Tuesday 6/28/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 6/28/05 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

Krystal tells David that she refuses to go through with his plan to have "Dixie" solve hers' and Babe's problems. But while in prison, she has fantasies about how good her life would be if Dixie motivates JR to agree to joint custody of the baby with Babe and Jamie gets to go to med school. She also has a fantasy that Adam pulls strings to get her an early release and it is because of Dixie. In reality, Di/Dixie tries and fails to get JR and Jamie to reconcile. But when she sees that it is impossible to get them back to where they used to be, she tells them she will go away. JR hears that and realizes he cannot let that happen. Greenlee tells Kendall and Simone that she knows that Ryan has a serious problem but she believes that having a baby is what needs to be done in order to save him. Ryan goes to ask David to give him a drug to end his rage. He still has no clue what Greenlee is up to. Maria, Maddie and ANita leave for California. Sam is ready to live with Tad and Brooke and Joe. Myrtle tells Zach he must say goodbye to Maria. He goes to the airport to see her off before she leaves.

ATWT by Elayna

Carly confronts Hannah about ripping up and burning the picture of her dad. At first Hannah denies it, but then claims that Carly’s life would be ruined if she knew the truth. Carly demands that Hannah tell her about her dad’s past, but Hannah won’t budge, and decides to leave. Carly decides to find out about the photograph without Hannah’s help, and she puts a call into a woman Nancy recommended to help her. Lucinda and Meg talk about her and Dusty reconnecting to pass the time till the doctor calls. Lucinda suggests Meg stay in town to get to know Dusty, but Meg doesn’t think so, especially after Dusty blows her off. Paul dreams of Rosanna; but he wakes up to find Emily there with him. He later asks Emily to move in with him. Barbara tells Paul that Gwen is pregnant, and is trying to trap Will into believing he is the father, and she solicits Paul’s help. Rosanna dreams of Paul, and then questions her marriage to Craig, but Craig is able to alleviate her fears with humor. Mike pleads with Rosanna to help him rein in Craig so Jen is under less stress. They agree to work together to help everyone in this situation, and Mike feels confident his way of handling Craig is working. Meanwhile, Jen is going behind his back and plotting with Dusty to handle Craig. They set him up at the Lakeview when Jen confronts Craig by antagonizing him, causing him to get angry and causing a scene in front of many witnesses, where Jen ends up apparently falling because of Craig.

B&B by Beth 

Taylor is summoned to the hospital by Ridge he tells her Stephanie had a heart attack. She says she will be right there and Brooke grabs the phone, Ridge tells her she is not to come to the hospital since the fight about her caused his mother to have a heart attack. Stephanie still lying in her hospital bed, tells Taylor she doesn't think she can hang on. She tells her family how much she loves them and how she'll never forget this moment no matter what happens. A hospital pastor stops by and offers a prayer. After the family prays Ridge approaches the pastor and asks him to be a part of "something wonderful". Ridge then asks Taylor if she would like to be his one and only wife and if she would like to renew their vows right here and now. She is elated and tells him she would love to.

Bridget comes home to find her mother very upset that she is not included at the hospital. She sure Stephanie is faking it to get Ridge to chose Taylor. Bridget questions what if its really serious. Brooke doesn't buy it truly believing that Stephanie is up to something. Meanwhile at Cafe Ruse Massimo runs into an old friend Dante. Dante is sketching Taylor. He hides it as Massimo sits down to catch up with his friend and tells him about his sons and how Taylor miraculously returned from the dead and that Dante must have seen it on television. Dante tells Massimo he hasn't had time to watch TV. Massimo asks him then why is he drawing Taylor. He is amazed at how perfect the drawing is and asks Dante if he can have it to give his son. He takes the sketch and tells Dante he'll see him later at his house. Taylor

Days by Danielle

Frankie is introduced and reunites with everyone at the party. Max and Chelsea finish their intimate activities and Chelsea secretly feels bad about what she did. Once they arrive home, Frankie confronts Max about his behavior. Chelsea pretends that what she did with Max was no big deal and gloats to Abby about it. Jennifer asks Max and Frankie to at least spend one night at their house so they can catch up and spend time as a family and it makes Jack’s attempts to tell Jennifer about his prognosis even harder. Rex visits Mimi in jail and refuses to give up on her. Mimi puts Rex’s name on the banned visitor list. Rex teams up with Patrick to help free Mimi. Philip asks Belle to choose between him and Shawn.

GH by Lisa

Michael becomes extremely upset when he sees Sonny kissing Reese and destroys a photo of himself. Sam rushes to Michael's side after he calls Jason for help. Concerned over Michael's mental state, Sam contacts Dr. Thomas. After meeting with Michael, Dr. Thomas asks Sam if Michael killed AJ. Jason tries to stop Carly from searching through Reese's belongings. Jason and Carly are forced to hide when Reese and Sonny return unexpectedly but manage to leave without being seen. Carly returns to Alcazar, who warns her to never lie to him again. Reese burns her high school yearbook.

Courtney admits to Nikolas that she's hurt over the fact that she can't carry Jax's child while Elizabeth can. Nikolas shares his frustrations with Courtney. Lucky finds Jax and Elizabeth having dinner together. In front of Jax, Courtney pretends she has no reservations about Elizabeth carrying their child. Wanting things to get back to normal, Emily tells Nikolas she wants to move back in with him. Alcazar gives Skye advice about Luke. Tracy maneuvers Luke away from Skye before Skye can tell Luke she loves him.

GL by Suzanne 

will be late

OLTL by Mary  

They are all concerned about Evangeline’s whereabouts. Jessica has a dream about Tess, and they have a conversation. Tess tries to kill Jessica. When Jessica awakens it really is Tess. Tess tries to find a way to escape. She steals a cell phone from a nun, and calls Ginger to help her. R.J. strikes up a deal with Jackie, and Rex overhears. Rex tells Bo that Natalie is missing. Nora tells Bo that David and Spencer are brothers. Evangeline awakens, and finds Natalie lying unconscious across the room.

Passions by Shirley

Gwen and Luis look for Sheridan in the cottage, with no luck, then head out to search the rest of the grounds. Meanwhile, Sheridan has trapped Beth in the garage and they are at a standstill because Beth locked the car with Marty inside and Sheridan can't get the keys from her. Beth manages to dig the knife deeper into Sheridan's heart after admitting all to her but telling her if Luis really loved her he wouldn't have believed Beth instead of her. She manages to manipulate Sheridan to a spot where she is able to loosen a rope holding a net full of summer supplies at the ceiling, and it falls, knocking Sheridan unconscious. Beth celebrates herself a minute too long, however, and turns to find Sheridan blocking the car's exit from the garage. Not a problem for Beth, who floorboards the gas pedal with glee.

Rebecca's fake fall down the stairs has the desired effect, even causing Pilar and Martin to believe their daughter had pushed the woman. Ethan doesn't believe her either, although they all hesitate when Rebecca says she doesn't want the police in it, she just wants to forgive. She doesn't add it's to keep Theresa away from the mansion, of course. No, Theresa still hasn't figured out the reason for the old witch's fall - to keep her away from the mansion and stop her snooping for evidence. Noah carries Fancy on a circuitous route to the Crane mansion, giving Spike time to find them, and a fight ensues. Spike has the upper hand, tho, as he pulls his gun on Noah and Fancy.

Y&R By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Ashley gets a strange feeling when her friend meets her brother-in-law. Gloria learns that she might still be married to her ex. Neil hears an eerie recording with his daughter's voice on it. Devon is completely ignored. Phyllis finds someone who has seen the kids.

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