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The TV MegaSite's Monday 6/20/05 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

Ryan almost strangles David. Zach enters, notices David passed out on Ryan's floor and offers to help Ryan bury him in a dump. But David comes to and tells Ryan he is dangerous and if he hurts Greenlee, he will be sorry. Zach tells Ryan that he knows about his secret "lady friend" and from noticing what has happened to David, he can tells Ryan has some real issues. Zach expresses his concerns that Ryan had better not hurt Kendall.

Greenlee goes to David's, very happy that she's successfully accomplished her mission and taken all the "swimmers" out of the lab that she will need in order to get pregnant. But David tells Greenlee that he now believes that Ryan may be right in knowing that he cannot bring a child into the world. David concludes to Greenlee that he will not help her get pregnant with Ryan's child. Erica is ready to start her program, New Beginnings. She meets lots of crazy people and decides to make Kendall the supervising director of her show. Anita tells Aiden that she is not ready to commit to him and she plans on moving with Maria and Maddie. JR tells his father and Amanda that he believes the nanny is his mother, he loves her and trusts her, and if they can't accept that, it's tough for them.

ATWT by Elayna

In Chicago, Katie and Mike talk about their friendship after the champagne and reminiscing causes them to almost kiss. Katie admits to believing at one time that Mike would leave Jen for her, but has since seen how solid they are. She admits to wondering if she can be only friends with Mike, but in the end they agree that they would like to continue their friendship. They shake on it, but don’t want to seem to let go of each other’s hand. Jen interrupts by calling Mike, who leaves soon after. At home, he explains to Jen why he was in Chicago with Katie. Jen assures Mike she trusts him, but later notices him a million miles away. Lily is worried about Lucinda when she can’t find her. Lucinda is ignoring her calls because she is at the hospital discussing her options regarding a biopsy on the lump she found. Lucinda wants a second opinion, but after she runs into Meg, who promises to keep her confidentiality, she changes her mind; and schedules the open surgical biopsy. Lily runs into Meg at the farm, and they both touch lightly upon their marriages that have fallen apart. Meg does not let on she saw Lucinda. Lucinda shows up at the farm, and Lily is happy to see her. Later, Lucinda thanks Meg for keeping her secret, but tells her she will not be leaning on anyone until she knows herself what she is dealing with. Margo agrees to be a character witness for Craig, but thinks he is crazy to try to convince Rosanna to marry him to help with his child support case. Rosanna catches Emily and Paul fooling around, and is devastated. She and Paul later talk, and he tells her he no longer loves her. He now loves Emily, and he wants Rosanna to leave him alone, and get on with her life. Emily, who has overheard, believes he is not anywhere near over Rosanna, as he would like to think. She leaves him knowing he has a lot to work through, even though Paul doesn’t think she is right about his feelings. A distraught Rosanna finally agrees to marry Craig.

B&B by Glynis

Eric tells a loved one to get out. Stephanie seems like a fortuneteller when everything seems to be going her way. Taylor’s love knows no bounds. Thomas comes up with a plan to keep a friend from unwanted travel. Ridge allows the thunderstorm to make a decision.

Days by Danielle

Rex refuses to let Mimi break off their relationship and cooks her a gourmet breakfast to try and show her what she’d be missing in jail. Mimi stands by her decision and storms out. Marlena has Dr. Bader look over her own file as a consult under the guise of it being a patient’s file. Dr. Bader concludes that Marlena’s pregnancy is high risk and has minimal chance of being carried to term. When Dr. Bader inquires as to why Marlena’s “patient” hasn’t contacted an OB/GYN already, Marlena admits that she is the one who is pregnant and Dr. Bader deduces based on how far along Marlena is, that John isn’t the father.

Bo and Hope argue about Hope enabling Shawn’s trip to Germany by giving him the money. Billie stops by to get Bo to sign a paper agreeing to allow their contact information to be listed on a website for adopted kids to locate their birth parents. Billie becomes outraged when she learns that Hope enabled Shawn to go to Germany and gloats when she realizes that Bo is on her side. Philip shares his fears about recovery with Kate. Upon hearing the news of John’s plan to surprise Marlena with renewing their vows, Belle asks if it is because John feels guilty about his relationship with Kate. The question prompts Philip to inquire about the relationship only to later understand and accept how John and Kate could have grown closer. Kate is angered to learn that Philip asked Shawn to look after Belle but Philip insists that Shawn’s actions in saving him have made up for his prior harm.

