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AMC by Jenn

Ryan tells Kendall he blames her for everything that has happened and that she only wants to hurt him and hurt Greenlee. She tells him she's given up on him and believes he's really sick and hopes Greenlee dumps him. Right when she goes out the door of his home, she notices the "other woman" at his door. She informs Ryan that Simone and Danielle came by her "club" and asked her questions about him. Greenlee goes to the hospital to rip into the doctor who performed Ryan's vasectomy. She tells him she will have his license for taking away her future. Maria tries to talk reason into Greenlee and informs her that Ryan did not keep his secret from her in order to hurt her. But Edmund, on the other hand, kept secrets so that he could hurt his wife.

Amanda makes nice to Babe and has Babe concerned that JR could hurt her. JR tells Jamie he wants to help him achieve his goal as a doctor and that in order to do that, he needs to get rid of Babe. Jamie does not listen to JR. But Brooke also tells her son that he may be blinded by love.

ATWT by Elayna

Henry is at Mabel’s trying to forget Katie when she shows up wanting to say goodbye. She realizes how she has hurt him, and apologizes for not realizing what she was doing. Is there anyway they can fix this though? Henry doesn’t want to lose Katie, but he knows there is no other way. They dance emotionally to a song from their wedding, and Katie makes another last-ditch effort to keep Henry from leaving her. She asks if they can still at least be friends? Henry can’t continue to get his heart broken by going back to normal when he used to pick up the pieces of her love life. Katie realizes she has to truly say goodbye. Later, Henry bumps into Barbara and bitterly tells her that a newly single Katie will probably now set her sights on Mike. Casey continues to treat Gwen poorly uneasy about her closeness to him or Celia considering their secret they share about sleeping together. Will, Casey and Celia have been trying to keep Gwen’s identity a secret from Barbara when she crashes the prom decorating party, but after another insult from Casey, Gwen and Barbara’s paths cross and Gwen admits to being Will’s date. She apologizes to Will, who blows up at his mom, for interfering when he is trying to blend in with his peers. Gwen and Will come to an understanding about each ones desire to be with the others prom date. During an official welcome to the family party for JJ, an emotional Emma finds out Holden has signed his divorce papers. JJ asks to invite Keith, which Jack uncomfortably does. Carly later tells Holden that she thinks deep down Lily is starting to doubt Keith because of the way she staunchly defends him even to her. Keith, who has let himself into Lily’s house, overhears her conversation with Jessica to go meet her regarding Julia’s murder. He catches Lily in a lie, and she admits to wanting to go find some irrefutable evidence once and for all to clear Keith in order to placate Lucinda, who found the check Lily wrote to Keith to help him with his debt. Keith is agitated that Lily feels she needs to do this, but Lily diverts the real reason she is checking up on him. He wants to help, but Lily wants to do it alone claiming any evidence they find will be tainted in Lucinda’s eyes if he helps. Keith tells Lily he will catch up with her after JJ’s party. Lily goes on a fishing expedition first at her meeting with Jessica and then back to Keith’s. Lily takes his passport from his drawer in order to show it to the mechanic at the garage where Les’ car was. The mechanic positively ID’s Keith as the one at his garage at the time the police were looking for Les’ car. After a stunned Lily leaves, we see a pair of boots from someone obviously following Lily.

B&B by Boo

Brooke tells Bridget of the conversation with Stephanie and worries that she will lose Ridge. Steffy, Thomas and Phoebe excitedly talk about the times they will be spending with their mother, until Thomas brings up that Brooke will be moving out. Phoebe gets very upset and runs out of the room. Ridge reminds his children that Brooke has been a good mother to them while Taylor is gone. All three children go to Brooke and tell her how much they love her. Brooke cries with joy. Bridget pays Stephanie a visit and the two argue about Stephanie’s interfering in Brooke, Taylor, and Ridge’s lives.

