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AMC by Jenn

David is ready to destroy the vials that Greenlee got from the lab so that she cannot get pregnant by Ryan. He keeps telling her that she needs to wake up and see the reality that Ryan has some real problems. But he agrees to save the sperm cells for her although he won't help her get pregnant. Kendall has anonymously referred Dr. Madden's son, Josh, to work for Erica at New Beginnings and take the job of supervising director, which ERica wants to give to her instead, in exchange for his descretion about catching her, Greenlee, and Simone stealing the lab specimens. Ryan suddenly appears at New Beginnings and Erica looks like she wants to give him a job before Josh. Josh seems to know how to sell himself to Erica. But she doesn't know who he is until he tells her his last name is Madden. When Greenlee returns home, Dr. Madden enters and tells her he knows she's stolen the sperm cells from his lab and he could have her arrested. Babe goes to see JR's nanny, believing she really is her son's grandmother. JR gets nasty to Babe and Dixie defends her somewhat but tells her she does not trust her. Babe tells Dixie she knows how she's made her own mistake with her son and husbands. David, then, suddenly appears, discovers that she says she really is Dixie, and tells them all they must not believe that. Sam is ready to live with Tad and his family for the summer. Maddie is ready to move with her mother to California. But they all admit that they are worried about making the change. Sam is happy, however, to be able to be close to Lily. Danielle's mother comes to visit her daughter and have her live with her. But Danielle does not want to reconcile with her mother.

ATWT by Elayna

Emily and Hal discuss their marriage when he shows up at Susan’s asking her to come home. He apologizes and promises to support her in the future. He will do anything to save their marriage. Emily can’t take the guilt of how Hal is being with her, and she blurts out she slept with Paul. After a devastated Hal vents his frustration and anger, he tells Emily their marriage can no longer be saved. Jen goes to see Paul because she is concerned about how he is handling the Rosanna situation, and also because she wants to ask him to be her baby’s godfather. He happily agrees, and then they touch upon how Paul would have gone to a dark place because of the Rosanna situation, if he hadn’t had a ‘friend’ help him find his way. He promises to tell Jen who it is when they both work through their stuff. Emily later shows up at Paul’s crying telling him about her conversation with Hal. He tries to comfort her, telling her they both know they were meant to be together. Later, Mike confronts Jen when she gets home from Paul’s about how she has been plotting behind his back with Dusty and Paul on how to handle Craig. Mike wants Jen to only rely on himself when it comes to Craig, and they will do it on the up and up. Jen agrees, but as they hug, she looks worried. Meg talks further with Lucinda about her open biopsy procedure. She suggests Lucinda prepare a living will and sign power of attorney papers. Lucinda thanks her, but thinks she is being dramatic.

Carly is adamant that Rosanna not marry Craig. She feels she will be ruining her future chances with Paul. Rosanna tells her that Paul no longer loves her, and she is moving on. Later, Katie talks to Rosanna about how she married Henry to see if Mike would stop the wedding. She reminds her how much she hurt everyone in the end. She is concerned in Rosanna and Craig’s situation; a baby will also be hurt. Carly feigns almost getting sick to stall, and runs inside to call Paul. She leaves a message for him, which Emily overhears. Emily picks up, and Carly quickly tells her that Paul needs to get to Fairwinds or something will happen to Rosanna.

B&B by Glynis 

Taylor follows the rules, Brooke breaks the rules. Eric is sickened by meddling. Stephanie is warned that her health is at stake. The twins worry for their mother’s well-being.

B&B by Elvis (bonus)

Ridge calls Brooke warning her to be careful on her trip up to the beach house as a storm is brewing. Taylor decides to leave early because of the storm. She and Ridge begin to kiss and are close to having sex before Taylor pulls away reminding Ridge that his time with her and Brooke should be "innocent". At the office, Stephanie continues to berate Brooke but Brooke fires back telling Stephanie that Ridge's call is a sign of his deep concern for her. On her way out, Brooke flirts with the idea of reminding Ridge of the woman he fell in love with. Eric tells Stephanie that her obsession of ridding the family of Brooke has caused him to be highly concerned about both her health and dramatic shift in character, but Stephanie said that it's her job to protect her family and that is exactly what she's going to do.

Taylor arrives home and is readily greeted by the twins who are both upset about Ridge's decision to spend time with both their mother and Brooke. Stephanie stops by to see Taylor and asks her where Brooke is. Taylor assumes that Brooke is upstairs but doesn't know for certain. Stephanie tells Taylor that she believes Brooke is up to something. Brooke arrives at the beach house earlier than expected - that same night rather than the following day when she was told to come. She sees Ridge in the shower and jumps in to join him!

Days by Danielle

Sami brings breakfast for Lucas and Will in an effort to act like a family. Roman stops by to question Sami about Tony in hopes that she’ll remember something about Caroline and Victor. Sami claims she doesn’t know anything but then blurts out in front of Roman and Lucas that Tony promised her that Roman and Marlena would be together. Sami covers by claiming that she meant Tony was using Roman and Marlena being alive as incentive to get Sami to come back to Salem to do his bidding which she refused. Mimi stops by to see Marlena and fill her in on Rex’s latest attempt to change her mind. Marlena reiterates her advice to have Mimi tell Rex the truth but Mimi refuses and storms out. Rex stops by the police station to grill Tek about Mimi’s case and then tracks Mimi down outside of Marlena’s office to demand to know what Mimi is keeping from him. Mimi runs off without telling Rex anything. Marlena is constantly reminded of her own situation by Mimi’s comments and tries to gather the courage to follow her own advice.

