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AMC by Jenn

Amanda invites Jamie to join her on the beach. She comes on to him and behaves in a way that seems strange to him and he assumes JR must have drugged her. He has no clue what she is really up to. JR goes to talk to Kendall and offers to be her man and her friend. But she does not trust him. Ryan and Greenlee enjoy some intimate time together. But she has a fantasy about their future with children. ANd his dreams of the future is to be happy together without children. Jack and Erica are having difficulty juggling their private time together with all of their kids. Maddie sets Zach up to look like he's attacked her so that she can get him in trouble. Maria does not believe it for a minute and tells both of her kids that they need to move away and start over again together as a family.

ATWT by Sarah  

While looking for the insurance papers in the rubble, Holden finds the divorce papers. He takes it as a sign that they were meant to get divorced, but Jack points out that Lily didn't sign them. Holden goes to the hospital to find Lily, but when he goes to Keith's door, he seems him & Lily kissing as they have decided to start over with a clean slate. Carly is being haunted by Les's ghost. She doesn't think that she'll ever get over everything that has happened even though she puts on a brave front for Jack and everyone else. Rosanna comes to see if she is ok after everything she's gone through. Rosanna tells Carly everything that happened except that Cabot was involved.

Craig tells Paul that if Emily presses charges against Rosanna, then he will press charges against Jennifer, Paul and anyone else that was involved with getting him to leave town. Paul gives in to him. Mike tells Paul to stay out of their lives (his and Jennifer's). Meanwhile, Jennifer tells Katie the same thing. Emily can't convince Susan to help her press charges against Rosanna. Emily goes to Paul and he tells her that he's not sure that pressing charges is the right thing to do now. Emily goes crazy on him because she thinks he's turning on her like Susan and Hal. They end up in a passionate kiss.

B&B by Boo

Thomas breaks up with Caitlin and makes a strong connection with Gaby. Brooke becomes upset when she hears that Nick is talking to Stephanie and Taylor. She worries that they will now turn Nick against her too. Bridget consoles her mother and swears that could never happen. Brooke encourages Bridget to elope with Nick and not wait for the family to come together; that may never happen. Taylor and Ridge continue their sparring match with Taylor ending up telling Nick that he is the one that needs to make a decision. He needs to decide if he is going to be with Bridget or Brooke. Nick reports back to Brooke all that Stephanie and Taylor said. Brooke is shocked to hear that they want Nick and Brooke to be together.

Days by Danielle

Bo and Hope argue about Shawn’s motives for rescuing Philip. Nicole convinces Chloe to give her time to try and convince Brady that Chloe is dead. Chloe hides in the bushes, eavesdropping on Nicole’s attempt to convince Brady that he was hallucinating and then that hearing Chloe’s voice was only a Dimera trick. John and Roman argue about whether Sami could be working for Tony. Marlena and Lucas, having overheard the argument, defend Sami. Sami continues her conversation with Tony via cell phone and Tony threatens to reveal Sami’s identity as Stan using her DNA on the disguise as proof. Sami tries to get Tony to agree to a truce but Tony vows to make Sami learn from her mistakes. Belle’s original call from Dr. Gage gives no information because Dr. Gage was called back to Philip’s side before he could tell Belle anything. Kate argues with Shawn, angry to see Shawn dote on Belle so much while she’s worried about Philip. Lucas pulls Shawn aside to advise him to stay away from Belle and let her family support her. John calls Shane for word that the doctors are still in recovery with Philip. Marlena uncomfortably watches John comfort and dote on Kate. Belle’s cell phone rings again and she starts to cry and almost faints when she hears what the doctor has to tell her.

GH by Lisa

Sonny is angry when Reese ends their relationship. Sam makes a confession to Sonny. Sonny later finds Reese in a bad way. A young girl named Jodie befriends Michael. Emily and Nikolas go on a "date." Skye declares her love for Coleman.

Tracy isn't pleased by what she hears Coleman say. Felicia will do anything to save Maxie's life. Georgie, Dillon, Brook Lynn and Diego bring Maxie's graduation day to her.

GL by Elizabeth

Cassie vows to work on her marriage no matter what. Dinah tells her father about what Edmund did to Will & Cassie. He tells her that she needs to get a fresh start. Jeffery & Cassie become trapped in an elevator together. Dinah tells Edmund that she wants more from him and plans on getting it. Marina and Danny trick Zane into thinking that Harley is in California. Danny comes clean with Marina about what he is doing. She decides that she wants to help him protect her family. Alan pays Wallace off and decides to send him to Croatia. Gus and Harley are within feet of the Alan & Wallace and they don’t see one another. Gus and Harley figure out where the mystery stationary is from.

OLTL by Mary

Antonio has a meeting with a man named Jackie to get his help to bring down R.J.. Evangeline and John break up. David offers Spencer money to leave town. Matthew comes home. He blames himself for Nora marrying Daniel, and for Jen getting killed.

Passions by Shirley

After Ned forces Fancy to give the money she took from the gangster to a couple of nuns, ala Whoopi Goldberg and Patrick Swaze in "Ghost", they make their escape from Las Vegas, supposedly on separate planes heading to different locations. However, they both unknowingly end up on the same flight. The bad guys aren't giving up the chase, either. In Harmony, Ethan rubs salt into Theresa's wounds by telling her he knew it was she making love to him when Jane was conceived and that he loves her best and wants to be with her, then telling her he can't because of Gwen. After she leaves, heart broken again, Whitney tells Ethan he is a fool to hurt her once again, and then tells him she knows how it feels to love someone you can never have, because she still loves her half-brother Chad. Of course, Chad is standing behind her and hears every word, and they have a touching moment, until Fox comes in and is disgusted by them. Meanwhile, Ethan runs into Theresa again on the docks, and she proves to him he can't resist her.

Dottie tells Luis and Sheridan that indeed, Marty is their son, not Beth's, and they head off to get him back. However, Tabitha is spying on them and can't allow them to do that. At the Wallace house, after Edna threatens Beth with telling all she knows if she abandons her in an old folks home, Beth decides the only answer is to kill her mother, and sets about doing just that.

Y&R By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Mackenzie decides to give herself away but it is not to be. Nick sneaks into an office hoping to get information on a murderer. Malcolm is revealed a liar. Lily organizes a getaway. Ashley is told of the superstitious therapist’s exit. Gloria feigns hurt when accused of scaring off staff. Tom’s alone time is not as tranquil as he would like.

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