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AMC by Jenn

Babe gets really angry at Jamie for his justification of his father going after finding Dixie and abandoning Krystal. With perfect timing, Amanda calls Jamie and lures him to the beach clearly hoping to seduce him. JR seems to not trust Amanda. But he runs into Erica outside of Kendall's home. And she encourages him to go after Kendall. Erica really believes that JR cares about her daughter and will motivate her to get rid of Zach and Ethan. Zach reveals to Kendall, by refusing to discuss Maria, that he is still in love with Maria and is probably staying married to Kendall in order to avoid facing the fact that he's still in love with Maria. Maddie is up to no good and wants to set Zach up to look like he's attacked her.

ATWT by Boo  

Les traps Carly in a trunk and locks Lily in the bedroom as he starts the house on fire. Jack and Holden are alerted that something is wrong by Ben and Jessica. The two search frantically for their wives. Luke discovers the guest house has been ransacked and realizes his house is on fire. Keith rescues Lily from the burning house only to run smack into Les. Les takes them to the cellar of the farmhouse, where Lucinda watches over the children upstairs unaware what is going on. Jack finds Luke in front of the burning house and figures out that Carly is still trapped inside. He rushes in to save the love of his life. Keith and Les wrestle in the cellar with Keith being shot in the shoulder. Holden comes in just in time and tackles Les. Les runs off to the kitchen and threatens Lucinda if Holden doesn’t give him a free shot at the door. When Les makes a run for it, Holden tackles him again and the two struggle again. Jack and Carly show up just in time to shot Les in the back before he shot Holden. All are relieved that it is finally over.

B&B by Boo

Stephanie and Nick continue to argue about what is best for Brooke. Stephanie sees that she isn’t getting anywhere and decides to let Taylor and Nick talk alone. Nick tells Taylor that she should be the one to walk away since she is the compassionate one. She should never strive to take Ridge away from Hope and R.J. Thomas and Gabby grow a bit closer and talk about going to the same college in the fall. Thomas and Spectra come to an agreement and a contract is signed for Thomas to join Spectra as a designer for the summer.

Days by Danielle

Bo surprises Hope with a picnic on the beach. Tony joins Bart on the island and they talk about Tony’s plan to cause Hope, Bo, Billie, and Georgia misery. Lucas insists to Sami that the only way to have a future together is for her to be completely honest about her relationship with Tony. John and Roman talk about how to find Tony in order to save Victor and Caroline and John suggests asking Sami for information on Tony’s location. Tony calls Sami and threatens to tell Lucas about her time as Stan. Rex thought Mimi was talking about keeping the secret that Roman and Cassie were alive and Mimi allows him to believe that. Mimi can’t take Rex’s constant gushing about her being the perfect woman and declares that she can’t marry him. Nicole continues to try and keep Brady from seeing Chloe despite Marlena and Brady’s attempts to convince her otherwise. Chloe was able to hide in the closet before Brady saw her and leaves without ever knowing she was there. Chloe decides that she must now tell Brady the truth despite Nicole’s attempts to change her mind. Brady reunites with Marlena and after Marlena spots Chloe on the terrace tells Brady to go out on the terrace for some air and he might find the answers he’s looking for. Revered Canton greets Belle and tells her about Philip having stepped on a land mine and now being in a German hospital. John warns Shawn to stay away from Belle and Kate yells at Shawn that Belle will want to be with a marine hero like Philip instead of a loser like him. The doctor decides to operate on Philip but just as Philip imagines disappearing from Belle’s arms, the doctor declares that despite their heroic attempts, this is a tragedy. The doctor calls Belle with the news.

GH by Amanda 

Luke's plans continue to stray further awry; Tracy is willing to divorce him immediately so she and Coleman can shack up, but even if he hits her with charges of adultery, she refuses to give him the fifteen million dollars of Cassadine money. Felicia and Bobby's pleas for Maxie to consent to getting a new heart fall on stubbornly deaf ears. When Lorenzo proposes again, saying he will wait as long as Carly needs to for her son's sake, she accepts. Michael is recalcitrant during therapy. Skye dumps Luke, apparently for Coleman. Maxie dreams of BJ, inspiring her to refuse a new transplant. Jason opposes Carly's marriage. At the doctor's encouragement, Carly tells Alcazar she'll marry him that night.

GL by Elizabeth

Buzz writes Harley a letter. Alex talks to Harley on the phone. Marina follows Danny to Chicago. The viewers find out that Danny is posing as Gus to help leads the bounty hunters on the wrong track. Marina sees a dinner for two after lying her way into Danny’s hotel room and gets the wrong idea. Danny finds out that Marina is in Chicago. Buzz confesses to Alex how hard thing shave been since Harley had to leave. Alex, consumed by guilt almost tells Buzz the truth, until Alan steps in. Alan gets another phone call from the man in New York blackmailing him. He demands a double payment to keep his mouth shut. Gus promises once more to always stick by Harley’s side. They arrive in NY, determined to find information on Phillip’s killer. Coop & Lizzie go on a date and agree to run Company together.

OLTL by Mary

Asa tells Carlo Hesser that he wants him to kill Blair Cramer. Duke and Adriana listen to the conversation. The guards catches them, but Duke, and Adriana escape. Riley leaves for Rehab. Nora calls Bo to bring Matthew home. Evangeline confronts John about telling Natalie that he loves her.

Passions by Shirley

Eve almost slips up and lets Whitney's secret out, but she quickly comes up with an explanation that seems to work. Fox and Ivy put their heads together to come up with a plan to get the baby back from Chad. Julian and Eve worry about Whitney's drinking, hoping she won't follow in Eve's footsteps because of the pain she is now feeling in her heart. Theresa shows up at the Blue Note to hear her friend sing and decides she, too, needs a stiff drink to forget her troubles. Ethan shows up, and after she slaps him silly he tells her he wishes he could be with her and their baby instead of with Gwen.

Alistair makes Katherine look at the dead woman's ring and it makes her hysterical to the point of fainting. He tells her that the dead woman is the woman Sheridan called "Mother", Katherine's sister Rachael. Sheridan gets on the airplane to fly to Paris, leaving Luis staring after her departing plane and regretting the fact he couldn't make himself believe her when she said Marty is her child. To his joy and surprise, she is standing in the terminal as he turns to leave. She calls Dottie to find out the results of the DNA test, and Dottie lets her know her examination of the results was thorough this time, and the result is.......

Y&R By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Malcolm becomes a bodyguard when he sees that the walls are closing in. Michael’s experience foretells what a judge will do in court that day. JT lends a caring open ear to a friend who is blue. Brittany begs forgiveness.

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