Monday 6/13/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 6/13/05 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

Erica catches Greenlee, red-handed at the fertility clinic. Greenlee tells Erica what has happened with Ryan's vasectomy and how she is bound and determined to make him see that he should be a father. Kendall and Simone confront Ryan about his ex-marital encounter which they've both seen. Erica insists on letting Ryan know what Greenlee is up to. Ryan has had Tad and Aiden investigating where his sister Erin is and found out very possibly Jonathan may have killed her. Tad reveals to JR and Adam that the nanny is really Dixie. At first, JR does not believe him and assumes Tad is paying her to lie for him. Jamie assumes that Amanda's strange behavior of coming on to him is due to JR drugging her. He goes to confront JR and finds out the startling news. When "Di" sings: "You are my sunshine", both JR and Jamie are able to sense that she might very well be Dixie. Adam informs Palmer about the possibility of Di being Dixie. Hearing that, Palmer passes out.

ATWT by Elayna

Lily is helping Keith as he gets home from the hospital. She wants to make sure he truly has forgiven her. He passionately kisses her to let her know he has. Lucinda interrupts the moment, and Lily demands she apologize and thank Keith, which Lucinda begrudgingly does. Lucinda wants Lily and the kids to stay with her, but Lily doesn’t need her help. After Lucinda leaves, Keith offers his place. Lily is surprised but doesn’t think it is a good idea right now, but Keith surprises her further, by telling her he won’t be there. He explains he will be in Chicago for two weeks taking care of business. After they say their good byes, Lucinda looks like she is trying to hatch a plan to take advantage of the fact Keith is going to be out of town away from Lily for two weeks. Gwen gets a call about a part time job as a waitress, but is disappointed to hear the uniforms are cut off shirts, and daisy duke shorts, knowing she is showing. She is desperate for money as her bills pile up. Will is looking for Casey, but bumps into Celia. They share memories of the prom, but then Will notices Casey’s Will Armstrong bracelet on her wrist, and is surprised Casey would give it to her, knowing how important it is to him. Casey interrupts their moment with news he was given a clean bill of health from Bob regarding his concussion. Later, Will shows up at Gwen’s, having talked to Bob about pregnancy, wanting to take her for an appointment to get checked out. At first Gwen doesn’t want to, but then finally relents. Will and Gwen bump into Casey and Celia at the hospital and Casey is suspicious of what they are doing there. Craig shows up unannounced at Jen’s sonogram appointment, upsetting Jen, who kicks him out. Elsewhere, Mike and Katie argue about her interference/help, but finally come to an understanding. Jen interrupts them by calling Mike to tell him Craig showed up at her appointment. When Craig lets on he knows the baby’s sex, Jen assumes Katie told him. Jen overhears Mike wondering to Katie if allowing Craig some access may not be a good thing. Rosanna goes to talk to Paul and finds Emily leaving after having made love with Paul. They argue about how much Rosanna ruined Emily’s life. Emily wants to cause Rosanna as much pain as she caused her. After Emily leaves, Rosanna begs Paul to take her back and let her into his life. Paul tells a devastated Rosanna he wants her out of his life forever. Meanwhile, Emily has gone to the Police Station to confront Hal about how she feels. It appears Emily is asking for a divorce.

B&B by Boo

Nick once again promises Brooke that he will always be there for her before taking off. Brooke goes in to work and overhears Megan telling Eric that she hopes Ridge will choose Brooke. Eric and Brooke discuss Stephanie’s actions of late and Brooke tells him that Stephanie is now going after Nick and Bridget. Eric gives Brooke his support and tells her that he hopes she will turn to him if Ridge does choose Taylor. Nick walks in on Stephanie and Bridget fighting and puts Stephanie in her place. He tells Bridget that he is more committed to her now than the day he proposed and warns Stephanie that she will end up alone if she doesn’t stop interfering in everyone else’s lives.

