Thursday 6/30/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 6/30/05 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

It looks like Di/Dixie is really getting through to JR to stop being so mean and spiteful. Amanda notices that and tells him it's a real disappointment. Adam agrees and tells his son he's being manipulated. Krystal reveals to Babe that this woman whom she believes will enable JR to play fair is not the real Dixie. She is a fabrication that Babe's father had pass herself off as Dixie to Tad and JR in order for Babe to get joint custody of her son and for Krystal to get an early release. At first, neither of them approve of what David is doing. But they both realize that they cannot pass up an opportunity for this woman to motivate JR to let Babe have joint custody and for Krystal to be free. Babe decides what to do. She tells Adam she will enable him to get rid of Dixie if he does something for her. Dixie finds out from David that Krystal is on to her and she goes to visit Krystal in the slammer. Tad tells Jamie and Brooke that he plans to marry Krystal whether they approve or not. Amanda meets Lily and discovers that they are stepsisters.

ATWT by Eva

Will stands up to Barbara and with the help of Paul persuades her not to force Gwen to have a paternity test. Celia is upset with Casey because he is being mean to Gwen. Gwen realizes that Will is a great guy. Jennifer is successful in her plan to get a restraining order against Craig. Craig is devastated when the judge orders him to stay away from Jennifer and the baby for five years. Lucinda gets the test results back from the doctor and prepares to tell her family the news. Mike and Katie disagree because Katie thinks Craig was set up by Jennifer. Mike and Katie decide to stay away from each other.

B&B by Beth

Still in Stephanie’s hospital room Brooke demands to know where ‘her husband’ is. Stephanie gloats that they all left and that Brooke has lost. Brooke demands to know what she means by that and Stephanie tells her about the flowers in her room and that they had a ceremony right there in the room at her bed side. Brooke begins to get upset and cry. Stephanie teases her about turning on the faucets. At the Forrester home Taylor and Ridge arrive kissing and carrying on about how much in love they are. Ridge is kind of far away and Taylor tells him she knows it will be hard for Brooke but they can all help her through it. Thomas enters and asks if they are a family again and is elated to find out they indeed are. The three group hug as Ridge has the far away look in his eyes.

At the Marone estate Jackie is flitting around when Nick arrives. She is happy to see him and her and Mass tell Nick that an old friend from Italy is there. Nick sees the sketch of Taylor and is immediately suspicious of it. Dante arrives and is greeted by Mass and Jackie but Nick stays out on the balcony for a bit with the sketch. He comes in and they are introduced. Dante tells him he knows Bridget and Mass interjects that he had him show Bridget around Copenhagen. Nick becomes even more suspicious and gives Dante sort of a hard time. Dante tells him he’s a lucky man to have Bridget and to tell her hello from him. He has a car waiting outside for him and he tells the Marones he leaves for Italy tonight. Back in Stephanie’s room Brooke is ranting and raving at Stephanie. Accusing her of faking her condition to get what she wants, Taylor and Ridge back together. Stephanie reaches for the call button to the nurse and Brooke yanks it away. Brooke then begins to yank Stephanie out of bed so she can go tell Ridge what she’s done. Brooke then pulls Stephanie’s ventilator out and tells her to prove her wrong, show her she isn’t faking it. Die Stephanie she yells DIE!

Days by Danielle

GH by Lisa

GL by Elizabeth

OLTL by Mary

Kevin and Kelly are caught by Dorian in a very compromising situation. After an argument with both of them, Kelly stalks out, and goes to the Country club to think. This is just what Dorian wanted her to do since Spencer awaits their arrival. Paige meets David, and David informs them that he is taking up permanent residence in LlanView. Natalie and Evangeline devise a plan to escape from their captor. Natalie breaks out a window, but when she tries to crawl out, the killer grabs her by the arm which results in her falling. He then comes into the room with them. Marcie gets a letter from the killer about a murder that was committed from the original killing club. David and Kevin form an uneasy alliance to get Spencer out of LlanView.

Passions by Shirley

Y&R By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Daniel goes bananas on the beach. Phyllis talks to the teens. Nick forgets about the safety of one child, to get revenge for his own. Drucilla gets an ultimatum. Malcolm behaves like a responsible adult.

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