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AMC by Jenn

Kendall reveals to Greenlee that Ryan goes to a secret place and it's worse than seeing another woman or prostitute. Greenlee finally agrees to go with Kendall and Simone to find his secret place. Ethan insists on accompanying the three women. Zach follows them. It looks like a crowded place where guys go to fight.

Krystal finds out that David is scamming Tad and JR with her old cell mate, Di Kirby by having them believing that Di is Dixie. He tells her that his plan will enable their daughter to possibly get joint custody of her son, if JR believes Di is his mother, warms up to her and she asks him to let Babe have more time with little Adam. But Krystal says she wants no part of that and that David is being just as cruel and evil to Tad and JR as she was to Bianca by pulling a stunt like that. But David keeps insisting that it will be worth it. Amanda comes on to Jamie and he decides she can no longer stay with him and Babe. Babe asks why he's suddenly deciding that and doesn't seem to distrust Amanda with Jamie.

ATWT by Eva

Will stands up to Barbara and becomes even more determined to help Gwen with the baby. Gwen finally accepts Will's help with the baby and she also decides to keep the truth from Casey. Celia becomes even more bothered by Will being the father of Gwen's baby and begins to drift away from Casey. Kim informs Casey that Will told Bob he wasn't the father of Gwen's baby. Carly is given a picture of her father with Susan Stewart and a mysterious woman. Lucinda finally tells Lily, Sierra and Holden about her cancer but she refuses to let them help her deal with the cancer. Jennifer breaks a promise to Mike and asks Dusty to help her get Craig out of her life.

B&B by Boo

Taylor confronts Brooke when she catches her sneaking back into the house with nothing but Ridge’s shirt on. Brooke tells her that she is sure that Ridge will pick her if Taylor and Stephanie continue to make Ridge feel that he has to protect her. Dante shows a talent for sketching before going against Taylor’s wishes and paying her a visit. Nick runs into Thomas in Vegas right after Thomas and Gaby have been married. He promises Thomas not to tell anyone if Thomas will explain later. Ridge and Stephanie argue heatedly until Stephanie finally grabs her chest and shows major signs of a heart attack.

Days by Danielle

Max brings Jack, Jennifer, Abby, Chelsea, and Patrick to the upgraded seats. Jack warns Patrick to stay away from his family but gives into Jennifer’s request to allow Patrick to sit with them. Max wins the race and everyone heads to the tailgate area for a cookout but a storm approaches so the cookout is moved to the Deveraux home. Abby invites Max to join them and Chelsea invites Patrick as well. Jack allows Patrick to come and partake of one burger only and also refuses to allow Patrick to help with anything. Max invites Chelsea to join him on a trip for homemade ice cream but instead they stop at Lookout Point and kiss. Philip demands to know why Shawn came to Germany and while Shawn admits that it was all for Belle, Belle tries to claim that it was only out of friendship. While Philip is away getting measured for prosthesis, Belle and Shawn argue about whether to tell Philip the truth.

Nicole and Chloe at first wait on Nancy to board the Titan Jet before taking off. Nancy is still cornered in Chloe’s old clinic room by Brady. Nancy sticks to Chloe’s wishes and denies that Chloe is alive. Chloe uses the jet’s phone to call Nancy and Brady grabs the phone from her but Chloe hangs up once she hears Brady’s voice. Brady finds a bag of Chloe’s things in the room but doesn’t believe Nancy’s story of it being items she brought in for a less fortunate patient. Nicole uses her cell phone to call Brady and pretend that she is driving home from the mall but Brady doesn’t buy that story either. Nicole, fearing that Brady is on to them, orders the plane to take off right away. Nancy makes an excuse to leave by claiming she has to catch a plane to get back to Craig and the mention of a plane reminds Brady that the caller ID from Chloe’s call was the number to the Titan Jet. Brady rushes to the airport and orders the Titan Jet to be returned to the hanger.

GH by Amanda

Bobbi hires Ric and Reese to defend her as John hires Alexis to sue her and possibly the hospital. Sonny finds Reese's yearbook, which she claims is just part of the information the FBI gave her on Carly when she was assigned. He then gives her a key to his former penthouse. Jax finds fulfilling his obligation in the paternity quest difficult to impossible. Skye becomes the stakes in a bet between Luke and Coleman over which can be turned into the better gentleman. Luke makes plans to crash Tracy's PR party. Carly confronts Reese. Jessie visits Maxie again. Carly tells Sonny Reese will not live in their penthouse.

GL by Boo

Alan arranges for all charges against Mallet to be dropped in exchange for Mallet’s promise to find Harley and take her away from Gus. Alan is upset when Mallet refuses to help him. Mallet later makes plans of his own to help Harley out. Gus and Harley are disappointed when Sebastian is successful in killing Dr. Wallace. They return to their hiding place on the Light of Love set and start to make love as Alan closes in on them. Cassie and Edmund continue to argue while Cassie grows closer to Jeffrey. Nate makes a strong play for Reva. When she turns him down, he threatens her. Jonathan and Nate get into a fight with Jonathan trying to protect Reva. When Reva sees the fight, she thinks that it is Jonathan’s fault. Jonathan grows very angry at Reva and ends up pulling a knife on her.

OLTL by Mary

Asa and Renee are on their way back to Llanview. When Renee questions Asa about Carlo Hesser’s involvement, Asa denies that he had seen Carlo in years. Everyone gathers for the Woman of the Year Award which will be presented to Evangeline Williamson. Carlo has Blair captured in their condo. He tries to kill her when Bo, and some other police officers arrive. Todd gets the upper hand on him, and knocks him to the floor. He is captured by the police. When he is taken to the police station, and questioned, he tells them that Margaret hadn’t hired him to kill Blair but it was Asa Buchanan. Asa’s plane is spotted on the airport radar. Bo awaits his arrival at the airport, and when he arrives in the terminal, he is arrested by Bo.

Passions by Shirley

As Luis and Sam are working furiously to get the wall to the secret room in the Crane Mansion open so they can get Beth and Marty out, Alistair quickly sneaks out before anyone knows he's gone. Once they get in the room they discover that Beth and Marty are gone, then they all head outside to search the grounds. As they are about to give up hope, Pilar hears a helicopter and they all run out to stop Beth from getting on it. Leave it to Alistair to send them on a wild goose chase again. Meanwhile, Theresa comes to visit her daughter, and while waiting for Ethan to tell her she can go up she decides to spend the time looking for clues. She finds the laptop and disk box where Rebecca hid the incriminating tape and began going through them, and when she found something important she called Ethan to come see it. Once again, a conard, as it was only a picture of the two of them holding Jane when she was born.

Noah and Fancy manage to talk their way out of being in trouble for burning down Spike's nightclub, and the officer manages to reveal that Noah is Chief Bennett's son. After a while, she clued him in to the fact she is a Crane. Rebecca continues to reassure Gwen that there is no way Theresa will ever find any evidence linking them to the tabloid story, all the while wondering where she should put the disk after she decided against the disk box.

Y&R By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Daniel makes contact with the other side. JT keeps up his end of the façade. Bobbie puts on a show for the neighbors. Michael figures out how his mother will be ruined. Lauren recognizes a necklace that was hers.


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