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AMC by Jenn

Kendall catches Greenlee and Simone in the sperm lab attempting to find and steal Ryan's donations so that Greenlee can have Ryan's baby. She tells Greenlee that going behind her husband's back is not going to help their marriage nor help their child if they have one. But Greenlee tells Kendall that Ryan can love their baby just like Erica can love Kendall and Bianca can love Miranda. Meanwhile, Ryan is at the casino, feeling lucky. But he is haunted by the ghosts of Jonathan, Braden and their father who tell him he is a Lavery and can only lose. He then storms out the door. Jack and Erica are there and concerned about him. Erica wants to help him. Jack expresses that he's worried that Ryan is dangerous. David is very happy that Di has successfully pulled off the scam that she is Dixie. But she does not feel good about hurting Tad and JR. Maria comes to see Tad and arranges for Sam to stay with him and his family for the summer.

ATWT by Eva

Mike helps Henry plan a romantic reconciliation with Katie but at the last minute Henry backs out leaving Mike to break the news to Katie when she arrives at the hotel in Chicago. Celia discovers Gwen is pregnant and Gwen is about to reveal the truth to Celia and Casey when Will stops her by telling Celia and Casey that he (Will) is the father of Gwen's baby. Celia is surprisingly very hurt when Will tells her he is the father of Gwen's baby. Later when Celia and Will talk alone she tells him she is glad that she is with Casey because Casey is a better person then Will could ever hope to be. Meg Snyder arrives home and tells Emma her marriage to Josh Landry (Lily's biological father) is over. Sierra tries to make peace between Lucinda and Lily by having them talk things over. Lucinda feels a lump in her breast while all three ladies enjoy the steam room.

B&B by Elvis

Taylor is shocked to learn that Eric called a press conference to let the world know of her return. He claims he had no choice as word was already getting around Forrester. Ridge tells the reporter that a miracle has happened and invites Taylor to come out. Moments later Taylor is reunited with her father. Brooke speaks to the reporters but is quickly left distraught as they inquire into the validity of her marriage. Meanwhile, a mysterious man (played by Antonio Sabato Jr.) with a stringent eye on Taylor looms in the background of the press conference.

Gabrielle receives a letter from college. Elated at the possibility of being admitted for the Fall, Gabrielle learns that her application for admission has been put on hold due to her illegal alien status in the country. Connor Davis, a Forrester lawyer, informs Gabrielle that she will have to return to her place of birth and that it could take years before she is able to return to the U.S. Thomas insists that there must be another way for Gaby to stay and Connor says there is: she will have to get married.

Days by Danielle

Kate talks John out of his fears that Marlena and Roman seem closer since their return to Salem. John tells Kate of his plan to ask Marlena to renew their vows. Marlena has the pregnancy test run again but the results are the same. Roman uses the back of the test results to write down a phone number when visiting Marlena to see if she could remember anything about where Tony could be holding Victor and Caroline. It sparks a conversation about how the “patient” in question isn’t happy about the news because it’s a complicated situation of one baby and two fathers. Roman comes up with asking Lexie to let him into the DiMera mansion and Marlena suggests he ask Patrick for ideas as well. Belle vows to stay with Philip and help him get through the loss of his leg. Col. Cochran stops by to commend and thank Philip for his service to the country. Belle surprises Philip with a DVD made by Rex of their life together but Philip becomes angry at seeing himself dancing with Belle and throws the DVD player across the room.

Sami claims she was talking to Nicole to ask for a job at Titan and Nicole plays along by turning Sami down. Angered, Sami insults Nicole by accusing her of jumping in bed with Brady before Victor “Kirakis” was even cold and Brady picks up on how Sami used the same mispronunciation of Victor’s name as Stan did. Sami claims she picked it up because Stan spent a lot of time around her while she was being held prisoner. Lucas pulls Sami aside to demand the real reason that she and Nicole were talking and how Sami ended up with Tony. When Sami sticks to her prisoner story, Lucas vows to find Stan, get answers, and then kill him. Brady apologizes to Nicole for putting her through his quest for Chloe. Nicole believes that Brady is now convinced that Chloe is dead and she won’t lose him but Brady secretly still vows to find Chloe.

GH by Lisa

Evan threatens to expose Reese's lies to Sonny. Sonny takes Reese to his house for her own safety. Carly confronts Reese with her lie. Courtney receives disheartening news from Dr. Meadows. Elizabeth makes an offer to Jax but later rescinds it after speaking with Lucky. Jax and Courtney are offered help from a surprising source. Lucky makes a desperate move to get out of debt.

Monica stabilizes Maxie but her condition remains bleak if she doesn't receive a new heart. Georgie needs risky surgery due to the injuries she suffered in her fall.

GL by Elizabeth

Frank finds out where his daughter has been on the same day that she tells him she wants to be a police officer. He doesn’t approve of either, but agrees to give her a chance if she fills out the appropriate forms. Buzz warns Danny that he needs to figure out his past before July 4th and the Bauer BBQ as that is when Michelle will likely return. Marina surprises him by mentioning that she has been excited for the Bauer BBQ as she thinks it will be a good indication of what their future will be like. Dinah is kidnapped and everyone but Edmund is worried. We find out that Dinah and Jonathan have planned the kidnapping. Jeffery tells Cassie how he feels. Bill meets Nate. Dinah calls Cassie for help and then tells her that Edmund was the one who kidnapped her. Reva sees the tension between her sister and Jeffery and demands to know what is going on. She warns him that Cassie is still married to Edmund and that she takes marriage vows very seriously.

OLTL by Mary

Bo and John discuss the Killing Club murders, and the women that they have lost out of their lives. Nora confronts Paige as to what she had heard her, and David talking about. Jessica and Natalie both blame themselves for the condition that Vikki is in. Marcie and Michael have a talk about the other people that were in her graduating class. They do a new procedure on Vikki in order to restore circulation to her heart, but they still don’t know if she will pull through.

Passions by Shirley

The Crane and Bennett families, while happy to finally have their loved ones back home, still wonder why they showed up at this particular time. Ivy figures Fancy must be in some kind of trouble, which she is, and Sam lambasts Noah for lying about being in school when he wasn't. Neither black sheep is talking as of yet. Luis and Sheridan wonder where Beth could be as she sneaks through the neighborhood with Marty in his stroller, looking for an unlocked car with the keys in the ignition. Finding one, she heads out of town, warp speed. Luis and Sheridan only find Edna tied up in the closet, and she's no help for them. She knows nothing. They both take the time to blame her for what Beth did, but she reminds them that she tried several times to tell them and others what was going on and no one would believe her.

Alistair adds one more restriction to his deal with Katherine: that Martin get back with Pilar and renew their vows, leaving Katherine alone forever. After some argument, both agree it's best, seemingly. Theresa apologizes to her mother for her words earlier, but Paloma takes exception with her plan to get Ethan back, against all odds. The girls have words, but Pilar calms them down, and Paloma goes off with her friends for a night of fun. Arriving at the Basement, she is stunned to find Jessica is there with Spike, and manages to get her away from him in an attempt to get her to go home. Jessica has different ideas, however.

Y&R By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Brad says too much revealing a huge secret. Victoria never realized that she has a sister in the family. Kevin tracks a killer. Brittany has to be sent out of town. Joshua’s coffin is delivered to the Athletic Club.

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