witness to the Ryan family fight goes running home and wonders if she wants to continue with the lie about Will being the father of her baby. Rosanna encourages Jennifer to not make an enemy out of Craig because he can be a dangerous enemy. Mike suspects Katie was right about Craig being set up by Jennifer when Meg tells him that she saw Dusty at his house earlier in the day. Later, Mike suspicions are confirmed when he overhears Jennifer talking to Dusty and telling him she doesn't want Mike to find out what they did to Craig. The shock of this news could send Mike straight into Katie's arms tune in Monday to find out.

B&B by Beth

We open today with Brooke taunting Stephanie about faking her condition. Brooke huffs and puffs mocking Stephanie. The alarm goes off on Stephanie's heart monitor. Doc Mark comes in and questions Brooke and has her escorted out. Nick is at his mother's house listening to Jackie coo about how wonderful Dominick is when Bridget calls him telling him about what happened to Stephanie. Nick, rushes to the hospital in time to catch the orderlies escorting Brooke to security. Nick fakes that he is a officer and he will handle this. Nick takes Brooke to HER home and she tells him that Ridge picked Taylor. Nick is disgusted that Ridge would turn his back on her and the children. Brooke tries to blame Stephanie and Taylor but Nick places ultimate blame on Ridge.

Bridget arrives to the hospital where Stephanie tells her what happen. Wedding vows renewed at her bedside. Bridget tells Stephanie she hopes her mother didn't walk in on that and Stephanie tells her she didn't. She does tell Bridget that her mother tried to kill her and that her mother is going crazy. At Ridge's he and Taylor continue to make out on the balcony. He stops because he is worried Brooke could walk in on it and he really needs to go tell her. He goes upstairs to look for her and the doorbell rings. It's Dante. He's telling Taylor how happy he is for her when she tells him about renewing her vows. He tells her he's leaving shortly and to drop him a line sometime. Ridge walks in on this and gets all over protective and demands to know how they know each other and why Taylor hasn't told him about Dante before.

Days by Danielle

GH by Amanda

Sonny and Reese mend fences over expresso gellatto. Skye tries to get Lorenzo to rescue the hospital so that Bobbi will be saved and Tracy will consent to divorcing Luke and giving him the Cassadine money back. Jessy admits to Georgie that he's an undercover cop when he asks for her help. Maxie goes home from the hospital. Carly says she's done being angry about Reese. Jason tries to find out more about his accident. Alice reveals her secret life as a mud wrestler. In exchange for Carly running the hospital, Lorenzo will bail them out.

GL by Nikki

OLTL by Mary

Todd visits Jessica at St. Anne’s. Jessica again hears Tess’s voice in her head, and Tess wants to make a deal with Jessica. Tess wants her to let her come out and play and she will tell her the deep dark secret. John tries to get Marcie to remember what had happened to the cheerleaders. John and Bo visits the house where Natalie and Evangeline were held. The killer had just moved them within moments of John and Bo getting there. Asa visits Carlo and Carlo makes his demands known to Asa and if they are not met then Duke and Adriana will be killed. The killer takes Natalie and Evangeline to a gym. He ties them up and gags them. They are dressed in cheerleaders uniforms. Marcie remembers how the cheerleaders were killed.

Passions by Shirley

Y&R By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Ashley finds her ex comforting someone he shouldn’t. Mack’s idea is shot down. John sees good in his stepson. Sharon’s overprotective nature rears its ugly head. Victor gives a trip as a surprise.

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