GH by Amanda

After Reese kills Evan, Durant questions both Reese and Ric. Jason is astounded that Sonny believes Ric's word in the matter. Sonny's reason is he can't hold temporary insanity against his brother. Nik and Em are still in love, but decide to stay apart for a time while she deals with her emotions. Georgie comes through surgery fine, but Maxie is getting weaker. Emily decides she wants to be with Nik, intimately. Felicia and Georgie begin to say goodbye to Maxie.

GL by Suzanne

Cassie wants to sleep with Jeffrey, but he thinks she will just run back to Edmund as always. She assures him that she is through with Edmund for good. After a lot of arguing, they sleep together. They have some nice pillow talk afterwards. Jonathan asks Tammy why she likes Sandy and plays with her head about him. Jonathan invites Sandy and Tammy to go to a party after their date, but they turn him down. Sandy invites HIM to go to the movies with them, but Jonathan passes. Tammy feels sorry for Jonathan. They come back when Tammy realizes that she left her wallet at the bar. They debate whether to go to the party or not. Tammy is glad that she's with Sandy and not Jonathan.

Dinah tries to convince Edmund that Cassie dumping him is a good thing because now he can act like himself. Edmund doesn't want to hear it. Dinah wants Edmund to start a life with her and their baby. He is rough with her and might choke her, but Jonathan arrives and fights with Edmund instead, defending Dinah (who doesn't want his help). In New York, Harley and Gus are kissing when they see Dr. Wallace on their monitor. They go downstairs to catch him. Sebastian also watches him from a taxicab, planning to run him down, on Alan's instruction. Gus and Harley get to him, and he agrees to sell them the name of Phillip's killer, but then Sebastian runs them all down. Gus and Harley are find, but the doctor is at death's door. They follow the ambulance to the hospital, where the doctor gets surgery. A nurse looks through his wallet and finds a check from Alan for $100,000.

OLTL by Mary

Nora tries to tell Bo that Paige was once married to Spencer but he doesn’t want to believe her. Nora has blurred vision, and about passes out. Evangeline and Natalie argue over John as usual. John is visited by his dead father. Marcie and her family have a wonderful father’s day together. Michael tries to convince John to come back among the living. Evangeline admits that she loves John. Rex offers Natalie his help in getting John back.

Passions by Shirley

Luis and Sheridan continue their search for Beth and Alistair, with Sam's help, but they take a wrong turn when they stop Julian's limo instead of Alistair's. The real limo carrying Beth, Marty, and Alistair heads to the mansion, where Daddy Dearest sneaks them into a secret safe room where no one an ever find them, but he can keep tabs on what everyone else is doing. The revelation of his true character ring alarm bells in Beth's head, but not enough to make her not follow orders. Katherine's return to the mansion causes ripples of astonishment, but her explanation soothes them, and she is welcomed with open arms, even by Fancy. After getting partially caught up on the family history since she's been gone, she decides to go find some real fun, and ends up with Spike at his club.

Noah tries to talk sense to Jessica, but she won't accept any advice he or Kay try to give, saying they just hate her. Kay fills Noah in on the real goings on in his little sister's life, and he decides to take matters into his own hands, literally. He douses the back room of the club with gas and readies to light it up, not realizing Little Miss Fancy is in the front with Spike at the same time. Chad and Fox seem to be bonding over their mutual shock at the change in Whitney when a call comes in to Chad to alert him to the fact Miles is ill. Fox wants to go check on him, too, and Chad allows that, but Whitney has also heard the news and she follows. Eve checks the baby over, says he needs tests, but that he's badly dehydrated and needs to nurse, but Whitney stubbornly refuses to do that, preferring to let him die. All involved are shocked at her heartlessness.

Y&R By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Bobbie unleashes his fury on his wife sending her running. Nick decides to be part of a team for now. Drucilla becomes unhinged. Phyllis finds a cell phone. Sharon makes a date.

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