Tuesday 6/14/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 6/14/05 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

Erica goes to talk to Ryan to encourage him to reconsider his decision to never have kids. She tells him that he is not like his sick brothers or father and would be a good father and she tells him she made the same mistake he's making by abandoning Kendall and assuming Miranda would be evil just because they were the children of a rapist. And she doesn't want him to make the same mistake she made by assuming that he can't be a good father or that his child would be a sick person because of his biological family. But he's still not convinced nor has any clue what Greenlee is up to. Greenlee wants to avoid her problems and urges Ethan to apologize to Kendall and get back with her. JR, Adam, Jamie, Tad and Palmer are all freaked by the possibility that the nanny might be Dixie. Tad reveals to Krystal that even if she is Dixie, he will never forgive her for what she did. Krystal encourages him to try to understand that Dixie had her reasons and forgive her.

ATWT by Elayna

Jen is upset with Mike for thinking Craig should have any part of their baby’s life, and with Katie, who is always insinuating herself into Mike and her life. Jen goes back to work and blows up telling Dusty about what Craig did, and what happened after. Dusty sides with Jen, and agrees that Craig is a big danger to his own children. He comes up with a plan on how to keep Craig away from Jen. Craig talks to Jessica about his options for his unborn child. Katie and Mike see him, and confront him. Katie tells Craig she will no longer support him if he continues on this path. Mike and Katie later seek out Jen and told her what Katie did, and Katie further promises to keep her distance. Jen thanks her, and Katie leaves, but sadly looks on as she sees Mike and Jen hugging. Gwen and Will arrive at the hospital for her baby’s check up, and bump into Casey and Celia. Gwen and Will use the excuse that they are there to check on Jen, who is there for an appointment. Bob meets Gwen, and makes her an appointment with an OB/GYN, Dr, Schiller. Bob is very sensitive with Gwen and immediately puts her at ease. Later he questions Will whether he is the baby’s father. Will assures Bob he is only there as Gwen’s friend. During her ultrasound, the doctor asks Gwen if she wants to know the baby’s sex? Gwen does not want to know. She also asks Gwen if she wants the printout of the sonogram, to which again Gwen answers, no. Gwen is told the baby is a little small, and they counsel her how to take better care of herself. Bob offers his support since she does not have parents to rely on. Gwen later finds out Bob is Casey’s grandfather. Later, at her apartment, Gwen frustrates Will when she lights up a cigarette. After Will leaves, Gwen takes out the sonogram, and looks happily at the picture. A happy Casey and Celia get summer jobs at the Country Club, thanks to Kim, so now they can spend much of their time together. Celia continually obsesses on what could be wrong with Gwen, much to Casey’s frustration. Celia asks Kim if she can ask Bob if Gwen is sick. Kim promises to do what she can, without infringing on patient confidentiality. Carly tells a surprised Jack she is quitting her job at Street Jeans. Jack wants her to reconsider because he wonders if she spends all her time at home, and not designing anymore, she may resent her life. Carly assures him that will never happen, and leaves to go speak to Dusty. Later on back at home, Jack surprises Carly by bringing Hannah, her midwife from Montana, to their home as extra support for Carly.

B&B by Boo

Nick plays around with Bridget and gets rid of the insecurities that Stephanie and Taylor managed to bring to the surface. They discuss eloping but decide they would rather make love for right now. Ridge returns and asks Brooke and Taylor to meet him in his office at work. Both women are elated thinking that he has chosen her. Stephanie and Eric argue over Stephanie’s interference in this situation and Eric tells her that he can not love the person that she is right now. Ridge meets with Taylor and Brooke and tries to prepare them to hear his decision.

Days by Danielle

The family camping trip was called off due to rainy weather so Abby and Chelsea work together to decorate a birthday cake for Jack. Jack accidentally bumps into Abby as she is carrying the cake, sending it to the floor. Chelsea sadly watches Abby, Jack, and Jennifer enjoy close family togetherness as they bake a second cake together and then slips outside where Billie catches her smoking. While everyone enjoys the cake, Jack leans against the counter holding his side in pain. Hope and Billie argue about whether Belle should go be with Philip in Germany. Bonnie interrupts Mimi as she is about to tell Rex the truth about going to jail and advises her not to but Mimi ignores her and tells Rex that she plead guilty because it was her push that caused Jan to fall and hit her head.

