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AMC by Jenn

Greenlee is determined to stop at nothing in order to get pregnant by Ryan's seeds, whether he knows or approves or not. She goes to the sperm bank and offers bribes to the doctors although they explain to her that they have confidentiality laws and cannot tell her where or if Ryan Lavery has any frozen sperm for her to use. Ryan talks to Maria about the situation. She assures him he did the right thing even though she personally disagrees with his belief that evil is genetic, since she is a doctor and scientist. JR is very disappointed to find out that although Kendall has married Zach, she won't have the money because he's ended his fight with Ethan.

ATWT by Elayna

Everyone is on edge at the fact Craig is back in town, however, nobody more so then Jen and Mike, especially when he shows up unannounced at their door. Jen is extremely upset by Craig’s threats to promising to always being a part of his child’s life. Mike tries to calm her down, but further aggravates Jen when he admits that Craig does have rights as the child’s father. However, he promises to always protect her and their baby. Katie talks to Craig and convinces him to allow her to be his go between with Mike and Jen. When Henry finds out that Katie has involved herself in the Craig, Jen and Mike saga again, he is reminded of Katie’s undying love for Mike. Paul tells Emily and Hal that he wants to press charges against Rosanna. He recites the story Rosanna told him of why she had to leave, but since Craig was involved with Rosanna, Paul is unsure what to believe. Hal questions cause Paul to wonder why he wants to drag everyone through this, but decides this is the only way to find out the truth. After Paul leaves, Hal forbids Emily to press charges against Rosanna. The pail of fake blood intended for Celia mistakenly hits Casey. He gets rushed to the hospital unconscious. Gwen and Will follow, and arrive just as Casey, who has now regained consciousness, and Celia profess their love to one another. Gwen ends up getting sick, and later confesses to Will that she is pregnant with Casey’s baby. Keith can tell Lily is worried about a drinking something Keith made for her. He knows that she has taken the bee pollen to a lab for analyzing. She claims she has done that solely to prove her mother and the others wrong. Keith shocks Lily by admitting the bee pollen will match the bee pollen in Les’ car. He explains he was worried that Les would get out of the charges against him, as he had done so many times in the past. He knew all the evidence was circumstantial, and he was worried Les would get off and go after JJ. Lily wants to know why he didn’t just tell her. He explains he didn’t want her seen as an accessory. He reminds her he never lied about how much he loves her, and leaves her to make a decision as to what she wants to do with this information. After Keith leaves, Lily calls Jessica to meet her to talk. Someone follows Lily as she leaves her home. In her car, she decides to cancel her appointment, and as she hangs up, she realizes her brakes are no longer working.

B&B by Boo

Bridget visits with her father and learns that he doesn’t think Stephanie will back off of Brooke anytime soon. Sally offers Thomas a job at Spectra. Nick and Stephanie argue about the situation that Ridge is in and which woman he should be with. Stephanie warns Nick to think very hard about the decision that he has to make. He needs to decide now which woman he really loves because Brooke will be single again soon, and looking for support. Taylor confronts Brooke wanting explanations for the things she did in the past. Bridget comes in on the conversation and tells Taylor that they have all worked through all of the pain from the past. She is confident that Nick doesn’t still have feelings for her mother and she trusts him completely.

Days by Danielle

Roman brings Kate to Alice’s Bar to try and help her relax. They talk about the Belle/Shawn/Philip triangle and how close Marlena and Roman got while at the castle. The latter conversation is interrupted by the news that all the hostages are on their way home. Roman decides to throw the hostages a welcome home party at Alice’s Bar and makes the calls to invite everyone. Belle and Mimi receive word as well that the hostages are returning home and head over to Alice’s Bar for the party. Mimi receives word from Mickey that her sentencing date is the same as her wedding date. Chloe calls Marlena to come to her clinic room to offer advice about Brady and decides to take Marlena’s advice when Marlena says that Chloe has no choice but to go to the party and let Brady know she is alive.