Belle is dreaming of dancing with Philip when she is woken by Shawn’s touch. Belle escorts Shawn out of Philip’s room and tells him to leave but Shawn refuses to go. John and Kate talk about Kate’s fears that Shawn will come between Belle and Philip and then walk in on Belle and Shawn talking. Shawn watches Belle promise to stay with Philip. Chloe reunites with Brady but it turns out to be a dream. Nicole wakes Brady by stripping naked and kissing him. Brady imagines Nicole to be Chloe and Nicole becomes offended when Brady first calls her by Chloe’s name and then ends the lovemaking when he realizes its Nicole. Brady continues to claim to Nicole that he believes Chloe to be dead but buys time apart from her advances by claiming that as long as Victor may be alive, they can’t be together. Nicole calls Chloe to offer the Titan jet so Chloe can get out of town for good and Brady notices that Nicole is on the phone and picks up the phone in his bedroom to listen in.

GH by Lisa

Reese decides to move out of Sonny's and get a place of her own so as to make things easier for Michael. Sonny doesn't have a problem with the idea of Reese and Ric possibly opening a law firm together. Carly confronts Alan and Durant when she overhears them conspiring to get Michael to live with the Quartermaines. Jason and Bobbie soon join in Carly's attack against Alan and Durant. Durant is shot in the back while badgering Reese and Ric and is taken to the hospital for surgery. Carly loses her temper with Reese. Jason is taken in for questioning.

Emily and Nikolas make love but Emily later confides to Sam that it wasn't the same for her as it used to be. After visiting Michael, Emily returns to Nikolas' bed to spend the night. Maxie's condition remains grave. Maxie makes Georgie to promise to live a full life if she dies. Maxie later awakes and finds a handsome stranger in her room. Lucky and Elizabeth move ahead with their surrogacy plans although Lucky has his private reservations.

GL by Elizabeth 

Harley and Gus unknowingly avoid Sebastian all day. Sebastian on the other hand, knows that Harley is there and prepares a syringe for her. Wallace remains in a coma, but opens his eyes briefly. Gus suggests that he and Harley take the children on the run with them. Mallet calls them from jail and later finds out that someone has posted his bail. Harley finds out that Wallace is an ER doctor at Cedars. Reva realizes that Nate may be lying to her. Sandy tells Reva that he is only interested in the family he has now, and not the past. Tammy and Jonathan confront one another. They both agree that they have strong feelings for one another. Jonathan surmises that perhaps she can be his savior. She tells him that she will always choose Sandy over him as it is a simple choice of good versus evil. Jonathan picks up a girl at Farley’s Bar and introduces himself as Sandy. Tammy turns to Sandy for comfort.

OLTL by Mary  

Renee finds out that Carlo is in Argentina, and what’s worse he is staying at Asa’s. She can’t seem to find out what he has to do with Asa. Kevin joins Kelly, and Spencer for breakfast. Evangeline and her Mother eat breakfast at the Palace, and Evangeline tells her that her, and John have broken up. R.J. offers Nora reasurance about her new job as D.A. Bo and Paige discuss her marriage to Spencer, and why she hadn’t told him. Paige and David discuss what Spencer wants. Kevin offers to be Evangeline’s escort at the Woman of the Year dinner. Carlo agrees to kill Blair.

Passions by Shirley

As Noah fans the flames of the fire he started in the back room of Spike's club, he doesn't realize that Fancy is up front, trying to seduce her fellow scuz, Spike. When Spike finds Noah and sees what he's doing, he runs for his life, leaving Noah to find and save his unaware companion. Of course, when she sees Noah and smells gas on him, she seems to feel staying and frying is preferable to getting out with his help. (So, let her barbecue herself, dude.) Despite all the urging of everyone around her, Whitney refuses to nurse Miles to help him gain enough strength for Eve to find out what's wrong with him. She'd prefer to see him die, but if the warning of legal punishment from the adoption agency woman didn't get through to her, maybe the wallop from her mother, who thinks she is the most selfish person she's ever seen, will.

Martin is surprised to learn Alistair had clued Pilar in to what was under the gazebo and how it got there a while back, hoping she'd use the info to break Martin and Katherine up. He is dumbfounded by her reasons for not doing so, and the two decide to follow Alistair's orders and renew their vows. Luis, Sheridan, Katherine, Gwen, Ethan, and Sam continue to look for Marty, Beth, and Alistair, while Rebecca shows she could care less. Alistair assures Beth no one can hear them in the safe room, but Sheridan sure seems to be hearing her son cry.

Y&R By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

JT learns he is going to be a father. Bobbie loses his temper again and puts his hands on a customer. Ashley defends her right and method to create life. Phyllis puts all her eggs in someone else’s basket. Neil gets time off to join the hunt.

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