Wednesday 6/29/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 6/29/05 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

Greenlee is convinced that David's drugs will not help Ryan. Only having a baby will. David finally agrees to go along with her plan. Ryan asks Kendall what she knows about Greenlee's secret when he notices a fertility monitor in the Fusion office. Simone covers for Greenlee by telling Ryan that it is hers' so that she can entrap Ethan into marrying him. He doesn't seem to buy that. Ethan enters and overhears Simone saying that. She explains to him what is going on. He reveals to her that he thinks she's a really great friend to Greenlee and that he'd like to get to know her better and spend more time with her. Kendall tells Ryan that she's worried about him but understands Greenlee's need to have a baby to save him. Ryan tells Kendall that having a baby will ruin him and he believes only she can talk Greenlee out of this tragic mistake she's going to make.

Tad goes to see Krystal in the slammer, tells her he's done with Dixie and he asks her to marry him. She doesn't know what to tell him. Di/Dixie is finally able to "work her magic" in getting through to JR to stop being so mean. And JR announces that everybody, including Babe, Jamie and their families, are invited to little Adam's 4th of July party. Babe is really happy about that. she goes to tell her mother. But hearing that, Krystal reveals to her daughter that that woman is not the real Dixie.

ATWT by Linda

B&B by Beth

Brooke is panicking to Bridget about how Stephanie is using her heart attack to pull off her power play of her life. Bridget tells Brooke that her dad (Eric) is there and he won't let anything happen. In the hospital room, Taylor is asking Ridge if she will be his one and only and if they will be together forever. Ridge reassures her that is correct. Thorn, Darla and Eric all look uncomfortable as this is going on, as Stephanie looks very pleased. Stephanie suggests that Thorn and Darla be their best man and matron of honor. Brooke continues to express her worries about Stephanie using her illness to manipulate the situation. Eric implores Ridge in the hallway to look at the reason he is picking Taylor. He tells Ridge not to pick Taylor just for Stephanie but to be sure. Taylor walks up and interrupts the conversation. Ridge assures her everything is fine.

Eric goes back into Stephanie's room when the phone rings. It's Brooke begging Eric to tell her what's going on. Eric is silent on the phone as Stephanie demands he hang up the phone now. He sets the phone down on a frantic Brooke and leaves the room. Stephanie calls the nurses to tell them no more calls to her room. Eric calls Brooke from the hallway and tells her to get to the hospital immediately! Brooke tells Bridget to watch the kids and hurries off in a rain and thunderstorm to the hospital. Brooke nearly gets in an accident rushing there as Ridge daydreams about their life together. The renewal of vows takes place with Stephanie beaming from her bed. Eric keeps watching the door for Brooke. They are pronounced man and wife again. Brooke reaches the hospital and runs to Stephanie's room to find a sleeping Stephanie in a dark room. Stephanie startles awake and tells Brooke "visiting hours are over"

Days by Danielle

Belle announces that she chooses Philip. John literally runs into an outraged Shawn and deduces that he is upset because Belle chose Philip. John and Shawn argue about what Belle needs. Shawn later confronts Belle to try and change her mind. Philip sends Belle out of the room so he can hide the severity of his pain from her. Heather Mills-McCartney visits with Philip. Bo and Hope argue about whether Shawn’s actions were right but both conclude that the final result rests solely on Belle’s decision. Bo prepares a surprise for Hope.

Nicole hides as Chloe greets Brady but keeps him at a distance so he can’t see her face. Brady doesn’t believe that Chloe wouldn’t want to see him, calls Nicole out of hiding and forces her to admit that she’d known Chloe was alive all this time. Brady refuses to believe Nicole’s claim that she was only abiding by Chloe’s wishes. Chloe admits that she forced Nicole and Nancy to go along with her plan but Brady doesn’t believe her. Brady orders Nicole to move out of the mansion and out of his life after accusing her of only wanting to be with him for his money. Brady turns to Chloe but Chloe pushes him away.

GH by Amanda 

Alexis suspects Durante is faking his condition, but can't prove it. Sam tries to find out what Michael is telling his doctor, but the physician won't break confidentiality. Carly gains further appreciation for Lorenzo's unconditional love. Em and Nik go back to Wyndermere. Durante threatens Liz to testify for him. Reese lays down the law when Sonny won't let her be more involved with Michael.

GL by Elizabeth

OLTL by Mary

Nora confronts Bo as to what he is doing to find Evangeline. He informs her that both Evangeline, and Natalie are missing, and he is doing everything he can do to find them. John again questions Hayes about his involvement. Evangeline and Natalie vow to work together to get out of this mess. Dorian visits Vikki and again they have a confrontation about Kevin and Kelly. Kevin visits Kelly at the carriage house, and they kiss. Dorian admits to Vikki that David and Spencer are brothers. Ginger visits Jessica (Tess) at St. Anne’s. Jessica asks for her help. Ginger refuses.

Passions by Shirley

Fancy takes a dive into a crate of fish, thanks to Spike, leaving Noah to decide whether to continue fighting him or go keep Fancy from becoming next week's Chicken of the Sea. He chooses to save her, God only knows why, but just misses the boat taking her to the chopping vat. Beth tries to run down Sheridan in her attempt to get away with Marty, but Luis won't shoot at the car to stop her, and Sam won't allow his men to, either, and consequently Beth gets off the grounds and escapes with Marty. Sheridan accuses Luis of not caring and not wanting to catch Beth, then slaps him into next week.

Rebecca manages to convince everyone, even Pilar and Martin, that Theresa pushed her down the stairs, but Ivy and Gwen both know better. They do their part to keep the lie going, however. Theresa is finally forced to leave, with the prospect of only having chaperoned visits with her baby from now on, and the Three Witches of Craneville cackle with glee at the sight.

Y&R By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Mackenzie gets a new perspective on things from an old friend. Kevin confides secretly about his stepfather living a lie. Nikki goes toe to toe in defense of a friend. Michael gives a solution for saving a marriage. Tom gets to meet a new love’s, old love.

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