Monday 6/27/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 6/27/05 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

Jack is panicking over Lily and Sam being late in getting back from their date. They explain to him that the busses and cabs were late and it was out of their control. Erica helps Jack to calm down and realize he can trust his daughter. He remarks that she knows how to communicate with their kids. Babe goes into work at SOS and runs into Josh Madden. He tells her that he could get her a spot on New Beginnings. Amanda goes there with Jamie and sounds like she wants Babe to cheat on Jamie with Josh. Jamie looks like he's having doubts and doesn't know what to do with Amanda. Greenlee, Kendall, Simone, Ethan and Zach witness Ryan in the Fight Club. Ryan envisions his father in the fight with him and is ready to really hurt his opponent and get himself hurt until Ethan and Zach physically drag him out of the fight. Greenlee is horrified about what she's just found out about her husband, and over the fact that he has not told her about it. He tells her that this is something he has to do and he did not know how to tell her.

ATWT by Elayna

Meg, who is skinny dipping at the Snyder pond, is surprised by Dusty, who sneaks up on her. They playfully flirt, but when it comes to personal information, Meg avoids Dusty’s questions. She relays that one of her biggest regrets was losing him. They end up making love by the pond’s edge. Jen receives a surprise visit from Craig. He taunts her about being married to Rosanna, and how all of her resources would be there for him to use if he needed to take on Jen. He suggests that Jen stop fighting him because it would be easier on her and the baby. Jen later secretly calls Dusty to tell him of Craig’s visit, and how she has decided that they have no choice but to take care of Craig Dusty’s way. Dusty reminds her that means she can’t tell Mike what they are doing. Jen agrees, feeling she has no choice. Henry surprises Katie with divorce papers. Paul watches Rosanna at the Fairwind’s gazebo. He later finds an emotional Emily waiting for him at his apartment, and the two end up making love. Will and Gwen daydream about Casey and Celia. Lily and Holden share a beer, and enjoy each other’s company as he lends support to Lily, who is worried about Lucinda. Luke, who they then have to tell about Lucinda’s cancer, interrupts their close moment. Carly finds a piece of the ripped picture of her dad that Hannah burned on the floor. They both assume Hannah must be involved, and Carly vows to get to the bottom of it.

B&B by Beth

Thomas and Gaby return from their expeditious wedding in Las Vegas. Gaby is fearful of anyone knowing of her marriage to Thomas. Reluctant at first, Thomas reveals to Gaby that Nick saw him at the chapel but promised to keep what they’ve done a secret. Having seen the press conference for Taylor’s return on television, Hector gives Brooke a call and tells her not to be heedful of irritating reporters. Dante pays Taylor a visit. He tells her that he’s come by once before and has already meet Phoebe. Taylor tells him that her situation with Ridge is very complicated as Ridge has made a life with another woman while she was way. She also tells Dante how grateful she is of him for giving her a second chance at life. After Dante leaves, Brooke comes downstairs. Taylor tells Brooke how much respect she has for her, as both a mother and an executive. The two of them would be more civilized if Stephanie would quit interfering, claims Brooke, but Taylor retorts saying no matter how loud Stephanie may get, Ridge will make a decision on his own as to who he’ll spend the rest of his life with.

At the beach house, Ridge realizes that Stephanie is in the midst of a heart attack and takes her to the hospital. He calls Eric and tells him to call the hospital. Thorne and Darla are already at the hospital when Stephanie, Ridge and Eric arrive. Ridge explains that he and his mother were exchanging “words” before she began grabbing at her chest in pain. Once Stephanie is settled in her room, Ridge tells her he loves her and that he has taken her love for granted. It isn’t long, however, before Stephanie becomes riled up once more about Brooke further aggravating her already unstable condition.

