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AMC by Jenn

David finds Greenlee and hears about Ryan's decision to never have children. He tells her it's possible that she could turn that situation around because he knows for a fact that Ryan was once a sperm donor. He tells her it's possible they could find Ryan's frozen specimens still in a laboratory and she could have his child after all. Ryan goes to play cards with Zach and sounds like he wants to get some "ideas" from him about how he deals with his sick family. Zach tells Ryan that ending the genetic line is not an effective way to end the family's ills. Simone is interested in Ethan. Kendall tells her she can have him. But Kendall indicates that she might not be over Ethan. Amanda works on Babe and Jamie and makes them think she is emotionally fragile because of what her parents did to her and that JR may be hurting her. Di collapses with a fever, right when Tad is ready to question her about who she really is. Tad notices JR's being very protective to Di, just like he would if she was his mother. Tad asks Dr. Joe to run a DNA test on Di to find out if she is Dixie. Joe refuses to do that and believes Tad is crazy to consider that she is Dixie. But Joe discovers that Di has only one kidney and so did Dixie.

ATWT by Boo  

Mike and Dusty work toward a friendship while Mike impresses Barbara with his love for Jennifer. Jennifer is upset to find Roseanna back in town and knowing more about her life than she should. She warns Roseanna to stay away from Paul and the rest of her family. Emily takes Paul on a practice date to get him back in the swing of things for the dating scene. Things get almost too hot for the two of them. Jennifer arrives to tell Paul that Roseanna is back in town. Paul has no plans of seeing Roseanna again, she is dead to him. Lily finds out that Keith was hanging around the impound garage on the day the cops discovered the bee pollen in Les’ car. Lily and Holden almost tell each other that they don’t want the divorce, but neither can bring themselves to do it.

B&B by Boo

Jackie tries again to talk Nick into postponing his wedding to Bridget. Nick stands his ground and tells his mother that Bridget and he will be married. Bridget finally gives up arguing with Stephanie and goes to visit Nick. Nick takes her in his arms and is able to calm all her worries. Massimo comes to see Taylor. He loves both of his sons wives and tells them that he trusts the three of them to make the right decision without interference from other family members. Jackie comes to meet the infamous Dr. Forrester, but finds time to catch Brooke alone and plant seeds of doubt about Ridge. She tells Brooke that she could still be happy with Nick. Massimo promises Taylor that he will do everything he can to find her father and bring him home.

Days by Danielle

Lexie tells Jack that his tests were inconclusive and they must draw more blood. Jack refuses to have Jennifer worry so he insists that Lexie not mention anything of his condition. Ryan, the lab tech, calls Lexie down to the lab to see Jack’s unusual blood work while Jack puts on a brave façade while preparing with Jennifer for the family vacation. Lucas sets up a laptop and web cam so he and Sami can talk “face to face” with Will. Will hopes that Sami and Lucas being thrown together has reminded them of how much they mean to each other.

Nicole visits Chloe as Chloe is working on her scrapbook. Chloe becomes angry when Nicole points out a page meant for Brady and crumples up the page before tossing it across the room because she feels that her chance of reuniting with Brady is over. Tony uses Brady’s phone to call Chloe’s clinic room as proof that Chloe is alive. Chloe answers the phone but clams up when she realizes it’s Brady and hands the phone to Nicole. Nicole, acting on Chloe’s wishes, tells Brady that Chloe is dead and Tony is lying. While Brady is arguing with Nicole, Tony slips out the back panel. Shawn uses his satellite phone to call Belle and a fellow soldier uses the radio to patch Belle’s call through to Philip’s headset. Jake approaches Philip, unaware of the mines and ends up stepping on one. Philip defies the marine’s caution to stay still and heads over to help Jake. In the process, a blast goes off and Philip is thrown back. Shortly after, the firefight moves closer to base camp and Shawn and the rest of the marines are forced to take cover. Belle remains on the line and hears everything.

GH by Amanda 

To Skye's dismay, Luke accepts Tracy's challenge to consummate their marriage when she's awake. Therefore, Skye attempts to stop them, unaware that Luke has a way to fake Tracy out. Nik and Emily begin to find their way back to each other, reliving the best memories. Liz finds a home for her and Lucky to move into. Jason tells Michael that he and Sam are taking him to a psychiatrist. Michael is not thrilled. However, when Sam learns that a therapist would be obligated legally to report a crime that a minor patient saw or did, the plan is set back. Courtney learns she can't have children still. Jax's mother and Courtney's father try to talk both of them out of marrying.

GL by Elizabeth

Reva worries about the safety of Cassie. Jonathan is both frightened and shocked to see his father in town. Blake calls Sebastian when she needs help in a crisis. Dinah warns Edmund that he should be more concerned with his own safety than Cassie’s. Cassie finds out that Jeffery is the one who saved her from the prison cell. Sandy visits with Tammy and their time together is anything but peaceful. Jonathan begs his father to leave Tammy alone. Nate intimidates his son. Reva & Josh come to an agreement about their ‘work life.’ Josh hangs out with his new friend. Dinah and Edmund share an intimate moment of her pregnancy together. Alonzo makes it clear that he wants his son to have nothing to do with Edmund. Cassie prepares Will for the fact that he will soon be living with his father. It is revealed where all of Jonathan’s trust fund money has gone. Jonathan tries to stand up to his father and ends up having to be cruel to Tammy in order to protect her. Reva has a fight with Jonathan and assures him that she will not desert him. Nate approaches Josh.

OLTL by Mary

R.J. has a meeting with his accountants, and Antonio overhears. Riley buys drugs, and gets arrested. Bo has a talk with Matthew. Lindsay as well as Mark visits Daniel. Mark begins to believe that Daniel had killed Jen.

Passions by Shirley

Fox has found a way to stick it to Chad, intercepting some work he did at home and sent to the office shared work folder. His female companion sees a picture of Chad and Miles as she waits for Fox to finish his sabotage mission and remarks on how much the baby looks like his father, causing Fox to vehemently let her know he's the baby's father, leaving her wondering why the baby is black if that's true. Fox explains as he finishes his hatchet job on his half-brother. Liz talked Whitney into singing in her club, leaving the girl open to follow in her mother's footsteps in an even more devastating way. Trying to drown her budding feelings of love for her baby, she downs drinks as she sits at the bar.

Luis finds the words to get Theresa to agree to give Ethan and Gwen her baby, and decides he needs to follow them, too. Theresa trusts Ethan enough to believe he won't keep the baby forever, while Luis decides he trusts Sheridan enough to believe her about Marty being her son. Unfortunately, she is on her way out of Harmony, never to know about his change of mind. At the Crane mansion, Katherine threatens to kill Alistair for all the pain he's caused everyone, but she doesn't have the nerve. However, the arriving Martin does have, if she will only allow him to do it. She won't, of course, and Alistair finally tells her he will let her in on the secret of the gazebo, much to Martin's dismay.

Y&R By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Lily panics when she sees someone making a run in her direction. Malcolm warns that more than one person could end up going to jail. Christine works on a case, not knowing if she will be working it much longer or not. Detective Webber’s Spidey senses tell him that soon there will be another fugitive listed. JT is warned when he brings to much excitement to the date. Bobbie wants to know nothing about the baby. Gloria can tell that her son is making all the difference in her plan. Gitta tells of her culture and the spirit world.

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