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AMC by Jenn

Jack, Erica and their families prepare for their wedding. Back in Pine Valley, JR has a scheme for Amanda to seduce Jamie to expose him and break him up with Babe. But she seems to realize that Jamie would not cheat on Babe and asks JR why he's so obsessed about hurting his ex and his brother. Simone goes to talk to Ryan, hoping he'll tell her his big secret and what's up with him and Greenlee.

ATWT by Elayna

Lily and Holden face off regarding Holden’s belief in whether Keith is trustworthy or worst case was involved in Julia’s murder. Then they start to discuss the dissolution of their marriage. Lily now thinks Holden was right to start to file for divorce months previous. Holden is now not sure that is what he wants. Each question the others motives behind the divorce – Holden because Lily now is with Keith, and Lily’s beliefs Holden made the choices he did because he had been with Julia. Holden informs Lily he is not going forward with any proceedings until he is completely sure. Rosanna pays off a guard to help her, but James figures it out and is infuriated. Rosanna tries to convince him that they can come to a mutual understanding, but James will hear none of it. Meanwhile, Craig has paid of James’ nanny to help leave with Cabot. Their plan almost works until James comes home early with Rosanna. They change gears and the nanny claims that a man tried to take Cabot, but she stopped him, and the guards went after him. James is further furious with the problems Rosanna is creating for him so he tells Rosanna to take a good look at Cabot because it will be the last time she sees him. Casey is rude to Gwen thinking she is ingratiating herself into his life too much. They smooth things over but the awkwardness is noticed by Celia and Will, who seem to be harboring secret feelings now for Celia. Katie tells Mike she had something to say when she arrived late, but saw him so happy at the alter, and she realized that was more important than anything. Mike leaves to go back to his wedding, and Henry comes in after overhearing their conversation. At first, Katie is very happy that he followed her there, but then is crushed when Henry informs her that they will not be taking their trip and that in fact their marriage is finally over. He can no longer ignore Katie’s feelings for Mike that continue to burn strongly. Katie tries to deny it, but Henry stands firm in his belief that one day he hopes to find someone who returns his feelings as strongly. As Mike and Jen happily prepare to leave their ceremony for their honeymoon, Jen throws the bouquet, which hits Katie and she accidentally catches. A devastated Katie breaks down later alone as she holds the bouquet.

B&B by Boo

Nick and Bridget invite Jackie and Massimo to the Shady Marlin to tell them the good news about Taylor. Massimo is elated at the news, but realizes soon enough that it means a big decision for his son, Ridge. Jackie angers Nick when she tells him that this proves that it was an omen when his wedding was interrupted. She urges him not to turn his back on this second chance to be with Brooke. Thomas tells Taylor that Brooke should be the one to move out, then wastes no time in telling a shocked Brooke the same thing.

Days by Danielle

Mimi insists on pleading guilty, going so far as to fire Mickey when he refuses to allow her to enter a guilty plea. When Mimi waves her right to a trial, the judge sets bail at $1 million. Unable to afford that, Mimi is sent to county jail to await sentencing. Billie seeks Marlena’s help for grief counseling for Chelsea but Marlena also advises Billie not to get too disappointed if Chelsea turns her away. Hope and Kate visit Roman and Bo at the police station to receive word that the Salem Squad is in protective Marine custody. Roman confides in Bo about making love to Marlena after Bo fills him in on sleeping with Billie. John calls Roman, Kate, Bo, and Hope over to the penthouse to view thermo-numeric footage of the Salem Squad from hours earlier. John recognizes Stan in the footage. Lucas is put into the locked room with Philip, Rex, Shawn, and Brady. They realize that they are being watched through a one-way mirror but decide not to confront the enemy after all, not knowing that Tony and Sami were on the other side. Shawn comes close to telling Philip about him and Belle but Rex stops him. Sami tries to back out of her deal with Tony since she now knows that Lucas is involved but decides that she must allow Tony to deal with the guys when he threatens to leak to Salem her recent actions only if Tony swears not to harm them. Sami decides that she must make sure Lucas is okay and uses the tiny cutout in the door to peek in on the guys. Lucas turns around and recognizes her.

GH by Amanda

Because of Ric's impassioned closing statement in Sonny's defense, Justus really has no need to make a defense closing statement. Luke plans on seducing Skye, not knowing that Tracy has blackmailed Dillon into agreeing to spy on them and catch Luke in adultery. He gets a very incriminating shot of the two in a clench, but cedes it to Luke. Brooke is astounded that Diego is warming up to his father's money. Sonny is acquitted. Alexis tells Ric she is cutting him out of her life. After Brooke ditches Diego, he hits on Maxie. Reese and Sonny get close and get caught.

GL by Ashley

Mallet tries to stop Harley from turning herself in by kissing her passionately. She realizes he is still in love with her. Olivia grows frantic when she finds that Emma is gone. Gus tells her to come to Springfield and calls it a "game." In order to get Emma back, she'll need to answer some questions. Olivia walks in to the mansion and pulls a gun on Gus. Reva encounters Tammy at Nate's bar and wonders why she is there. They both confess that they are looking for independence -- Reva with her bartending job and Tammy with talking to older men. Sandy wants to know why Jonathan is working at Lewis. Mid-conversation, Jonathan gets a threatening note and gets upset. Nate flirts with Reva. Harley calls Gus to tell him what is going on.

OLTL by Mary

The Attorney General arrives at the police station. Bo, John, and Rex tries to convince him of Daniel’s guilt. Mark goes to the swearing in ceremony. The decision is reached in the custody hearing. Lindsay and R.J. both await news.

Passions by Shirley

Kay and Jessica are still locked in a battle of wills, with Kay trying to keep her younger sister from harming herself any further by her unthinking actions. Jessica is determined to do what she wants, however, leaving Kay feeling she's not up to the job. Meanwhile, Sam, after previously deciding he needs to be home more to deal with his daughter is still hanging around the wharf feeling sorry for himself. He and Luis get together to support each other during their problems, and Sam councils Luis on what to do about Sheridan. Sheridan is at Tabitha's as Endora plays switch'em between her and Marty. When Sheridan sees Marty in Tabby's foyer, the witch has to get her daughter under control quickly. But over at Marty's house, it isn't quick enough to keep Edna from thinking she's losing it when Marty turns into Endora before her eyes. Tabby is quicker on the draw, however, when it comes to convincing Sheridan to have Dotty re-check the DNA test, urging her to let her DNA tech friend convince Luis to go through it again.

Y&R By Christopher  **One Day Ahead

Mackenzie offers another chance. Lily awaits the wrath of a red-haired person. Daniel is ordered to say goodbye to a new love. Jack sets about helping a close friend relax for the night. Cassie promises to be a guardian angel. Victor gets anxious about the specialist. Victoria promises that she will look out for her brother. Malcolm figures everything out without a word being said.

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