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AMC by Jenn

Amanda is working on Jamie, playing nice to him and to Babe, when her real intent is to seduce him. Tad is determined to find out if JR's son's nanny is really Dixie. He tells his father he doesn't want JR to ever find out if she is or not. But Joe tells him JR has the right to know. So, he lets JR know. David also finds out by checking her medical records. Lily goes to see Sam and tells him that he doesn't have to hate Zach Slater. But hearing that, Sam is even angrier at Zach for working on Lily. Sam asks Tad and Joe to let him live with them since he is a Martin. But they both tell him he needs to get back to Maria.

ATWT by Eva 

Craig returns to Oakdale to seek revenge on the people who forced him to leave the country. Craig is determined to be a part of his baby's life and Rosanna promises to help him make sure he can be a father to the baby. The young people of Oakdale go to prom. Lia and Ann make sure Celia is elected prom Queen so they can play a joke on her. Celia finds out Will bought the prom dress for her and asks him why he bought such an expensive dress for her. Rafael leaves for Montega to box with a new manager but Celia gets permission to stay with Sierra. Will suspects Casey and Gwen are keeping a secret. Gwen struggles to talk to Casey about something important but keeps getting interrupted by people. Paul pleads with Emily not to press charges against Rosanna. Paul goes to Fairwinds to confront Rosanna despite Emily's advice to stay away from her.

B&B by Boo

Thomas is reading to start designing as soon as he graduates high school. Eric disappoints him when he doesn’t agree with Thomas. He tells his grandson to take a few years worth of designing classes first. Thomas tells Gaby that he is ready to design now, and that is what he is going to do. Brooke fills Ridge in on everything Stephanie said to her. Ridge is furious with his mother and the two of them head out to confront Stephanie. Stephanie tells Taylor all about Brooke’s behavior since Taylor has been gone. Taylor is horrified to hear that Brooke isn’t the good influence on her children that she thought. When Ridge and Brooke arrive, Taylor confronts Brooke.

Days by Linda

Abby invites Chelsea along on the camping trip and Chelsea declines the invitation at first since she can’t afford camping supplies but decides to go when Billie offers her the money. Lexie stops by to tell Jack that his blood work didn’t show signs of anything serious but she sent it along to the mayo clinic for more tests. Lexie gives Jack pill samples to take in case he feels dizzy and tells him that he can’t drive. Jack still refuses to tell Jennifer about the seriousness of his condition. Sami, Lucas, and Brady board the Basic Black jet and wait on Shawn and Rex to join them so they can head for home. Brady tells Lucas and Sami about hearing Chloe on the phone and vows to find Chloe. Sami ducks into another area of the plane to use her voice-changing mouthpiece to call Nicole to warn her about Brady’s plans. Nicole fantasizes about suffocating Chloe but once receiving Stami’s call, tearfully declares to Chloe that it’s all over.

Belle heads over to the penthouse to tell John and Marlena about Shawn’s call and John contacts Shane for information. Belle blames herself for the possibility that Shawn and Philip could die and Kate makes Belle feel even guiltier by vowing never to forgive her if Philip should die. Kate tries to push Roman away but Roman vows to stay by her side. Philip lies motionless, bleeding, and unconscious on the desert floor. Officer Barrett stops Shawn from going out searching for Philip. Barrett receives word that Philip was found but tells Shawn that there wasn’t much the marines could do for Philip.

GH by Lisa

Sonny convinces Reese to attend Courtney's wedding with him. Jane sees Jason and Courtney in a close moment. Jason has a warning for Jax. Tracy ends up enjoying the trick Luke played on her. Luke doesn't agree with the decision Tracy makes about their marriage. Alexis and Ric's divorce proceedings hit a roadblock. Maxie's condition remains critical.

GL by Elizabeth

Cassie says goodbye to her son, while Dinah reminds Edmund of what he has cost his wife. Olivia is ecstatic that her husband finally knows the truth and trusts her. Frank threatens Bill & Olivia. Harley & Gus decide to head to New York by way of an interesting vehicle. Edmund sends Dinah back to Springfield with Jeffery. Bill asks his wife to give up her job. In turn he offers to give up his job at Lewis Construction as well. Edmund & Cassie begin to get closer until she finds out that Dinah is no longer traveling with them. Dinah warns Jeffery that Edmund has done something terrible once again. Bill & Olivia get romantic. Harley and Gus begin putting their relationship back on track.

OLTL by Mary

Rex and Natalie search out the spot where the next Killing Club murder might take place. The killer stalks their moves. He knocks Rex unconscious. John is hot on their trail. He finds Rex knocked out. Bo has a argument with Nora about Daniel, and why he hadn’t told her. Todd gets information on Tess aka Jessica. He backs off from printing more stories on Nora, and Daniel. Mark confronts Daniel about killing Jen, and Paul. Mark breaks off their affair. Riley gets arrested for drug possession.

Passions by Shirley

Theresa watches heartbroken as her daughter is taken from her house by Ethan and Gwen, hoping her trust in Ethan to return their child to her isn't misplaced. But, if his wife has anything to do with it, the baby will never be with her mother again. Once they are gone, Theresa lights into her mother for backing her enemy over her, simply because she is Ethan's wife and if she goes against her it will make Pilar look like a hypocrite in her quest to get Martin back from the woman he really loves based on the fact he's her husband. Luis, finished with his job of referring between his sister and the Winthrops discovers that Sheridan left, never to return, and he goes on an all out search for her. Dottie is also trying to find her to tell her the results of the DNA test are in, but she has no luck, either. Sheridan stops at Beth's to let her know she has won for now, but when Luis calls she tells him she hasn't seen Sheridan, sending him in another direction.

Fox deleted all of Chad's hard work, and to celebrate he takes his new girl pal to the Blue Moon. Little does he know that Chad had the good sense to put all his work on a disc before he sent it to Crane Industries shared folder, but Chad is happy with his good thinking. He decides to celebrate with his girl pal, too, and they end up at the same place as Fox, where tempers flare and sparks fly. Whitney starts to sing and sees both men there, then freezes up and runs offstage, unable to continue. Alistair has been given the green light to let Katharine in on his and Martin's long-held secret, although Martin isn't happy about it.

Y&R By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Kevin pretends that he just got the massage of the century. Nick makes an off-color remark about his daughter possibly enjoying the wake. John ignores what he thinks is actually going on, and requests a rub down for himself. Gloria panics when she sees her son is still in the house. Ashley plays hooky to have lunch with a man who sometimes speaks out of bounds. Kevin pretends that he just got the massage of the century. Nick makes an off-color remark about his daughter possibly enjoying the wake. John ignores what he thinks is actually going on, and requests a rub down for himself. Gloria panics when she sees her son is still in the house. Ashley plays hooky to have lunch with a man who sometimes speaks out of bounds.

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