Days by Danielle

Maggie, Alice, and Marlena join the Deveraux family for the barbeque. Jennifer tries to appease Jack’s concerns by going to talk to Patrick who is in the garage packing his things. Jennifer accidentally topples over a stack of moving boxes and Jack walks in just as Patrick grabs Jennifer to keep her from falling too. Jack and Patrick argue and Patrick storms out. Jack shares his fears of Patrick replacing him with Jennifer but Jennifer assures him that no one could take his place. Jack asks to speak to Marlena alone and confides in her that he is dying. Marlena urges him to tell Jennifer. The doorbell rings as everyone cleans up from the barbeque and the visitor turns out to be Frankie. Chelsea at first stops Max from going any farther but then after he calls her a kid and accuses her of being afraid, Chelsea tells Max to drive to the lake where they make out.

Rex, Bonnie, and Mickey show up for Mimi’s sentencing. Judge Fitzpatrick passes down the sentence of 15-20 years in prison and Mimi faints. Mimi comes to but the judge turns down Mickey’s plea for a lighter sentence. Mimi is taken to a holding cell where she refuses Rex’s attempts to stick by her. Kate attempts to get Shawn to leave before Philip comes back and is shocked when John refuses to help because he believes Shawn is right to stay and talk to Philip. Kate convinces John to help get Shawn to leave but their efforts are too late because Philip comes back and insists that Shawn stay. Shawn admits to Philip that he organized the rescue mission so that Belle would come back to him for he has never stopped loving her.

GH by Amanda

Skye and Coleman continue to bait Luke and Tracy, but Skye fears Luke might be falling for Tracy. Sonny basically blows Carly's latest tirade about Reese off. Liz, Lucky, Jax, and Courtney go to the hospital for the first step of the insemination. Maxie claims Jessy is an orderly she was bugging for ice cream, prompting a lecture on dietary restrictions from Mac, and letting Jessy escape. When Sonny's men bring in Reese's luggage, bare moments after she agrees to move in, she flips out, telling him his arrogance is phenomenal and to take a flying leap. Sam tells Jason about Julie and swears him to secrecy. Emily admits to Sam she is still having qualms with Nik. Carly sneaks out of Tracy's party to prove that Reese has an agenda.

GL by Sarah  

OLTL by Mary

John reads the letter, and sees the picture of Natalie. He notifies the police officers to meet him at the docks. He finds evidence on the railing, and jumps into the river looking for Natalie. Blair and Todd confront Asa as well as Carlo for trying to have her killed. The doctor from Wingdale positively identified Carlo as the man who had Blair committed to Wingdale. Asa makes a deal with Blair which Blair accepts. Rex admits that the letter that John had received was all a hoax. All of Llanview found out that Spencer and David were brothers. Someone kidnapped Evangeline.

Passions by Shirley

As Luis and Sheridan lead the others on a new 26 mile marathon around the Crane estate, chasing Beth and Marty, Alistair's directions lead Beth back to the mansion, while the others keep chasing decoys. Sheridan catches sight of her father in the mansion and figures out Beth went back there, but finds no one there when she arrives. Needless to say, the search is still on, and probably will be for days to come. Noah and Fancy continue their talk, trying to see which one can denigrate the other more. She calls him a nobody with a "Knight in Shining Armor" complex, while he calls her rich, spoiled, bad news, and evil. She turns tail to run and twists an ankle, and despite her weak protests, Noah begins to carry her back to the mansion. Meanwhile, the thugs in Vegas are beginning to make headway in identifying the two and putting them out of our misery.

Theresa and Rebecca square off, with Rebecca threatening that Theresa will never see Ethan nor Jane again, and Theresa threatening to expose Rebecca and Gwen for giving the info on Ethan's paternity to the tabloid. Rebecca comes up with a plan, and makes sure others hear her tell Theresa "No" in a frightened voice, then thanks goodness she's wearing panties and throws herself down the staircase, landing at the feet of Katherine, Pilar, Ivy, and Ethan. They all believe Theresa pushed her, of course.

Y&R By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Ashley is present when two men who shouldn’t know each other meet. Michael discovers something about his family on his computer. Daniel wants to continue his journey alone. Nick accuses a stranger of hiding a criminal under the bed. Jill sees that a rival CEO is a lot craftier than the men around her think.

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