Marlena assures John that even though she would still be with Roman today if Stefano hadn’t interfered, she wouldn’t prefer that life to her life today with John and Belle. Prodded by Roman and Kate’s newfound confidence that Shawn will be out of the picture, Kate makes amends with Belle. Belle, Kate, and John board the plane for Germany after Belle calls Shawn one last time to assure him that she still wants to be with him. John and Kate spend the plane ride talking about John’s conversation with Marlena and whether or not Roman and Marlena could have seen them making love. Belle spends the plane ride dreaming about her romantic life with both Shawn and Philip. Kate overhears Belle talk in her sleep, asking why she is kissing Philip as she dreams that Shawn turns into Philip as she kisses him. Marlena decides to stick around at Belle’s loft for a little while and suddenly becomes lightheaded. After Roman helps her sit down and brings her a bottle of water, Marlena assures him that she is okay to be left alone so Roman leaves. Marlena then stands, suddenly drops her bottle of water, and holds her stomach.

GH by Lisa

Sonny questions Reese about who might have tried to kill her and senses she isn't saying all she knows. The man from Reese's past - now revealed as Evan - threatens her. Carly shows Michael their new home and wants him to live with her and Alcazar. Michael blames Carly for ruining her marriage to Sonny. Jax and Courtney realize they have both been exploring the possibility of using a gestational host to have a biological child of their own. Courtney isn't pleased to learn Carly married Alcazar.

Lucky and Elizabeth find themselves very much in debt with Lucky owing fifty thousand dollars in medical bills. Nikolas accuses Emily of purposely avoiding him. Sonny arrives in the middle of Nikolas and Emily's argument and jumps to Emily's defense. Sonny tells Emily she can stay at his home for as long as she needs to. Brook Lynn and Diego reconnect. Carly and Alcazar share a warm moment with Diego.

GL by Elizabeth 

Nate orders Jonathan to get him more spending money. He also gives him the task of hurting someone in Reva’s family. Sandy and Tammy appear to be getting closer when he receives a strange phone call. He lies to her claiming that it is work related and she finds out later on. Josh refuses to fire Jonathan and claims that he is doing a good job. Jonathan tries to hack into Josh’s computer as well as his file cabinet. Dinah angers Edmund not only by kissing Jonathan but also by attempting to tape a conversation with him. He warns her not to cross him. Edmund plans a party for himself and Cassie. Jeffery gives Cassie royalty money for a song in which she inspired him to write. Nate pretends to get drunk which causes Reva to confess that she feels ‘alive’ around him.

OLTL by Mary  

Todd, Tess, and Vikki have a confrontation resulting in Vikki having a heart attack. Evangeline breaks it off with John for good. Bo has a talk with Spencer. Antonio sets R.J. up for a fall. Todd, Kelly, Bo, Natalie, and Kevin all gather at the hospital to stand vigil over a critically ill Vikki.

Passions by Shirley

Luis and Sheridan race to Beth's house while Tabitha does the same, and the old witch proves to be pretty darn fast on her feet. Beth has Edna taped up and hidden in the hall closet, awaiting Luis' arrival, when the old witch gets there and clues her to the fact he and Sheridan are on their way to claim their son. Beth packs and leaves just as the pair arrive at her door. The near-miss by Theresa, finding the loose paper that supposedly told of Rebecca and Gwen's involvement in outing Ethan as a Bennett instead of a Crane, turns out to be a dud. It seems it's only a picture of Rebecca with a donkey and some man named Ramon. Rebecca tells them she is getting rid of all the copies, and assures Gwen she will get rid of the implicating disk in her bosom. As she wonders what to do with it, Theresa catches her, and although she has the proof she needs in her hands, she doesn't realize it and Rebecca gets it back. She takes it home with her instead of destroying it, however, leaving the way open for someone to discover it.

Gwen and Ethan head home, leaving Theresa alone on the dock, wondering what she will do. Leave it to Tabitha, who now has some time on her hands, to stir the waters again with stories of Rebecca's ancestors and their randy carrying on. Alistair tells Katherine he is going to make Sheridan pay for killing Rachel all those years ago, and nothing she says will change his mind. However, he agrees there may be some way to work a deal between the two of them to save their daughter's sanity and freedom. Martin is simply an impotent bystander in all of their negotiations.

Y&R By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Jack assumes he has the cat in the bag. Phyllis can’t be happy or sad. Daniel demands to be left alone. Lily pushes away reality and focuses on romance.

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