Friday 6/17/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 6/17/05 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

Greenlee, Simone and Kendall get caught in the sperm donation lab by Dr. Madden's son. They know they are in big trouble if his father knows what they've done. Suspense builds about what will happen. David Hayward goes to find Greenlee, knows that Ryan got in a fight the previous night and tells Ryan he must have consideration and sensitivity for Greenlee's need to have a child. In the discussion David asks Ryan if he's a loser. And that triggers Ryan to physically attack him. David passes out on the floor after Ryan grabs his throat. Joe, Opal and Brooke come to see Tad and hope to celebrate the fact that Dixie is back. But he tells them he is not getting back with her and cannot forgive her for what she did. Adam also tells Dixie he will not forgive her. But JR reveals that he loves his mother and forgives her.

ATWT by Eva

Mike consoles Katie by staying with her to watch a sad western movie. Katie and Mike share memories of their trip to Montana to visit Carly and witness Sage's birth. Mike falls asleep before the end of the movie and Katie considers kissing him. Jessica advises Craig that in order to have a chance at gaining custody of his child from Jennifer he must marry Rosanna. Rosanna refuses all three of Craig's pleas to marry him because she wants to try and reconcile with Paul. The doctor advises Lucinda to schedule a needle biopsy and remove the lump in her breast as soon as possible because it could be cancerous. Rosanna goes to visit Emily to ask her for help in her plan to reconcile with Paul. Rosanna is stunned when she catches Emily and Paul making love.

B&B by Boo

Taylor spends the morning with the twins and Jack before leaving for the beach house. Stephanie pays her son a visit before Taylor arrives and again tries to talk him into just choosing Taylor and letting Brooke go. The two briefly argue before Taylor arrives for her day with Ridge. After Stephanie leaves, Ridge and Taylor get down to the business of reconnecting. Thomas surprises Gaby with a proposal of marriage.

Days by Danielle

Kate questions John’s motives for wanting to renew his vows with Marlena. John suggests that Kate and Roman also renew their vows and they plan for a double wedding. Philip hears Belle call out Shawn’s name in her sleep and confronts her about it. Belle reassures Philip that she will stay by his side. John and Belle step out for coffee to allow Kate some time alone with Philip. Kate informs Philip that John was able to pull strings and arrange it so he can spend his recovery time in Salem. Shawn’s trip to Germany was delayed due to lack of funds and Rex refuses to lend him the money. Rex unsuccessfully tries to talk Shawn out of going. Bo and Hope receive a letter addressed to Shawn and open it to discover that Shawn’s trial date has been moved up. Shawn heads to Bo and Hope to ask for the money and while Bo is out of the room calling Mickey for help, Shawn appeals to Hope’s belief in true love to get her to give him the money.

Mimi fantasizes that Rex becomes outraged upon her telling him about the abortion so she decides to claim that there was no secret after all. Rex devises a plan to get Mimi to withdraw her guilty plea. Lucas is angered to hear that Brady told Nicole that he believes Chloe is dead until Brady explains that he only told Nicole that in hopes that Nicole will be so confident that she’ll slip up and lead him right to Chloe. Sami visits Nicole to complain about Nicole berating her in front of Lucas. Nicole, even though she now feels confident, eventually gives in to Sami’s desires to become allies. Brady stops by to casually inform Nicole that he has called Nancy to arrange a talk in person about Chloe and pretends to give in to Nicole’s attempt to talk him out of doing so. Brady hopes that either Nicole or Nancy will slip up. Sami suggests to Nicole that she must get rid of Chloe permanently.

GH by Amanda

After Liz freaks when Lucky steals money to pay their bills, he agrees to let her be Jax and Courtney's surrogate. Georgie has a near death experience right before going code blue. Alan and Lorenzo fight over Michael. His little friend Julie continues to discourage his treatment. Sonny learns that Evan is blackmailing and threatening Reese; though he suspects she is not being totally honest, he offers her protection.

GL by Nikki

OLTL by Mary

Lindsay and Kelly are setting up for a silent auction at the Rappaport Art Studio. Bo and Nora discuss that Paige is keeping a secret from him that deals with her past. Paige tells David that Nora knows that she was married to Spencer Truman, and that she is right now telling him all about it. Paige is upset because she should have been the one to tell him. Tess urges Jessica to tell Antonio all about her so she can finish ruining his life. Bo and Nora go to court, and legally changes Matthew’s last name to Buchanan. R.J. vows to get back at Antonio through Jessica.

Passions by Shirley

Beth is trying to get out of town as quickly as possible before she is caught with Marty, but she manages to steal a car that has very little gas and has to try to get money to buy more. Sam and Luis are monitoring her ATM and credit cards and spot her, but she manages to escape before they get there, leaving only Marty's little teddy bear. Sheridan is heartbroken, but she soon realizes Beth may have help and they set up a watch on Alistair's movements. True enough, he is spotted in the neighborhood, where he has gone to pick up Beth and the boy to help them get away. Will they get to them before it's too late?

Paloma stands up to Spike, managing to get Jessica away from him and out of the club. Noah finds out where his little sister is and decides to go take care of that scum, Spike. Kay holds him back, and before long, Paloma manages to get Jessica home. Upset at Kay for trying to ruin her fun, she melts at the sight of her long lost big brother. Can he make the difference in his little Sis' life?

Y&R By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Victoria sees that she has been pushed to the back of the line again. Nick waits in the dark and catches a dark figure entering the room. Brad feelings are hurt once again when a promise is broken. Daniel finds it strange feeling the wind on the back of his neck. Devon takes off.


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