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AMC by Jenn

Simone and Danielle go to investigate Ryan's secret place and the woman he sees but they don't find anything out from her. Greenlee finds out, from Kendall, that Ryan has talked to a surgeon about having a vasectomy. Ryan is back in Pine Valley being "visited" by the ghosts of Jonathan, Braden, and their father. They all tell him that they are all inside him and he's capable of doing what all of them did. Greenlee returns home and attempts to convince her husband that he does not need to go through with having a vasectomy because he would make a great dad. But he tells her it's too late. Maria finds out her kids are being harassed at school because of their family's scandal. She suggests to Sam that they move somewhere else and make a fresh start. But Sam tells his mother he wants to stay in Pine Valley. He has a family, the Martins. And he has Lily who he really likes. Reggie tells Lily she should be cautious of Sam because he might push sex on her. But she tells him he's her brother and not her father. Lily has a conversation with Zach Slater and finds out about his problems with Ethan. Zach tells Kendall that he will give up all of Cambias money so she'll have no reason to stay married to him, and she can go back to Ethan. But she realizes it's too late.

ATWT by Eva

Katie gets Allison to help her in her latest plan to reconcile with Henry. Katie's plan backfires because Henry knows his wife too well and doesn't fall for her scheme. Holden accepts that his marriage to Lily is over and signs the divorce papers. Will finds out that Celia likes a prom dress that she can't afford so he buys the dress for her. Celia thinks that Casey bought the dress for her and gives him a hug to show her gratitude to him. Keith goes to Julia's grave and apologizes to her because her life was cut short just when she was happy. Keith tells his sister that he is happy and feels that his life has just begun. Lily finds a bottle of bee pollen at Keith's place while she searches for candles for a romantic dinner with him.

B&B by Boo

Taylor spends time alone together going over a picture album and remembering their lives together. Taylor tells Ridge that she needs to have her family back the way it used to be more than anything else. Eric shocks Bridget when he tells her that Stephanie still hates Brooke as much as she ever has. Stephanie lays into Brooke calling her a tramp and a whore. She is very happy that Taylor is back and can now get Brooke out of their lives for good.

Days by Danielle

Bo and Hope stop by Jack and Jennifer’s house with the news that John has live feed from the bunker and Billie lets herself in under the guise of wanting news. John sends a link over to Jack’s computer so they can all watch too. During one of the times when the feed goes out, Jack escorts Billie outside to be away from Hope but as they are talking, Jack passes out. Mimi and Belle receive news from periodic phone calls from Marlena and pray together as they wait for more news.

Sami knocks out a guard and steals his keys. Sami lets herself into the guy’s holding room and gives Philip the gun she also stole from the guard. The group splits up, Shawn with Rex, Brady with Philip, and Sami with Lucas. Shawn and Rex encounter the guards first but Shawn struggles with one guard. After getting the guard’s gun from him, Shawn shoots the other guard and Rex grab that guard’s gun. Philip and Brady join them only for Tony to grab Brady and threaten to kill him should Philip shoot Tony. Sami, after running into Bart who was also trying to escape for fear that Tony plans to blow the bunker up without regard for anyone’s survival, stashes her Stan disguise between two crates. Sami and Lucas join the group and the distraction enables the guards to grab their guns back from Rex and Shawn. Tony pushes Brady back into the group between him and the guards. Suddenly, the US marines rush in and force Tony to drop his weapon. Philip is given the honors of taking the gun from Tony and decides to also punch Tony. The marine captain informs Rex, Shawn, and Brady that while in their custody they had tracking devices placed on them so that with the ISA spy satellite, John could help the marines find their location. When Lucas and Brady call for Stan to be arrested too, Tony threatens to expose Sami.

GH by Amanda

Ric loses his job to Durante, who offers him a job that is refused. Maxie passes out at Dillon's party. Her heart is giving out. Carly and Rachel move to set up Courtney to be caught "cheating with Jason" by Jax. In actuality, Carly gets Jason to a hotel room and describes in graphic detail with sound effects how she plans to seduce Sonny and get Reese to catch them at it. Jax is outside the door and can hear but not see what's happening, or what he thinks is happening. Courtney walks up and sees him standing there, completely confusing the man. Then, she goes in and Carly claims Jax is "with" Rachel, while Jax goes down and fakes being through with his fiance' with Rachel. While he flirts, Courtney comes along and yells at him, forcing Carly to admit it was all a set up. Alexis tells Ric that even if their marriage does not work, she wants him in their baby's life. Reese is tortured by guilt over Ric. Helping Maxie helps Emily realize she's getting over the rape. Sonny offers Ric a present of money. He admits to Reese he knew about her and Ric.

GL by Ashley 

Gus realizes that Harley is injured and finds Mel on the way to the Spaulding mansion. Mel agrees to treat Harley in secret. Buzz goes to the morgue and demands to see the dead body. Once he sees it and realizes it is not Harley, he silently thanks god, but lets the doctor still believe that it is his daughter. Frank arrives, and Buzz tells him not to say anything. But Frank can’t comply. He wants to do is job and protect Harley, before someone finds her and kills her. The Spaulding show up for the party and the person in the secret room upstairs continues to remember Phillip. Mel shows up to see Harley, but is accidentally caught by the cops. She leaves her medical bag for Harley to use while the cop leads her out. Frank gets a tip about where Harley might be and goes to find her. But she has already left. Frank becomes angry with Buzz for not playing by the rules and wanting him to lie about Harley being dead. Harley shows up in the Spaulding garden to watch Olivia bury Phillip’s letters. They get into an argument. At the end of the show, the killer is revealed. It is Alan. He slips on the bloody gloves and stares at Phillip’s picture. “Why did you make me shoot you?” he asks.

OLTL by Mary

Nora confronts Daniel about his being gay. Riley lashes out at everyone in his path. There is mass confusion all over Llanview

Passions by Shirley

Theresa is still barricaded in her room with Jane and Little Ethan, swearing that no one will take her baby from her, but Ethan is determined to do just that, and he calls on help from the police to do it. Sheridan tells Luis she has to leave since he simply refuses to believe Marty is her son and the DNA test was flawed. He tries to talk her out of destroying their love, but when she starts hearing Marty crying for her, compliments of Tabitha, he begins to worry about her mental health. Tabby is enjoying the pain she is inflicting on the couple in hopes of striking a death blow to their ageless love story, but Timmy shows up to try to talk her out of it. No such luck, however, so he goes back to heaven and leaves her to her work.

Ned and Fancy are living high on the hog in the hotel, thinking they are getting away with it, but what they don't realize is that security is on to them and is hot on their heels as they crow about their success. Sam enjoys the dinner Kay fixed him, not realizing Jessica has slipped out again to go see Spike. His enjoyment turns to consternation, however, when he decides to call Noah and let him know what's going on, only to find his son is not now and never was a student at the college he is supposed to be attending.

Y&R By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Nick can't find any good feelings to display for the family's sake. Phyllis conducts a search to get clues about her son. John is mildly surprised when he sees his wife being thoughtless and caring to others. Malcolm is tipped off easily knowing that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Daniel remembers hearing the word 'crash' but that is all. Ashley overdoes it when describing the services of a therapist. Victor sees that his son is having trouble supporting his family. Nick wants to be left alone to grieve without the spotlights. Gloria sympathizes with a son that has been nothing but a friend. At the Abbott house, Ashley and her father eat together. Gloria watches them and walks off to make a call.

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