Lucas questions Sami’s worried behavior but Sami sticks to her prisoner story and complains about Kate as she asks if there is a chance for a future with Lucas. Lucas vows to get to the bottom of what happened that night. Captain Owens informs the hostages that Philip was wounded but dictated a letter to Shawn on his way to the hospital. In the letter, Philip commends Shawn and the others and asks Shawn to be there for Belle, assuring her that he loves her and won’t let anything come between them again, when she hears the news of his injury. Rex chastises Shawn for still wanting to be with Belle after reading that letter. Rex asks Lucas to be his best man in hopes that Philip will be well enough to share the duties. The plane arrives in Salem and Sami is reunited with Roman, Lucas with Kate, Rex with Mimi, and Belle with Shawn. Shawn tells Belle about the letter and Philip’s injury. Belle proclaims that she can’t lose Philip.

GH by Amanda

Coleman and Courtney get trapped in an elevator together. Tracy refuses to give up the money Luke stole when Nik demands she return it. After Lorenzo rejects her proposal, Carly gets a lecture from Emily, instructing her to leave Jason alone to be happy with Sam. Jason encourages Sonny to get help for Michael and freaks over hearing that Carly wants to marry Lorenzo. Skye advises Lorenzo to marry Carly if he wants to. Ric and Alexis ponder how to divorce. Sonny and Reese give in to passion. Lorenzo proposes and Carly accepts.

GL by Elizabeth

Jonathan warns his father to keep his arrival in town under wraps. Olivia warns Alan not to cross her again. Lizzie decides not to call the police on Harley. Instead she takes her photo to show to Coop. Gus opens the infamous briefcase only to find it filled with photos of Phillip. Reva & Nate spend some time together discussing good vs. evil. Tammy requests to work with Jonathan on a Lewis Construction project. Alan discovers that the bloody gloves are missing from the attic and later discovers them in his Spaulding office. He suspects Olivia is messing with his mind. Josh surprises Jonathan by telling him how much he is appreciated & needed at Lewis Construction. Coop asks Lizzie to stay in town with him. Gus & Harley watch the security tapes from the Spaulding mansion. They realize they have very little to go on. Reva introduces Jonathan to her new boss, Nate. Gus and Harley begin their road trip to find the New York informant. Alex finds incriminating evidence in the hands of her brother. She wonders if perhaps he is the one who shot Phillip.

OLTL by Mary

Spencer meets Evangeline. Adriana gets a call from Duke in Argentina. John questions Hayes about the Killing Club murders. Jessica and Vikki discuss the effects of DID.

Passions by Shirley

As Chad and Fox continue to spar over Whitney, she is in the back room at the Blue Note listening to Aunt Liz lecture her on her actions. Once Liz leaves, she takes a swig of Vodka, pours more in her glass, and goes out on stage to continue singing. After a shaky start, she straightens up. Liz, meanwhile, calls first Eve, then TC, telling them Whitney is in trouble and needs them badly. There was no clue as to what her scheme is, however. In Las Vegas, Ned and Fancy continue to run and hide, but seem to be close to getting caught in close proximity to a dead man and the gun that killed him. We are left wondering why we should be the least bit interested in them, frankly.

Luis searches for Sheridan, looking first at the cottage, then racing off to other places she might be. Meanwhile, Sheridan comes home and packs for her trip, then heads to the airport to await the flight to Paris. Dottie is also searching for her, to tell her the results of the new DNA test. Beth is still celebrating and threatening her mother, then hatching a scheme to get millions from "Daddy" Alistair so she can live in luxury without Luis knowing the money came from his arch enemy. Alistair is busy revealing the secret of the gazebo to Katherine, against Martin's anxious warnings, and seems to be pleased with her hysterical reaction to it.

Y&R By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Sharon admits to her part in her child’s death. Christine warns that things are going to get bad if a suspect is a no-show. Gloria is ordered to stay out of the house. Brad quit his job because he couldn’t deal with management. Katherine pulls rank demanding to know why the advertising is crappy. Gitta is lulled into a false sense of security.

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