Wednesday 5/25/05 Recaps

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AMC by Jenn

Ethan surprises Kendall with a document that proves that he's signed over everything to Zach, like she'd asked him, so that he can marry her. He tells her she is more important to him than anything else and he proposes to her. But she has a slight problem. She has already married Zach, assuming she'd have nothing to lose and no chance of getting Ethan to change his mind about his previous decision. Greenlee tells Kendall she made a big mistake getting mixed up with both men and does not have a relationship of trust and honesty like she (Greenlee) has with Ryan. After Greenlee goes on about how perfect her marriage is, Kendall is just about ready to reveal the secret that Ryan is keeping from Greenlee about having a vasectomy.

Back in Pine Valley, JR and Amanda plot a plan where she makes nice to Babe and Jamie and act as though JR is doing terrible things to her. JR goes to see Babe at her work when Jamie is alone with Amanda. JR tells Babe that Amanda is working with him to hurt both of them. While when Jamie is alone in their home, Amanda comes to cry on his shoulder and acts like the victim of JR and friend to both of them.

ATWT by Eva

Paul tries to forget about Rosanna by burning some things that represent their relationship but he still can't get her out of his mind. Paul kisses Emily to prove he is over Rosanna and ready to move on with his life. Emily is glad that Paul is finally starting to figure out there are wonderful women in the world. Emily assures Paul he will find a special woman who will help him forget Rosanna. Dusty advises Lily to dump Keith because he is a bad guy who will only mess up her life. Lily doesn't listen to Dusty and gives Keith a check to pay off his debt to the mob. Later Lily and Keith begin to make love. Emma advises Holden to fight to save his marriage because Holden is the only man Lily has ever loved. Rosanna makes the heartbreaking decision to give Cabot up for adoption to protect him from James.

B&B by Boo

Ridge tells Brooke that he thinks it is best if they donít sleep together while Taylor is still in the house so that the children donít get upset. Brooke agrees to move into the guest room and give Ridge time to make some decisions. She is confident that he will stay with her. Taylor tells Ridge that she understands also that he has a tough decision to make. Bridget and Eric share their thoughts and worries over the position this has put Ridge in. Bridget worries about her mother. Eric tells her to let Brooke take care of herself and to concentrate on her own relationship with Nick. Jackie and Nick battle again with Jackie trying to make Nick see that he is still in love with Brooke and belongs with her. Brooke later calls looking for Bridget and brings Nick up to date on the happenings at her home. Nick again promises to always be there for her. Brooke is touched by his promise.

Days by Danielle

Celeste sees a picture of Lexie and Abe burst into flames and urges Lexie to go to Abe. Abe only pushes Lexie away sending her crying into Tek’s arms. Tek urges Lexie to leave Abe and be with him. Celeste tells Lexie about her research on the Internet where she learned that Tek has a habit of romancing married women only to leave them as soon as they divorce their husbands. Chelsea is discharged from the hospital and after hearing about Georgia, agrees to move in with Billie for the time being. Nancy sets it up so Nicole comes face to face with Chloe and talk in the hopes that it will convince Chloe to let Brady know she is alive. Instead, Nicole convinces Chloe not to tell Brady that she’s alive by pretending to be willing to step aside so Chloe can live the life of a highly photographed society wife. Brady dreams that he comes home only to find Chloe there instead of Nicole and proposes to Chloe. Lucas dreams of coming home and forgiving Sami. Tony allows Sami to call Will as proof that Lucas has poisoned Will against her and after hearing from Will that he wants nothing to do with her, Sami tells Tony to do as he pleases with the guys, including Lucas. Brady feels confident that they’ll make it home alive until Tony walks in and greets them.

GH by Amanda 

Reese decides to stay with Sonny after spending the night with Ric. Carly enlists Rachel to help her break up Courtney and Jax. Jason assures Michael he won't go to Hell for killing AJ. Jax comforts Alexis. Mac and Felicia welcome Maxie home.

GL by Elizabeth

Alan begins planning a memorial in honor of Phillip’s birthday. H intentionally neglects to invite Bill. Josh urges Reva to continue working as a bartender. Stephanie is surprised as to who gives her advice once she is fired from the TV station. Bill presses Olivia for the truth about the night of Phillip’s murder. Gus helps Harley & Lena escape the bus crash. In an effort to give Lena some peace of mind, Harley pretends to be her daughter. She finds out that Lena had information about Phillip’s murder. Reva and Nate kiss. Olivia agrees to attend Alan’s celebration for Phillip. Lena dies. Harley & Gus run into Mallet while trying to escape.

OLTL by Mary

Daniel is arrested by Bo, and John. Nora finds out that Daniel is gay, and that Mark is his lover. Jessica and Antonio have a talk about Jaime. An new doctor has arrived in town. Jack collapses in the park, and stops breathing. He is rushed to the hospital where he is treated by Dr. Spencer Truman. Dr. Truman performs a tracheotomy on him.

Passions by Shirley

Theresa is thrilled Ethan has come to live with her and Baby Jane, babbling on and on and not letting him get a word in. Once she quiets down and he says his piece, she isn't so happy any more, and she doesn't believe him, either. Gwen comes in and the two start sparring, ending in Theresa telling her Ethan only married her out of duty, but he really loves Theresa and always will. Gwen questions him about that, and his answer isn't what she was hoping for. Luis and Sheridan seem to be making progress in their relationship, getting closer in their feelings about Marty being hers, but Tabitha can't allow that to happen. She summons up all her strength to get Sheridan to the DNA lab, then eaks out a little more to get Dottie to re-check her findings.

Ned loses his socks, thanks to Fancy's friend and his marked cards. He tries to warn her about the man, but she goes back to his room with him anyway, and soon regrets it. Escaping his room, she ducks into another one to hide and jumps into bed with Ned, who begins to think his luck isn't all bad, after all.

Y&R By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Mackenzie looks awfully cute slaving in the kitchen. Ashley finds the CEO’s ego tremendously fragile. Daniel will not be able to forgive himself for what has transpired. Nick is afraid of falling apart in front of the family. Noah talks to his guardian angel. Gloria has a great idea where a wedding is to be held. Phyllis goes searching for a passport. JT makes a suggestion as to how the day should be spent. Katherine gives a lesson in good management.

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