Thursday 6/23/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 6/23/05 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

Ryan is having a nightmare about his father and brothers taking Greenlee and informing him that she's dead like them. He then sees and hears both Greenlee and Jonathan reminding him that he told them both that he loved them. He awakens from his nightmare and leaves. Greenlee notices he's gone somewhere in the middle of the night. Kendall is also worried about Ryan. Ethan reveals that he might be interested in hooking up with Simone and Kendall reveals she might be jealous. David successfully gets both Tad and JR to believe that "Di" is Dixie and that she chose to contact him and not them because they were too selfish and undeserving of having her back in their lives. Babe informs her mother that Dixie is back but Tad is not interested in getting back with her and she encourages her mother to believe that Tad is hers. She also shows Krystal a picture of "Dixie" and Krystal recognizes her as the same woman who used to be her cell mate. She tries to tell Tad but cannot get it out. She then calls David and asks him to come to see her and discuss it.

ATWT by Eva

Lily, Sierra, and Holden continue to worry about Lucinda and are positive she is hiding a secret from them. Gwen wants to tell Casey the truth about the baby because she is worried he will figure out the truth. Will persuades her to keep pretending that he (Will) is the father of the baby because he wants to protect Celia. Later Celia confronts Will and asks him to tell her if he is really the father of Gwen's baby. Carly is determined to find out if her father was ever in Oakdale but Hannah is just as determined that Carly not discover the truth about the picture. The doctor informs Lucinda that preliminary tests show the lump in her breast is malignant and they must do more tests to determine the best treatment for her cancer. Lucinda asks Meg not to say anything to Lily and Sierra about her condition. Barbara is stunned to learn Will is the father of Gwen's baby and goes to Gwen's apartment to confront her about the situation.

B&B by Glynis

Bridget remembers another wedding that she had in Vegas. Gabriella realizes that she is marrying the man that her mother told her she would find. Stephanie feels that some of her grandchildren will be just fine growing up without their father. Thomas pauses a little too long when a response is needed. Brooke doesn't care how she wins, as long as she does.

Days by Danielle

Patrick stops by the Deveraux house to pack up the last of his things and both Tek and Jack accuse him of trying to rob the place. Jack refuses Lexie’s offer to talk to her or Marlena about his condition and heads to the racetrack after being so distracted by Patrick being at his house that he forgets to retrieve his favorite relish. At the racetrack, Jennifer and Max inform Chelsea and Abby that Max and his older brother Frankie were adopted by Shawn Sr. and Caroline as kids. Jennifer asks Max about Frankie and is embarrassed when Max teases her in front of Abby about her prior relationship with Frankie. Max takes Abby and Chelsea to the pit area to see his car and gives them passes to upgrade their seats to behind the pit area. Before Jack can explain why he forgot the relish, Abby and Chelsea return dragging Patrick with them. Tek stops in to comfort Lexie and they end up giving in to desire and making love on Lexie’s desk.

Nicole stops by Chloe’s clinic room to make sure she is ready to go and helps her pack. Nancy refuses to help and tries to convince Chloe to change her mind. Brady follows Nicole to the clinic and senses something is up when Nicole won’t answer her cell phone after realizing that it’s Brady calling. Brady begs the nurse to tell him if Chloe is there but the nurse evades breaking privacy by telling Brady that someone in room 206 might help him. Brady rushes to Chloe’s room and finds it empty except for Nancy hiding in the closet. Brady grills Nancy about Chloe’s whereabouts while Nicole prepares to take Chloe in her car to the jet. Belle and Shawn realize that Philip has spotted them. Philip greets Shawn cordially at first but delights in seeing how Belle gets upset when Shawn inadvertently makes constant clichés about legs and feet. Philip questions Shawn’s motives for coming.

GH by Lisa

Sonny makes an interesting discovery in Reese's hotel room. Durant blames Bobbie for his physical troubles and vows revenge. Michael is devastated by Jodie's mother's cruel words. Sonny arranges for Reese to move into his old penthouse. Skye makes a deal with Coleman. Luke wants answers from Skye.