Days by Danielle

Kate berates Belle and Shawn upon walking in on them hugging. Marlena walks in as Kate is berating and stands up for Belle and Shawn. John joins them and after Kate storms out, advises her alone to let their kids work things out themselves. Shawn asks to come along with Belle to Germany but Belle turns him down. Marlena defends Belle’s desires to be with Shawn to John, likening Belle’s situation to her past with Roman and John. The talk leads John to ask if Marlena wishes she were with Roman instead of him. Kate calls Judge Fitzpatrick and convinces her to speed up Shawn’s trial in hopes that by the time they get back from Germany, Shawn will be headed for jail and out of the way of Belle and Philip.

Mimi becomes upset when Rex gushes about their future together and storms out. When Rex follows her to the roof, Mimi reveals that she is going to jail. Chloe learns of Philip’s injury when Judge Fitzpatrick informs Brady while she’s still eavesdropping in the bushes, causing her to gasp and almost be found by Brady. Chloe rushes back to her clinic room and shares her conflictions with Craig. Nicole figures out that Sami is Stan and almost gets into a physical fight with Sami until Lucas pulls Nicole aside. Nicole confirms her suspicions about Sami by saying Stan’s name and watching Sami react as if someone had called her own name.

GH by Amanda

Only Ric can comfort Alexis when Kristina has a minor accident. Emily's confession of her rape to Sonny calms his anger. On her word, he agrees Michael needs help. Carly loves her new home. Monica wonders how Reese became to injured in the past. Reese calls for Caroline again. When Lorenzo gives Carly a car, she admits her phobia of driving. Nik rescues Lucky from not being able to pay for a bill.

GL by Sarah  

Bill and Olivia decide that it's time for Bill to adopt Emma. Alan is not thrilled with the plan and makes threats towards them. Alex is worried about Alan and all the stress that he's been under. Alan tells her that he can handle it all with no problem. Sandy, Josh, Ross and Frank have a boy's night out playing cards at Lewis. The older men tell stories about the ladies. Sandy learns a lot. Gus and Harley end up on the set of a soap that is doing a live broadcast. Gus acts like he's a writer and Harley is a technical consultant to fool the cast. They end up actually being shown on live TV, but no one in Springfield sees it. They decide to stay the night on the set so they can watch the motel to see when Wallace leaves. Wallace decides to stick around for a while.

OLTL by Mary

John talks to Natalie about how she had blew things out or proportion about what he had said. They hug, but Evangeline comes in, and catches them. Paige has dinner with Bo at the Palace, but cannot keep her eyes off Spencer, who is having dinner with Kelly at another table. David warns Kelly about Spencer. Nora encourages Evangeline to go after John

Passions by Shirley

Luis and Sheridan are intent on getting their son back, while Tabitha is intent on stopping them. Edna’s prayers have summoned Cherubim that encircle Tabby and hold her hostage while sapping her strength. She calls on Endora for help, and the baby is more than up for it. She causes Beth to knock her mother out to stop her prayers, causes bats to invade the car Luis and Sheridan are driving, making them crash, and is overjoyed that she has been able to help her Mommy get back to the job at hand. Luis and Sheridan come too, and she is determined to get to her son even if she has to walk. Luis follows as Beth tries to figure out where to hide her mother before her man gets to her door. Tabitha gets there first, of course, and lets Beth know the lovers are coming after having gotten news from the new DNA test, and Beth needs to get out of town quick.

Alistair tells Katherine about Rachel, how he kept her prisoner because she wouldn’t love him and how she escaped and came to confront him. He tells her how Sheridan came and found he woman attacking him and she stabbed her over and over until she was dead. He tells her how Martin disposed of the body, and finishes it off by telling her he will make sure Sheridan pays for what she’s done. Katherine swears to kill him, as does Martin, but neither one seems ready to carry through with it.

Y&R By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Neil has proof now that his brother knows nothing about parenting. Malcolm has a meeting that he has been dreading all day. Devon tells how he hasn’t seen his sister all day. Lily screams as the bed breaks. Gloria pushes the issue with a little Viagra. John is in the mood for love.

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