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AMC by Jenn

While Erica and Jack are having lunch, she notices a strange man noticing her who seems like he might have an agenda. Unknown to them, Kendall has married Zach. But unfortunately for her, he's given up his Cambias wealth so she has not reason to stay married to him. Reggie and Lily find out about this. Lily is friendly to Zach after their last conversation but Reggie is suspicious of Zach and protective of Kendall. Greenlee finds out that Ryan had the vasectomy behind her back. He protests to her that he is protecting the world from any more sick Lavery's. But she tells him he's denied his child the right to have a good father and he cannot take that away from her or from their child. Back in Pine Valley, Simone and Danielle are brainstorming what to do in their friends' lives. Ethan and JR join them. At JR's, Di and Amanda are not getting along but JR wants them both there so they can help him hurt Babe and Jamie.

ATWT by Elayna

Katie tricks Henry into meeting her at the Lakeview in a hotel room. Henry arrives and Katie is waiting for him in a negligee. She tries to convince him to stay with her, but Henry feels he has to walk away because Katie can never give him want he wants most – her heart completely. Jennifer and Mike arriving back home from their honeymoon are looking at some of their gifts. When they come across one from Katie, Jennifer admits to be bothered by Katie’s behavior at the wedding. She is glad Katie and Henry are happily married, because she feels this way, Katie is less of a threat. Later, Mike bumps into Henry, who is a bit angry with him, thinking he must know how Katie still feels about him. When Mike confronts Katie upstairs, she admits to Mike her feelings for him, broke she and Henry up, and that she had wanted to stop his and Jennifer’s wedding. A speechless Mike doesn’t know what to do, but tells her that everything will work out between she and Henry, but he looks noticeably bothered by her confession. Holden signs the divorce papers, but agrees to Luke’s request of holding off for a week to give them to Lily. Celia receives the prom dress she loves as a gift from a secret admirer. We see it is Will, but he does not own up to it, even when Gwen calls him on it. Celia goes to ask Lisa for a favor, who later agrees to allowing to loan Gwen the dress she loves. Lily finds bee pollen in Keith’s drawer. She tries to make excuses to leave, but Keith knows she is lying. She admits to finding the bee pollen and wonders about Les’ claim about Keith framing him. Ultimately, Lily claims to believe Keith’s reasoning behind having it, but makes a quick exit when Lucinda calls. Lucinda finds a $100,000 check Lily wrote, and realizes it was to pay off Keith’s debt. Lily decides to go speak with Jessica about Julia’s murder, and as she turns to leave her house, she comes face to face with Keith.

B&B by Boo

Thomas and Bridget discuss the situation with each wanting their own mother to end up with Ridge. They both realize that someone is going to lose. Ridge gets lost in dreams with Taylor until Hope comes in, reminding him that he has a second family to think about. He asks Taylor what he should do. Taylor tells him to do what is right for him. Brooke and Stephanie are at it again like the old days. Stephanie telling Brooke that she is through in this family, and Brooke standing her ground.  

Days by Danielle

Bo is able to get the satellite feed back on Jack’s computer and he, Jennifer, and Hope are able to watch Tony being captured in a clear video picture. Jennifer rushes out to fill in Jack and Hope and watches Jack falter but Jack and Billie explain it away. Later, Jack heads into the kitchen to get celebratory champagne and after noticing that his hand is involuntarily shaking, he passes out on the kitchen floor. Kate is confident that Sami is working for Tony despite Marlena and Roman’s attempts to convince her otherwise. Brady, Philip, and Sami use one phone to talk to John, Kate, Marlena and Roman. Rex uses the other phone to call Mimi and then Shawn grabs the phone to talk to Belle. Philip overhears that Shawn is talking to Belle but Rex claims that he was coming to find Philip so he could talk to Belle. Marlena calls Belle and informs her and Mimi of the rescue. Belle and Mimi talk about how the news of their loved ones coming home is both good and bad because as soon as they come home, they’ll have to break their hearts. Sami avoids being found out the first time because Philip convinces Captain Owens that Tony is lying. Owens orders the marines to lock Tony up for interrogation. Sami convinces the marine guards to let her in to talk to Tony. Tony threatens to expose Sami as Stan should she not join him but Sami refuses to help Tony. The bunker becomes under attack and the marines get in defensive positions. Lucas finds the Stan disguise that Sami tried to hide and Sami decides that she’s better off dying in the desert than having her family find out about Stan. Philip ignores everyone’s wishes and insists on rejoining active combat duty. Philip has his marine unit cover him as he crawls over to the next dune to toss a grenade at the enemy.

GH by Amanda

Michael is upset when he sees Sonny and Reese kiss. Although Courtney is ready to marry Jax, he now has doubts. This might make Carly happy, but Courtney bawled her out and uninvited her to the wedding. Upset, Carly turns to Jason, interrupting him comforting Sam over the doctor's refusal to let her become pregnant. He, in turn, tells Carly she's about to test their friendship too far. After she leaves, Jason goes to Sonny and tells him that he knows the two of them are in love, Sonny has to therefore, do something about Carly now. Meanwhile, Sam and Carly meet at Coleman's bar and get in a cat fight. Felicia worries about Maxie's heart, and Monica wants to put her on a donor list. Jax's doubts subside when Courtney seduces him. Sonny corners Carly and they kiss.

GL by Boo

Alan talks to Phillip in his secret room and tells him that he had to kill him to keep him from taking the children away. Gus finds him in his secret room, but doesnít see the bloody gloves that Alan has hidden there. When Alan finds out that Harley is still alive, he calls someone and hires as many bounty hunters as they know to find her. Danny learns that Harley is alive and helps her out by letting her hear and see her boys. Olivia convinces Harley that she didnít shoot Phillip. She also gets assurances from her husband that he isnít going anywhere. Harley and Gus go on the run together.

OLTL by Mary

Todd has a conversation with Jessica (Tess) about Antonio. Renee and Duke have a reunion with Asa. Evangeline has a run-in with Antonio at the gym. Natalie comes up with an idea to catch the Killing Club murderer using herself as a decoy.

Passions by Shirley

Sheridan and Luis' argument about Marty is put on hold after Ethan calls him to help with Theresa. No one can get through to her and Ethan doesn't want to call the police and take the chance she will be arrested. Luis tries to talk her into giving him the baby so he can give her to Ethan, but Theresa won't have anything to do with that, either. Gwen becomes more and more enraged, with Sheridan trying to calm her down, but Gwen feels her friend is taking the other woman's side and lays into her.

Ned and Fancy race around the hotel, trying to outwit and outrun the security guards chasing them. Unfortunately, Fancy has neither attribute, and her inability to run added to her inability to think straight get them caught in the end.

Y&R By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Jack makes a warning to deaf ears. Daniel gets an update on his charges. Malcolm can see through the lies and demands the truth. Gloria steps up her game to be the only woman in John’s eyes. Drucilla cooperates when she realizes that her daughter could be in it deep. Lily will continue to be a friend, since her dead friend can’t be resurrected. Victor relates his experience about a very strong girl who cared for others on her deathbed. Nikki will remember a short life every time that she sees a star. Kevin heads home to create some computer voices. Sharon shows a brave face, but doesn’t relieve her guilt.

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