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AMC by Jenn

Greenlee is still obsessed about secretly getting pregnant by Ryan's frozen sperm cells at that sperm bank. So she disguises herself as Simone and uses Simone's identity to find the "match" at the sperm bank. Meanwhile, Erica wants to get Dr. Madden from the sperm bank, to be on her show and for them to help an infertile woman have a baby. Little does she know what Greenlee is up to until she runs into her and asks her. Tad informs JR that he "lifted" Dixie's finger prints from some old relics and discovered that they matched those of Di's. JR still does not believe that his son's nanny is also his mother. Kendall and Zach are both revealing that they are not content in their "non-real" marriage. Kendall runs into Ryan and informs him that this marriage to Greenlee is got as great as he believes it is. Maria tells Sam that they must move to California. But he tells his mother that he cannot do that, Pine Valley is his home and it would be like running away.

ATWT by Jenny

Paul and Em hit the sheets. Afterwards, Em said she didn't regret it. They started talking about old times. No one even mentioned Hal. Craig told Ro he convinced Paul to tell Em to drop the charges against Ro. He explained that he had to promise not to sue Jen for running him out of town. Ro thanked him and told him to call if he needed to talk. Then she talked to Carly, who encouraged her to fight for Paul. Ro went to try to talk to him, and arrived just as a very happy Emily was leaving.

Katie told Mike and Jen she just wanted to help everyone get along and pointed out Craig was the baby's father and he wasn't bowing out gracefully. Jen told Katie to butt out and Mike backed her up. They went to Jen's doctor appointment and Katie had lunch with Craig. She told him what happened, Craig heard about Jen's doctor appointment, and told Katie he had to leave. Meanwhile, Mike got a call from Lisa. She begged him to come over and fix a broken water line. He told her no, but Jen told him to go and she'd get him a sonogram picture if he didn't get back in time. Mike reluctantly left and ran into Katie and the Lakeview. He accused her of getting Lisa to make up the pipe story just so she could see him. They got in a fight and Katie told him to go to hell. At her appointment, Jen was having her sonogram when the nurse said the father had arrived. Jen told the nurse to send him in, thinking it was Mike. Instead, Craig walked in. Will argued with Gwen, trying to convince her she should tell Casey about the baby. She said she couldn't and asked Will to stay out of it. He went to the hospital to see Casey. Celia had been fantazing about Will while kissing Casey, but agreed to go to next year's prom with Casey. Casey went for tests and Celia waited for him. Will showed up and she told him Casey was having some tests done. Will said he needed to talk to Casey. Celia urged him to tell her what was going on instead.

B&B by Boo

Nick and Brooke discuss all that Stephanie and Taylor said to him. Brooke’s insecurities start to take hold again, but Nick is there to remind her what a wonderful woman she is. Nick again promises Brooke that he will always be there for her. Massimo offers his yacht to Bridget so that she and Nick can have a wedding at sea. Stephanie pays a visit to Bridget after Taylor tells her that she also believes that Nick is still in love with Brooke. Bridget gets very upset at Stephanie’s manipulations and tells her to go to hell.

Days by Danielle

Chloe watches from the bushes as Nicole tries to convince Brady that Chloe is dead. Lucas interrupts Tony’s call with Sami so Sami pretends that she was talking to Will. Tony calls Nicole and reveals that he knows what she did to Chloe and that Stan was working for him. Tony tells Nicole to search the partygoers for Stan, now not in disguise. Nicole realizes that Sami has the same eyes as Stan. Hope and Bo argue about whether Shawn should come between Belle and Philip.

Rex enlists Shawn’s help to find Mimi and then when Mimi arrives home, Rex confronts her about running out on him. The news that Dr. Gage called back to tell Belle was that in order to save Philip’s life, they had to amputate his leg below the knee. Shawn ignores everyone’s advice to stay away from Belle and heads over to her loft. Kate walks in on Shawn holding Belle. John arranges for three seats on a military transport since the Basic Black jet needs maintenance and Marlena decides that John should take the third seat and travel with Kate and Belle.

GH by Amanda

After seeing Skye and Coleman together, Tracy dumps the sleaze, then refuses to give Luke a divorce when he offers. Diego and Maxie have a heart to heart. Nik tells Lucky he loves Emily more than ever. Meanwhile, she takes Michael to his therapy session. Carly and Lorenzo marry. A little girl encourages Michael to lie so he can get out of therapy. Emily tells Sonny he needs to go back, contradicting him in front of the boy. Skye tells Luke that if the money is more important than her, he can stay with Tracy. Reese asks for Caroline. Lucky discovers her wreck was not accidental.

GL by Nikki

OLTL by Mary

Spencer takes Kelly out to dinner at the Palace Hotel. Tess emerges during the hypnosis. She comes on to Dr. Jamison. She lets out that there is a secret that Jessica is trying to hide. Todd finds out that Tess is Jessica. David reveals that he is Spencer’s little brother.

Passions by Shirley

As Luis and Sheridan race to Beth's to get their son, Tabitha does her best to stop them so she can get to Beth first and warn her they are coming. Beth is busy trying to kill her mother, which she believes she has finally accomplished. However, Edna is playing possum, and when Beth's back is turned, she beans her with an empty bottle, knocking her out cold. She prays for God to help Sheridan and Luis get there quickly and Cherubs are sent to block Tabitha, who is powerless against them, so far. Once she is stopped, the fog she and Endora created to keep the couple from getting to Beth's disappears and they are on their way again. Will they get to the Wallace house first, or will Tabby come up with a way to dodge the Cherubim? Tune in next week to find out.

On the dock, Theresa trys to convince Ethan he belongs with her, but he continues to tell her his place is with Gwen since he's married to her. Back at the mansion, Gwen finds out Rebecca has kept incriminating evidence of the fact they sent the news to the tabloid of Ethan's parentage, and the two women set out to destroy it before it is found by someone. Unfortunately for them, their attempt to destroy it sends it directly to Theresa's feet, and she picks up on it immediately upon seeing it. Maybe Fate is on her side after all.

Y&R By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Victoria admits that she is getting bored with nothing to do. Brad assures a friend that she has been supportive. Sharon demands to know why her house is in a shambles. Malcolm’s idea to report a car stolen is thwarted. Phyllis is given a job offer.


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