GL by Suzanne

Jonathan and his new girl Zoe hang out at Farley's. Nate and Jonathan confer about their plan while she is in the bathroom, looking for the earrings. Jonathan covers that they don't know each other when she comes back; Nate flirts with her. Tammy is upset to find the earrings in Sandy's place. She checks with Josh again to see if Sandy really lied about working for him tonight. Sandy is surprised to find her there when he returns; she asks him where he's been and acts very suspicious. He assures her that he's happy to see her there. They go to Farley's. Tammy almost tells Sandy about the earrings but stops. Sandy gets a call, so she goes in by herself. Jonathan sees her and decides to leave. He asks Zoe not to talk to Tammy, but she does anyway. Zoe recognizes the earrings and tells Tammy they are hers. Tammy is shocked. Sandy comes up after Zoe leaves and tells Tammy she has to leave town with Josh. At Cross Creek, Olivia gives Bill a late-father's day gift: a wallet with Emma's picture, binoculars, and a mug that says "World's Greatest Dad". Someone watches them and then a big pile of wood falls on Bill. He is woozy but fine. Olivia thinks Alan made the "accident" happen because he doesn't want Bill to adopt Emma. She phones Josh, who agrees to come out there and look into it. JOsh threatens Alan that nothing had better happen to Bill or Olivia. JOsh asks Nate to give Reva a message that he's going to Cross Creek, in case he can't find her before he leaves. Nate is happy to look after Reva. Nate tells Sebastian that he arranged for the accident in Cross Creek in order to get Josh out of town. He plans to romance (and hurt) Reva. Jonathan tries to talk him out of it, but Nate ends up physically hurting Jonathan to shut him up.

Gus and Harley try to Dr. Wallace, but the police want to chat with them about the accident. They give their statements. They plan to talk to Dr. Wallace again to find out who killed Phillip. Wallace tries to write Gus a note, but he falls unconscious. Sebastian has the $100,000 check that Alan wrote to Dr. Wallace, so he questions Alan over the phone about how Wallace and Harley are connected. Later, Alan goes to the hospital and threatens Sebastian that he will tell the police that he ran over Wallace, but Alan will deny giving him that order. Sebastian prepares to smother Dr. Wallace with a pillow just as Gus and Harley are about to talk to him.

OLTL by Mary

Duke and Adriana find another hiding place. Asa and Renee head home to Llanview. Renee demands to know how Asa is going to keep Blair from testifying against him in court. She threatens to call Bo. Jessica visits Vikki, and tells her that she is leaving town. Vikki is upset but tries to understand. Blair and Todd discuss Jessica’s alter ego, Tess, and just how deadly she is. Kelly brings some dresses by Blair’s to get her opinion on what she should wear on her date with Spencer Truman. Duke and Adriana are kidnapped by Carlo’s men, and ordered to be killed in case Asa goes back on his deal. Kelly, Blair, Starr, and Jack visit Addie. Carlo enters Todd’s, and Blair’s apartment. Jessica leaves town without saying good-bye to Antonio. Dr. Jamison commits Jessica to St. Anne’s. Blair arrives home, and when she calls the guard to come upstairs it is Carlo Hesser.

Passions by Shirley

Pilar lays down the law to Martin - if they renew their vows it must be because he wants to do it, not because of Alistair's threats against Katherine. He assures her he does, but still longs for Katherine in his heart. Pilar sets it up with Father Lonigan, but then Katherine calls asking for Martin. Pilar gets upset but calms down when she learns it's about Marty. At the Crane mansion, Sam and Luis still have had no luck finding Beth and Marty, and Alistair is showing them out when Pilar and Martin rush in. After being caught up on it all, Pilar remembers when Alistair had secret rooms built, but doesn't know where they are. Luis threatens to tear the mansion apart, but Sam calls in a technician who uses a machine and finds the safe room. When Alistair won't tell them how to get in, Luis takes matters into his own hands and begins tearing the wall apart with a pick axe. Beth cringes inside, knowing she's caught.

Edna runs to Tabitha for sanctuary, having a hunch something isn't right about the woman. When Tabby turns her away and she starts praying, however, all hell breaks loose, literally, in the house. Having her ability to connect with the angels on her side, she tells Tabitha that she will hide her, or she'll turn God's wrath loose on the witch and all the other demons living there. Noah manages to drag Fancy out of the burning club, but she doesn't want to trust him. A kiss manages to shut her up, at least for a minute or so.

Y&R By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Bobbie greets his wife properly when he sees that she is alone. Katherine gives an ultimatum. Paul does a little rattling. Tom takes out his big guns. Kevin asserts himself.

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