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AMC by Jenn

Reggie and Lily sneak onto the boat with Jack and Erica. Kendall attempt to get Ethan back. But he tells her he will never forgive her for marrying his father and he no longer cares about her. Knowing Kendall is having problems, Greenlee keeps lecturing her on how great her marriage is, that Ryan's shrink has really helped him and suggests Kendall sees Ryan's shrink. At that point, Kendall reveals to Greenlee that Ryan is not seeing a shrink, he's lied to Greenlee and is instead seeing a surgeon about having a vasectomy behind her back. Tad is obsessed about finding out if Dixie is alive and if she is actually Di, JR's nanny. David Hayward has a woman pass herself off as Diana Cole and gives Tad all the information David wants her to give him. JR still really trusts Di and treats her better than anybody else he knows. He keeps seeing how "similar" she is to his mother. But Babe wants to find out what her plans really are. Amanda is still working on Jamie to develop trust, yet working with JR on his plan.

ATWT by Eva 

Casey and Gwen agree to put their past behind hem and be friends. Will daydreams that Celia tells him she loves him and not Casey. Will's feelings for Celia grow stronger as she shares her doubts with him about being nominated for prom Queen. Katie begs Henry for a second chance to prove to him she loves him and not Mike. Henry refuses to take second place to Mike anymore and tells Katie their marriage is over. Holden tries to fight for his marriage but instead tells Lily he is going ahead with the divorce after catching Lily at Keith's place in a bathrobe.

B&B by Boo

Taylor spends time with Eric and Stephanie. Stephanie gets her hate on for Brooke again and decided to pay Brooke a visit to tell her to move out of Taylor’s house today. Steffy, Phoebe and Thomas offer to share their mom with Gabby. Nick pays Ridge a visit and lets him know exactly how he feels about his situation. He warns Ridge not to let Brooke down.

Days by Linda

Marlena is still talking to Chloe at the clinic as we begin today. Of course, Nicole is also still there, and she has really done a great job of convincing Chloe that to never let Brady know that she is alive. Marlena won’t give it up with Nicole and Nicole turns the tables on her as she talks about Marlena being locked up with Roman all those months... Marlena tells her that her personal life is none of her business. At the penthouse, John and Roman are there as John is working on his laptop as they discuss Sami and her antics. John notices something on the computer screen. He walks over and sits down and stammers, “what in the hell is he doing here?” Roman comes over to take a look and his is also stunned and unbelieving. Marlena arrives outside the penthouse, remembering Nicole’s insinuations and decided that she must tell John the truth; she cannot live a lie. She goes in and says, “John, I have something to tell you.” But John interrupts her, telling her that Tony is alive, and is the one holding the guys hostage.

In the holding room, Tony and his goons gather the guys as Sami watches from the other side of the mirror. Bart warns her not to try anything stupid. She tries to get to the door, but he physically grabs her and stops her. She watches through the glass, wondering what Tony is saying to the guys. Brady demands to know what Tony is up to. Rex is especially shocked, saying, “when Cassie and I lived with you , you took great care of us.” Tony screams, “that was before you became Bradys!” Philip demands to know what this is all about and Tony says “it’s to punish your families for their crimes against the DiMeras. They all think he is crazy for his revenge. Tony suggests that Lucas ask Sami about revenge. Lucas demands to know if she is being held prisoner there too. Tony doesn’t answer him, but taunts them all about their loved ones back at home and they ask how he knows so much about them. Tony goes to where Sami is and she tells him she wants out, “I will not let you hurt these guys.” Tony asks what is more important to her, those 5 guys or her parents? He shows her a video of Roman and Marlena together after their rescue. . He promises Sami if she helps, she will get everything she wants. She has flashbacks of her, Lucas and Will talking about being a family. Then she tells Tony NO, “I can’t let you hurt Lucas or the others.” Tony says she made the wrong decision, if she is against him, then she is a prisoner just like the rest of them. He orders Bart to take her away and hold her in maximum security and she is screaming as he hauls her away. Tony goes back to the guys and tells them that their time is running out.

GH by Lisa

Carly and Rachel put their plan to break up Jax and Courtney in motion. Sam gets some disappointing news. Ric doesn't see any way of saving his and Alexis' marriage. Nikolas confronts Emily. Tracy refuses to give Luke alimony just to get rid of him. Luke allows Dillon to throw a birthday party on the Haunted Star. Luke and Skye forget to chaperone the party. Maxie collapses during Dillon's birthday party.

GL by Elizabeth

Reva & Nate kiss one another and she ends up mad at him. Cassie finds out that Alonzo has invited her to stay at the palace and she is ecstatic. Dinah has a new suitor. Alan invites Buzz & his family to Phillip’s birthday memorial. Buzz accuses Alan of celebrating the fact that he got revenge on Harley. Mallet & Gus both plead with Harley to leave with them. Harley chooses Gus. Mallet pulls a gun on both Gus & himself before giving it to Harley to use in an emergency as protection. Lizzie gives Coop a gift and confesses to both him & Alan that she wants a fresh start. When pressed to give her a reason to stay, Coop suggests she head home to her family which crushes Lizzie. Both Alan and Buzz hear about Harley’s ‘death’ over the radio. Buzz rushes to the scene where Mallet is in hysterics over not being able to save her. Harley realizes she is more hurt that she originally thought. Jonathan lashes out at his mother for not appreciating all that he has done for her. Cassie is arrested and the only one with the power to help her is Dinah. The killer’s secret hiding place is revealed.

OLTL by Mary

Dorian and Vikki argue again as usual. Bo and Nora leave City Hall, and go to the police station. Nora wants to talk to her husband. Kelly and David discuss what is happening on television about Daniel being a gay double murderer. David proposes to Dorian again, and she accepts. Todd finds Blair, Jack, and Starr at the hospital. He meets Dr. Truman Spencer.

Passions by Shirley

Theresa and Sheridan show they are both women who find it hard to give up on what they know to be true, no matter what the cost. After more arguing with Ethan, Gwen, and even Pilar about whether he really loves her more, Theresa seems to get the hint that he is determined to stay with Gwen and wants nothing more to do with her, so she locks herself and Jane in her bedroom, telling them they will never take her baby from her. Meanwhile, Sheridan comes to the conclusion that she and Luis must part since he refuses to put logic and evidence aside and simply take her at her word that she is, indeed, Marty's real mother. Tabitha is working behind the scenes to get Dottie to re-do the DNA test, and it seems to be working very well, as the test is being run as we speak.

Ned and Fancy come to a truce, and he shows her how he manages to stay in luxury without having any money to pay for it. After a sumptuous dinner, she decides it's time for dessert, and he couldn't agree more.

Y&R By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Nick wants to hear his daughter’s killer say that he is sorry. Victor will deal with the funeral arrangements. Jack is warned to make sure that he has his manners when he shows up for a wedding. Jill apologizes and using good management to get results. Kevin gets agitated when he gets the brush off and is categorized as a friend. Bobbie lifts the mood of a friend with a horse ride. Sharon appeals to her husband to help the family get through their tragedy. Phyllis sees through lies about the whereabouts of her son. Gitta sets about finding the answer to her problem. John gets irritated when he hears the voice of a family member that he doesn’t like.

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