Tuesday 5/24/05 Recaps

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AMC by Jenn

Erica and Jack finally tie the knot. All the kids speak and praise their new parents. Jack and Erica speak to each other and declare their marriage vows and the pastor pronounces them husband and wife and says that the Kane and Montgomery families are now united as one. Erica, then surprises Jack with a new yacht. They invite their kids to join them on their honeymoon, but they all decline knowing that Jack and Erica need to be alone without them.

ATWT by Elayna

Carly comes to the station to bring Jack his lunch and they touch upon Les, but a guard interrupts them to speak to Jack about the van accident that killed Les. The guard is sure he heard two pops before the tire blew. Jack listens, but is sure it is nothing. Later when he tells Carly, she is less inclined to blow it off. She thinks Keith had a lot to gain by Les dying. Jack and she disagree about this, but are later interrupted by Keith who tells them that he has decided to stay in Oakdale, but wants JJ to live with Jack and Carly from now on. Carly baits Jack into telling Keith about what the guard said, but Jack changes the subject. After they have an argument about what is Carly and Keith’s business when it comes to police information, but Jack later apologizes, and they head off to give JJ the good news. Keith and Lily decide to move forward with their relationship as Keith decides to move to Oakdale. Lily discusses her new relationship with Luke, who questions it because he believes Holden still loves her, but agrees to support her as long as Lily takes it slow. Meanwhile, Dusty meets with Lucinda because she wants his help to get rid of Keith because she is worried about his owing money to the mob. Dusty tells her that he doesn’t want to get involved, to Lucinda’s ire, but later goes to Lily’s house to warn her that she is in more trouble then she may realize. Emily and Paul further discuss his inability to let go of memories and items he kept throughout his relationship with Rosanna. Emily wants Paul to get rid of them and move on, so they prepare to set the items on fire. James continues to taunt Rosanna with her losing her son because of her behavior towards him. He takes her up in a plane and tries to push her out of a door in front of Cabot, but Craig stops him by hitting him from behind. Rosanna and Craig toy with killing James, but in the end Rosanna can’t go through with it. Craig has paid off the pilot as well as James’ nanny, and they turn the plane around, and the police end up taking James away. However, James leaves Rosanna with more threats that no jail could hold him and he will always find her. Craig offers to take her and Cabot away for good, but Rosanna turns him down, promising she knows what she now has to do.

B&B by Boo

Jackie appeals to Stephanie to help her get Brooke and Nick back together. Stephanie will have nothing to do with Jackie’s scheming. Thomas appeals to his father to make a decision since they can’t all live there together. Ridge tells Taylor and Brooke that he knows he is going to hurt someone, but he has made a decision. He tells Brooke that he is sorry. Caitlin walks in to see Gabby congratulating Thomas about Taylor, and gets the wrong idea. She runs off without letting Thomas explain.

Days by Linda

Nancy and Craig are at the clinic, looking in on their sleeping daughter. Chloe wakes up discovers she is more disfigured than ever. After she becomes so upset that she has trouble breathing, her parents decide to call in Marlena to help her deal with what has happened. Nicole shows up at the penthouse checking on the guys, as does Belle. Both women learn that they have been recaptured. Marlena goes to see Chloe and Nicole sneaks into the hospital to check Chloe’s file to see if her plan worked, but she is caught by Nancy!

Meanwhile, at the jail, Patrick arrives after the SOS from Bonnie. He asks to see Mimi and the guard lets him in. Patrick tells Mimi he's going to call in some favors and she'll walk out a free woman if she’ll just do what he says. They suggest she jump bail, but Mimi refuses. Switch to the desert hideaway, as Sami peers through the door's peephole and Lucas recognizes her eyes. He tells the others and tries to shake open the door and wishes Stan was there as he got them into trouble. The mention of Stan gets him to thinking and remembering as he pieces together that they were Stan's eyes he saw in the peephole. Outside Sami is glad Tony promised not to hurt them. She overhears the guards returning and as they load their rifles, one tells the other that he got orders straight from Tony DiMera. All of the hostages will be taken care of tonight. Sami's face pales with panic!

GH by Lisa

Carly and Sonny have a huge argument when Carly finds Reese and Sonny in bed together. Reese admits to Sonny that she cares about him but decides to leave Port Charles because the connection between Sonny and Carly is too strong to ignore. Meanwhile, Ric tells a stunned Alexis that Michael killed AJ. Alexis wants to try and make their marriage work. Ric doesn't think their marriage can survive Alexis' war against Sonny and walks away from her. Reese and Ric encounter one another at the Metro Court bar and have too much to drink. Ric and Reese end up in her room sharing a kiss.

Sonny pays Alexis a visit. Courtney and Jax make up but end up arguing again. Carly wants to break up Courtney and Jax and also Sam and Jason so that Jason and Courtney can get back together. Dillon changes his mind about having Georgie forge his tuition check for film school. Maxie and Diego enjoy each other's company. Brook Lynn tries to write Diego an apology letter and is hurt when she sees him laughing with Maxie.

GL by Elizabeth 

Harley and Mallet make a run for it, hoping to get to freedom. Harley ends up betraying Mallet to try and save Lena. Gus pushes Olivia’s buttons when she pulls a gun on him. Bill tries to reason with his wife, but it doesn’t work. Gus is more convinced than ever that Olivia is Phillip’s true killer. Nate accuses Reva of hitting on him while she maintains that he’s the one with the crush. Josh and Sebastian disagree on who owes whom what. Josh clearly doesn’t trust Sebastian. Reva promises Josh that she will never take him for granted again. Blake assures her brother that she can handle the Spaulding fight. Lena confesses to Harley that she knows something about Phillip’s murder. Lena and Harley head to Hellis Correctional and have an unexpected stop along the way.

OLTL by Mary  

R.J. gets six months temporary custody of Jaime. Antonio loses it in the courtroom. Someone kidnaps Renee. Duke stowsaway on the airplane. Blair, Todd, Dorian, and the children have a picnic in the park. Daniel is arrested for Jen’s murder.

Passions by Shirley

Theresa continues to live in her dream world, believing Ethan will never take Jane from her, that he will realize he's made a mistake and come to live with her and their daughter. When Ethan arrives at the house to pick up Jane, at the behest of child welfare, Theresa still doesn't realize her dream world is about to crumble all around her. Tabitha manages to put Sheridan in a trance and head her toward the DNA lab, where Dottie awaits her arrival to talk about the results of the test she ran on Marty. Sheridan is determined to have the test done again. Even Katherine can't talk you out of continuing her quest as Tabby's spell takes full hold of her, but Luis elicits a toxic reaction when he shows up, telling her he doesn't believe her without proof. She seems ready to end it all since she can't be with a man who won't believe her over everyone else.

Ned tries to convince Fancy to get away from the man she's with, saying he's very bad news, but she refuses to believe it's anything but Ned's jealousy talking, and she gets angry again when he continues to rebuff her. She enlists her companion's help in getting back at him by gambling against him and taking all his money.

Y&R By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Gloria causes interest when she is happier than usual. Devon knows that his sister is going to have a hard time dealing with her boyfriend’s troubles. Nick is unable to connect with his wife. Victor can’t believe that his granddaughter is gone. Noah wasn’t dreaming that his sister has died. Paul can’t live the nightmare again and rushes off. Nikki understands that it is time to step up to the plate and help. Lily makes enough lunch for an army. Phyllis is afraid to admit that she knows how all this will end. Jack only has his shoulder to offer a friend.

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