Wednesday 6/15/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 6/15/05 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

Erica goes to talk to Dr. Madden to work out a plan where he reserves Ryan's frozen sperm cells for if and when Greenlee and Ryan ask for them. But it's too late. Greenlee has already taken drastic measures by breaking into the sperm bank with Simone to steal the sperm donations. Tad tells Dixie that he can never accept what she has done to him and to JR. JR, Adam and Jamie don't know what to make of it either. But Palmer seems not to be angry with his niece. Reggie and Danielle run into Danielle's mother who's come back to town.

ATWT by Emily

The group finds out the truth that Cecilia is indeed pregnant. Dusty hires a body guard for Jennifer and Mike does not like the idea. Craig asks Rosanna to marry him so that he can be close to his baby, but Rosanna refuses. Craig goes to visit his sister so that she will sign a letter to help him get to see his baby. This letter might help Craig forgive his sister for running him out of town. Casey and Cecilia have started their first day at the country club. Carly finds a picture of her dad in her scrap book and it looks that it might have been taken in Oakdale, but Carly tells her family that her father has never been to Oakdale. Hannah who sees the picture takes it from Carly when she is not looking.

B&B by Boo

Thomas and Gaby grow closer as they share their first romantic kiss. Stephanie and Eric continue to argue very heatedly over Stephanie’s manipulations. Eric tells her that he can’t stand to be around the woman she has turned into. Ridge disappoints Taylor and makes Brooke very happy when he tells them that he hasn’t made a decision yet. He needs to spend more time alone with each of them. He proposes one day alone with each of them at the beach house before he can chose.

Days by Danielle

Lucas and Brady advise each other against getting involved with their respective partners. Nicole threatens Sami with exposing her time as Stan and Sami threatens to, in turn, expose Nicole as the one who botched Chloe’s surgery. They talk about protecting each other as Brady and Lucas confront them.

Marlena has tests run under the guise of it being for a patient, to determine the cause of her symptoms and the results confirm that she is pregnant. Mimi visits Marlena to talk about her reasons for leaving Rex and to ask Marlena to be there for Rex to help him through their breakup. Shawn and Rex talk over their individual fears of losing the women they love. Shawn correctly guesses that Jan was blackmailing Mimi and urges Rex to do his best to keep Mimi from going to jail. Rex is unsuccessful in his attempt to keep Shawn from racing off to Germany to be with Belle. Belle, Kate, and John arrive in Germany and visit with Philip. Dr. Gage informs them that due to Philip’s heavily medicated state, he has yet to be told about his leg. Belle insists on being the one to tell Philip now that his medication is being cut back. Philip takes the news hard but takes comfort in knowing that Belle promises to stay with him. John comforts Kate’s fears that Belle will leave Philip, confident that Belle will do the right thing.

GH by Amanda 

Liz and Lucky struggle with finances. Courtney rages against the fact that Carly married the man she holds responsible for her infertility and considers surrogacy. Reese turns to Ric for help with her ex husband, who is demanding a million dollars to keep silent about her past with Carly. As Maxie takes a turn for the worse, Georgie takes a bad fall. Liz offers to solve Jax's problem.

GL by Elizabeth

Blake wonders if Cassie is doing the right thing. Despite that she still is fantasizing about another man, she decides to go ahead with the party and her life with Edmund. Cassie makes a peace offering to Dinah. Dinah goes to Jeffery wanting his help in telling Cassie the truth and he refuses. She then turns to Jonathan. Edmund is overjoyed that Cassie has decided to give their marriage another shot and makes it clear to Dinah that nothing will ruin it for him. Nate surprises Reva at the party and the two are almost found in a compromising situation. Tammy and Sandy’s romantic night together is interrupted when they both get called away to work. Ross warns Dinah that she will not be a permanent fixture in the lives of Cassie & Edmund, no matter what she wants to believe. Jonathan steals both access codes and Lewis Construction money for his father. Jeffery arrives at the party telling Cassie he has something he needs to tell her.

OLTL by Mary

Todd confronts Jessica about her conversation with her Mother the night before. Jessica doesn’t remember. He takes her to the hospital where she is confronted by Antonio as to where she was the night before. Todd lies for her. Spencer calls Kelly, and invites her to lunch to talk business. Kevin borrows some medical books off of Spencer. Nora overhears David, and Paige talking, and that Paige was once married to Spencer. Vikki goes into cardiac arrest, and flatlines as a result of a dream that she had about Jessica, and the night before.

Passions by Shirley

Tabitha continues to push Theresa to search the Crane mansion for the evidence of Rebecca and Gwen's involvement with sending Ethan's info to the tabloids as Rebecca and Gwen try to keep Ethan from finding it. Rebecca manages to trick both Ethan and Gwen as to the contents of two separate disks, all the time hiding the real one in her bosom. Luis and Sheridan arrive at Beth's as she is trying to sneak out with Marty. However, as Luis goes to the front door, Sheridan goes around to the back door, and Beth's avenue of escape is cut off. She decides to hide in the closet with the tied-up Edna, leaving a note saying she'd taken Marty to the emergency room. However, Sheridan's Mom radar tells her it's a trick, and she is drawn to that very closet.

Alistair sets his terms for keeping the fact Sheridan killed her aunt as a child secret, and Martin is not happy with them. However, Katherine agrees to them so Sheridan can be saved. Ned and Fancy wing their way toward Harmony on the same plane, unaware the other is there. They almost connect, but manage to just miss each other again. They arrive home to fiind their families shocked to see them.

Y&R By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Jack feeds alcohol to a friend in a storm. Phyllis starts seeing the importance that no other teens get hurt. Mack has a romantic evening with her favorite guy. Lily isn’t sorry that she has to disguise herself with a sari. Daniel returns to the motel but the door is locked. Bobbie’s mouth drops when the biggest surprise ever comes to him anonymously. Brittany worries that she has been invited to an establishment that is closed. Gina puts together a unexpected picnic. Sharon reports that things have settled down. Nick alerts his family to unexpected news.

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