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AMC by Jenn

Greenlee tells Ryan that their marriage might not be worth anything if she cannot trust him. She still wants to convince him that they should have a child and he still won't go for it. But he tells her that she needs to give their marriage a chance. Amanda attempts to get Jamie to cheat on Babe with her. At first he gets angry and tells her no way would he even consider that and she's worthless to even suggest it. But she suggests to him that they make JR think that Jamie has dumped Babe so that JR will hand over Phoebe's money to Jamie. She reminds him that Babe will probably be only too happy to help them with a plan like that. Tad tells JR that he has good reason to believe that his nanny is really Dixie. JR still has problems believing that and trusting Tad. But he still seems to trust his nanny. David confronts Di about whether she is Dixie. She denies it and convinces him she'd have no incentive to lie about her identity ant put herself through what she has if she was in fact Tad's wife and JR's mother. Babe visits Krystal and asks if Tad has been by to see her. Krystal says she has not seen him. Babe is able to figure out that the reason why is because he believes he might have found Dixie.

ATWT by Eva

Paul is upset that Rosanna doesn't trust him with Cabot's location and also because she thinks Craig should be able to see Jennifer's child. Paul is also very upset that Rosanna helped Craig come back to Oakdale. A combination of all these things makes Paul tell Rosanna he wishes she had never returned to Oakdale. Will and Celia share a dance at prom. Gwen continues to try to talk to Casey to tell him something important but when Casey refuses to listen to her Gwen decides to go tell Celia everything. Casey chases Gwen to try and stop her and he falls victim to the prank Lia and Ann meant for Celia. Keith finds out that Lily took the bottle of bee pollen to the lab. Lily gets closer to the truth about Keith but she is unaware that he knows she is investigating him. Lily walks into danger when she finds Keith waiting for her at home.

B&B by Boo

Sally and the Spectra gang learn of Taylor’s return. When Thomas desire to start designing becomes known to Sally and Thorne, Sally starts her thinking wheel in motion. It would be wonderful if they could snag another Forrester. Gabby and Thomas grow closer as Gabby is able to cheer Thomas up after being disappointed by his grandfather. Ridge, Brooke and Stephanie have it out about her telling Taylor all the sordid details of Brooke’s mistakes. Taylor listens quietly to the argument but is shocked to hear that Stephanie expects Brooke to give R.J. up to her. Ridge asks for time alone with his mother and warns her to butt out of his business or she will be sorry. Taylor tells Brooke that she has faith that Ridge will make the right choice.

Days by Danielle

Pre-empted due to the French Open

GH by Amanda

After Jason convinces Jax to trust Courtney, the wedding proceeds until Carly objects. However, Courtney calms her down and the I do's are said. Meanwhile, Jason and Sam take Michael to a psycho therapist, who happens to have treated Jason after his wreck, and unbeknownst to them, has ties to Alan. Brooke realizes Diego is attracted to Maxie who wrestles with a difficult decision regarding giving up BJ's heart. Carly proposes to Lorenzo.