Days by Linda

Jennifer finds Jack passed out on the floor and with his head bleeding. Upon learning from Billie that Jack also passed out earlier, Jennifer insists that he go to the hospital. Lexie determines the cut to be superficial and bandages it but insists on running tests upon hearing about Jack passing out twice. Lexie returns to Jack with the news that the test results aren’t good. Hope and Bo offer to stay home and watch the baby where they talk and bond. Bo tries to make a grand romantic gesture by cutting flowers from Jennifer’s garden to give to Hope but the moment is dashed when Hope realizes that the flowers are ones Jennifer has been slaving over for the spring flower show. Shawn calls Belle from the bunker with the news that Philip has gone back into combat. Belle confirms that she still wants to be with Shawn but reiterates that if something happens to Philip, she and Shawn can never be together. Philip risks his life to shoot a sniper who is firing on the group and ends up taking a bullet in his flak vest and breaking a rib. Philip insists on proceeding on and tosses the grenade onto the enemy’s territory. The blast knocks Philip back and he loses his bearings. Philip crawls on his stomach until he finds a sign warning that he is on a minefield. Lucas talks to Tony to see if he knows where Sami is but Tony won’t reveal anything. Bart dresses like a marine and uses bolt cutters to help Tony escape. Lucas spots Sami in the battlefield when they go to search for Tony and helps her back to the bunker. Brady and Rex split up to look for Tony and Brady catches Tony trying to sneak off disguised as a marine. Tony tries to bargain for release by offering Brady the chance to reunite with Chloe.

GH by Lisa

Sonny pulls back from making love with Carly and asks her if she really wants them to get back together. Carly and Sonny agree that they would only end up hurting each other again if they reunited as a couple. Carly tells Sonny that he will never love anyone the way he loves her as he takes his leave. Sonny goes to see Reese and tells her he wants to make a fresh start with her. Reese is hurt and confused when Sonny decides against making love with her. Carly explains to Michael that she and Sonny won't be getting back together.

Emily fears Nikolas wants out of their marriage after overhearing him talking to Elizabeth. Nikolas and Emily reconfirm their commitment to stay together. Elizabeth reconciles her fears and agrees to live with Lucky. Luke and Skye alter the photo Tracy has of them kissing to make it appear as though Skye is kissing Alcazar. Alcazar backs up Luke and Skye's story in front of the judge Tracy called. Tracy turns the tables on Luke by telling him she wants to sleep with him.

GL by Elizabeth 

Tammy goes to Jonathan for help and is surprised at their conversation. He too is shocked that someone believes in him and would trust his advice. Reva watches Will for a while and is approached by two agents. They want to take Will away. Luckily, Nate is there to save the day. Josh wonders whether or not he should trust Sebastian. Sebastian gets angry with his sister when she doesn’t stick up for him the way he wanted. Later, he is impressed with how spunky she can be when needed. Edmund gets a phone call from Cassie and rushes to her rescue. Instead of being her hero, he & Dinah get thrown into the cell as well. Dinah doesn’t do well locked up and Edmund has to comfort her. Cassie worries that perhaps Dinah is getting out of control. Will is kidnapped while in Blake’s care. Josh informs Reva that Nate wants her sexually. Cassie is the only one let out of the prison cell. Nate is revealed as someone from Jonathan’s past, his father.

OLTL by Mary  

Bo has a talk with Colson. Todd and Antonio have a run-in. Lindsay demands to see Colson. Natalie tells Rex her plan to catch the killer. Jessica visits Zanadu and gets information on Tess.

Passions by Shirley

It was the War of the Harmony-ites at the Lopez-Fitzgerald house today. Luis and Sheridan were at odds over Marty, Katherine, and Sheridan backing Gwen against Theresa, while Martin's extreme interest in what Katherine is doing and her welfare sent Pilar into an angry reaction based on the fact he had just told her he was through with his mistress and would only be there for his family from now on. His choice to run out and save Katherine from Alistair instead of staying to help Theresa and her baby was the last straw for his long-neglected and abandoned wife. Katherine's chat with Alistair about his evil ways caused her to pick up a rock and bash his brains out all over the grounds of the Crane mansion - at least in her daydreams.

Theresa still clings to the hope that Ethan can't possibly be serious about taking her baby and giving her to Gwen, but he is determined to do just that. Nothing anyone can say will deter him, since he can't say no to his wife and her mother.

Y&R By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Kevin has a plan to make both his mother and himself very happy. Nick leaves the wake due to his pent up energy. JT is told that he will be learning how to centre himself. Gitta questions that voices and where they came from. Noah is sent from the room to lighten his mood. Victoria worries that her brother is about to snap. Katherine sees that a friend is having trouble holding it together. John expresses his displeasure with the attendance of a red-haired person at the funeral. Nikki feels that it would be a really great idea to have her husband spend more time with his youngest child. Ashley is shocked when she is asked to help smooth over hurt feelings with her child.

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