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The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 6/22/05 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

Dr. Madden goes to confront Greenlee because he knows she stole the frozen sperm cells from his clinic. Ryan comes and asks them what is going on. He then discovers that he knows Dr. Madden is a fertility doctor and asks Greenlee why she would want to get pregnant from an anonymous donor. He has no clue what her real intent was. Zach tells Kendall that he knows that Ryan might get into some real trouble and asks if she cares enough about Ryan to want to help him. Dr. Madden goes and finds out that Erica hired his son to work for her at New Beginning and tells her she must fire him. But she refuses. Jack and Reggie are concerned about Lily getting too close to Sam. David pretends that he really believes that "Di" is Dixie and upsets both Tad and JR. They both seem to be fooled into believing she is the real Dixie. But JR walks in on David's conversation with her about the "deal" they have and asks what they are talking about.

ATWT by Linda

Today, Lucinda continues to struggle with the news of her cancer. Meg is at the farm reuniting with her brother, Holden The phone rings; it is Lucinda and she really needs Meg to give her a ride to the hospital.. Little does Lucinda know - a nurse is now calling the farm for contact info on Lucinda - which confuses Holden. He reports this call to Lily! Back to the wedding of the year - where the bride just dropped her bouquet. Jack and Carly attempt to talk some sense into Rosanna - but the wedding begins. What no one knows is that Carly made a phone call before talking to Rosanna - to Paul! He walked outside just in time to see them pronounced husband and wife, then slipped out unseen. We see him standing out of sight - tears streaming down his face. Paul goes home, poured a drink and phoned his sister to tell her the news, which is that Craig now has the considerable power of the Cabot name behind him. "There's no stopping him now," fretted Jen, deciding then and there that she's ready to fight dirty

B&B by Glynis

Taylor worries about what tricks are being played behind her back. Danté is shunned when he makes contact. Brooke sets the scene for love. Stephanie threatens to break down a door when she finds it locked. Nick plans to go into wedlock dressed as Elvis.

Days by Danielle

Abby, Chelsea, Jennifer, and Jack prepare for a day at the racetrack but Jack changes his own plans when he is overcome by pain and decides to plan to meet Jennifer at the track while he secretly visits Lexie for more tests. The tests reveal that Jack’s white blood cell count is low and he only has three months to live. Jack refuses to let anyone else know of his prognosis. While at the track, Abby and Chelsea get autographs from driver Max Brady and Jennifer and Max greet each other like old friends. Abe walks up on Tek complaining to Lexie about Abe’s treatment of her and it sparks an argument between Abe and Lexie about whether she and Tek are having an affair. Officer Adams brings Abe his requested results of Tek’s background check that reveal he is a womanizer. After confronting Tek about his intentions with Lexie, Adams catches Lexie giving in to Tek’s offer for comfort.

Brady decides not to listen in on Nicole’s conversation but calls Nancy over to ask about Chloe. Nancy, having been threatened with losing Chloe from her life, uses vague words to answer Brady’s questions so that she doesn’t lie but avoids telling the exact truth. Chloe wants to take Nicole’s offer but Nancy refuses to let her. Nicole eavesdrops on the conversation and decides that she must make sure that Chloe and Nancy get on the jet. Brady follows Nicole, hoping that she’ll lead him right to Chloe. Philip wakes up screaming from phantom pain and becomes frustrated that Belle would be spending her life waiting on him but Belle promises to stay with him. Belle insists that Shawn leave but gives in to his attempts at comfort once Philip leaves for x-ray. While in x-ray, Philip talks with another patient who warns from his own experience that Belle will eventually leave him now that he isn’t the same man. Philip, confident that Belle will stay, tries to surprise her by wheeling himself back into the room but instead spots Belle in Shawn’s arms.

GH by Amanda 

Bobbi finds herself in an ethical dilemma when she's the nurse for John's surgery. Thanks to Alan, the police want to bring Jason in for questioning in regards to John's shooting. Carly and Reese get into a cat fight, and Reese almost lets slip that she once knew Carly. Courtney anticipates when Jax's baby will arrive. According to Monica, Maxie is on the mend and can keep BJ's heart. After her prenatal check up, Alexis asks Reese to sleep with her husband. Monica kicks Alan out again. Dillon vows to never leave Georgie again. Jessie introduces himself and thanks Maxie for covering for him. John can't feel his legs when he wakes up.

GL by Elizabeth

Lizzie and Coop spend some time together. Alan threatens his granddaughter after finding out that she saw Harley and didn’t report it to the police (when she took the photo of her). Alex agrees to help Coop & Lizzie stay together if they’re both willing to make sacrifices themselves for one another. Alan warns Alex that she had better be careful. Alex makes a tape, confessing what she knows about the murder in the case of her death. Sebastian calls Alan, demanding to know what is really going on with Gus, Harley and Wallace. Sandy might have lied to Tammy. Jonathan sets up a situation so that it looks like Sandy has cheated on her. Dinah reveals a loophole in the baby contract that could keep Cassie from being the mother of the child. Edmund goes to Cassie with good intentions, but after finding out that she spent the night with Jeffery changes his mind. He decides that the baby would be better off with him. Jeffery urges Cassie to give her problems some time before rushing to any decisions.

OLTL by Mary

Carlo agrees to Asa’s demands to kill Blair Cramer. Renee comes back in, and finds out about their business deal. Renee demands to know what is their business deal. Asa informs her that Blair will not be testifying against him. Renee wants to know why he says that. John visits Evangeline before the Woman of the Year banquet. He finds out that Kevin Buchanan will be her escort. Evangeline gives him back the pearl necklace. Vikki enlists Antonio’s help in finding out what is troubling Jessica. Natalie decides that she doesn’t want Rex’s help in trapping John. Duke and Adriana escape from their hideout after tying up, and gagging the henchmen. They escape to the mountains. Todd tells Blair that Jessica has DID.

Passions by Shirley

The search for Marty and Beth goes on at the Crane mansion, with no luck. Alistair is gloating over his trick, at least until he shows up in the Library and Luis knocks him around the room. He still denies he had anything to do with Beth and Marty, then tells them to get out. However, Sam has the legal right to be there and search, and although Alistair blusters and threatens he can't do a thing to stop him. Rebecca goes to check on her disk with the incriminating evidence against her and Gwen, and is happy to see it's still safe where she left it. However, Ivy sneaks in and catches her admiring it, then wonders what's on it. After a chat between the two "best friends", a compromise is reached where neither will mention the other's bad acts.

Theresa manages to talk Whitney into nursing Miles to keep him alive, which brings joy to all concerned. Fox, however, still has questions and tries to get the answers from Theresa. Nothing doing, however, but she does tell him Fate will take care of it all, both for him and her. He is skeptical, but she isn't fazed. She heads to the mansion to seek the evidence that is now resting comfortably in Rebecca's bosom.

Y&R By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

JT admits to cheating. Brittany gets kicked out. Sharon’s head is in a fog. Tom escapes without being seen. Ashley gets an expensive gift.

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