GL by Nikki

Harley and Gus are kissing in the ice cream truck they just bought. Harley tells Gus she wants to be with him forever. Marina is at Company talking to Coop about Lizzie not being there to pester and breathe down their necks while she is in Europe. Lizzie then walks over to them and tells Coop that she is done eating and that he needs to clean up her table. Marina's cell phone rings and it is Danny. He asks if she needs any help. Marina says no. Frank runs into Danny and he wants to talk to him about Marina. Alan is at Spaulding Mansion opening the cabinet where the bloody gloves sat and where the pictures of the family are. He gets flashback memories of killing Phillip. The phone rings and it is Beth he yells at her telling her something like "you can't do that, no now!" Someone rings the ice cream bell for service then starts banging on the truck window. Gus answers it and it is a paperboy asking for a cowboy crunchy. He gives the boy and ice cream and the boy gives Gus the latest newspaper. It has Harley on the front and it says wanted dead or alive. Frank is telling Danny that he doesn't have the energy to tell him to stay away from his daughter Marina. Marina and Coop are still at Company. Marina is reading a letter Lizzie gave to Coop. Marina realizes Coop is gonna miss Lizzie and may possibly have feelings for her. Beth and Lizzie are outside Company discussing travel plans when Alan storms up yelling at Beth telling her that they cannot leave. Gus tells Harley it is not safe to stay there that they have to go to New York City. Gus decides he needs to get the surveillance camera DVD's do he can find out the real killer. Harley realizes they don't have a DVD player to play the camera scenes on and suggests going to Harley's Angels to get one. Gus says no, that it is not safe. Harley begs and pleads and still Gus refuses. Marina prompts Coop to go outside and tell how he feels. Coops gives in and gets up to go outside and talk to Lizzie. Meanwhile, Beth questions Alan if he is keeping secrets. Alan says no, and says they will discuss the matter later on and leaves. Beth reassures Lizzie that her grandfather will not interfere with their trip to Europe. She too leaves. Lizzie is all alone with Roxy. She tell Roxy that Europe will be fun and maybe she will find a purebred boyfriend. She turns around to find Coop behind her. Danny tells Frank that he cares a lot for Marina. He also tells Frank that they are on a break but they are working it out. Frank tells Danny not to let him down. Harley leaves the ice-cream truck despite Gus's wishes to stay put. She goes to Harley's Angels. She grabs the DVD player, when a cop tells her to turn around. Gus shows up at the Spaulding Mansion and finds Alan alone. Alan tells Gus that he is glad he was there. Gus tells Alan it was nice to feel wanted. Alan was afraid he had gone after Harley or tried to make contact with her. Gus asks how Alan is doing. Alan says good now that he knows Gus is safe. Gus prompts Alan to talk about the name Alan is supposedly going by "anonymous donor". Alan tells Gus he doesn't know what he is talking about. Gus tells Alan he knows exactly what he is talking about and says the proof is right is the briefcase behind them. Danny daydreams that Marina said she missed him and they kissed. Coop talks to Lizzie about the letter she gave him, and how she signed it your employer, Lizzie. They start to argue when the paperboy throws the paper and hits Coop in the chest. The police officer tells Harley to give him some ID since they landlord told him that no one was using the place. Harley hand him a business card with the name Alexandra Spaulding on it. He then asks her for a picture ID of her. Gus tells Alan that Harley didn't kill Phillip. Gus accuses Alan of hating Harley. Gus tells Alan that he is more is more responsible for Phillip's death than anyone. They argue over Phillip and who killed her and the anonymous donor. Gus tells Alan that he should call off the reward search. Alan tells Gus that nobody dictates him. It shows Alan's gun. Marina takes her turn daydreaming that Danny walked into Company and whisked her into his arms and tells her that he missed her and that he wants her. Frank wakes her up. Coop tells Lizzie that he can't wait to get postcard that she will never send. The police officer hassles Harley about if she was a Spaulding why was she taking a DVD player from an abandoned shack. She tells him it is for a charitable organization. He leaves. Gus is arguing with his father. Alan picks up his gun. Gus tells Alan that he is gonna die a lonely man, but he cannot live without love. Alan tells him he may not have a chance and puts his finger on the trigger. Danny walks into Company. Marina hits him to make sure he is real. Marina says she can't talk because she is so busy. They both decide to talk on the phone later. Frank goes outside and finds Coop looking upset and asks if it was about Lizzie but, Coop shows him the newspaper with Harley on it. Lizzie bumps into Harley and pulls off her sunglasses and realizes it really is Harley Cooper. Gus tells Alan he was not leaving without the briefcase. He tells Alan he wants to look inside but Alan yells at him and pleads him not to.

OLTL by Mary

John rescues Natalie from the killer. He takes the arrow in to the office for further examination. Dorian and David go to the palace for dessert, but then decides to go to Paris. Nora visits Daniel, and serves him with annulment papers. Riley is arrested. Nora posts his bond. She talks him into staying with her. Todd and Blair make love. John finds out from the internet who had purchased the arrow.

Passions by Shirley

Pre-empted due to the French open

Y&R By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Gitta fantasizes about being a couple in the old country. Kevin shows off being out with a bombshell. Nick is unable to function. Brittany is surprised that the loft has two tenants.

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